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Dark Red #5
(Aftershock Comics)

Chip is trapped in an abandoned oil refinery with an army of Nazi vampires - his only allies are a sick woman and a fumbling alcoholic. The end is near. Doom awaits. And Chip - the angry, lonely rural vampire - finally gets his chance to be a good guy. Tim Seeley (Brilliant Trash, Hack/Slash, Grayson) and Corin Howell (Ghostbusters, Bat-Mite) bring you a contemporary and horrifying tale of vampirism in the heart of America - one that'll make you jump right out of your boots.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

HCF 2019 Dark Red #1
(Aftershock Comics)

Charles Chip Ipswich isn't one of those coastal elites with a liberal arts degree and a job at a social media start-up who knows where all the best brunch places are. No, Chip is one of the forgotten men. He lives in a rural area in the middle of the country where Jesus still has a place at the dinner table and where factories ship jobs to Calcutta. Chip is also a vampire. Stuck working the last shift at a gas station, Chip is lonely and boredand then his dull, bleak life is turned upside down when SHE comes to town...

SRP: $ Your Price: $0.35

The death toll rises as the power of the mysterious creatures haunting Aisha's home increases. As they test everyone close to her, setting friend against friend, one resident discovers the entities' possible origin and link to an ancient evil.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

(W) Scott Beatty (A) Daniel Indro (C) Francesco Francavilla (50), Aaron Campbell (50) and Daniel Lindro. (1-in-10) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's dauntless detective returns in an all-new series of adventures exploring the sleuth's untold origins! Join Dr. John Watson as he meets young Sherlock Holmes in a fateful encounter that willforever shape both men's destinies! Mysteries and murders most foul abound as we discover clues that reveal just how Holmes became the world's most famous

SRP: $ Your Price: $6.00

Written by SCOTT BEATTY Art by DANIEL LINDRO Covers by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (50), AARON CAMPBELL (50), DANIEL LINDRO (1-in-10) "Black & White" Incentive cover by DANIEL LINDRO "Black & White" Incentive cover by AARON CAMPBELL "The Twelve Caesars" Killer strikes againà and againà and AGAIN! With a dozen ways to die, intrepid sleuths Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson race to solve a murder mystery that brings out the very worst in fearful Londoners fascinated by the terrible serial slayer! But as Holmes begins to unravel the method to the Killer's madness, Watson deduces that his eccentric partner-incrimestopping might be part of the problem!

SRP: $ Your Price: $8.00

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