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Image: Cyber Force #5 - Image Comics-Top Cow
Cyber Force #5
(Image Comics-Top Cow)

New Story Arc! With the world still reeling from the sudden blackout of all networked technology, Stryker, Aphrodite, and Velocity are sent to find a deadly bounty hunter that could help them bring order to the chaos but this bounty hunter has a secret that might stop Cyber Force before it starts.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Cyber Force #6 - Image Comics-Top Cow
Cyber Force #6
(Image Comics-Top Cow)

Stryker vs. Ripclaw! To balance the chaos of the blackout, Stryker needs a team and wants Ripclaw on it but Ripclaw has his own battle to fight and won't let Morgan Stryker stand in his way.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Cyber Force #7 - Image Comics-Top Cow
Cyber Force #7
(Image Comics-Top Cow)

Ripclaw and Stryker have put aside their differences for now, but the Tech-Cartels have them both in their sights. Stryker and Ripclaw make a plan to free Columbia from their grip while Aphrodite and Velocity protect a brilliant doctor who's wanted dead by the cartels and has technological secrets of her own.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Fire Force Vol. 12 GN  - Kodansha Comics
Fire Force Vol. 12 GN
(Kodansha Comics)

The city of Tokyo is in the grip of a reign of terror! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting team: the Pyrofighters, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. But the team is about to get a very unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous devil's footprints (and destroying his shoes in the process). Can the Pyrofighters discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?

SRP: $10.99 Your Price: $8.79

Image: Infini-T Force Vol. 03 GN  - Udon Entertainment Inc
Infini-T Force Vol. 03 GN
(Udon Entertainment Inc)

Gatchaman! Tekkaman! Casshan! Polimar! The four heroes have begun to get used to their new home, but people are now disappearing one by one from Shibuya... including the heroes themselves! As evil looms near, will anyone remain to oppose it!?

SRP: $13.99 Your Price: $11.19

Image: Spider-Force #1 - Marvel Comics
Spider-Force #1
(Marvel Comics)

A Spider-Geddon tie in! The deadliest mission in all of Spider-Geddon has come up and Kaine has stepped forward for what he's sure will be a suicide mission. But he can't do it alone and Jessica Drew, A.K.A. Spider-Woman has signed on to help, but has Kaine told her the whole truth? With Ashley Barton, from the Old Man Logan universe, and two new characters (Astro-Spider and Spider-Kid), Kaine's team is complete and their first mission may be their last!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Cyber Force Awakening Vol. 01 SC  - Image Comics

To protect the future, what will we become? The classic series returns in a reimagining overseen by creator Marc Silvestri. In a modern world where humanity is defined by the technology it creates, a terrorist strikes at the heart of human progress. One of the few survivors of the attack is a man named Morgan Stryker. Mortally wounded, Stryker's life is saved by his employers but the price could be his humanity itself. Collects Cyber Force #1-4.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 04 SC  - Image Comics-Top Cow
Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 04 SC
(Image Comics-Top Cow)

Cyberforce has nearly claimed Jackie Estacado's body from a ruthless collector who wants the power of the darkness for himself, but Morgan Stryker and his team must also deal with a man from his past who wants nothing more than Morgan and Velocity's death and none of them are prepared for what The Darkness wants from them all. Collects part two of the Line Webtoon Cyber Force webcomic.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Midnight Task Force #4 - Mad Cave Studios
Midnight Task Force #4
(Mad Cave Studios)

The Flayer has infiltrated the police station and it's up to Aiden, Mia, and the rest of the Midnight Task Force to catch the killer before he escapes. Will they successfully stop this maniac once and for all or will Axel Black get what she's been after all along?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Nightwing Vol. 08: Lethal Force SC  - DC Comics

In this collection of stories from issues #61-70, Dick Grayson is emotionally and physically pushed to his breaking point as he searches within to discover what it is to be a hero in the aftermath of The Joker's latest reign of terror. And before he can catch his breath, another shocking development threatens everything he has ever known, as Bruce Wayne is charged with murder!

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $19.99

Image: Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force #3 - Keenspot Entertainment
Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force #3
(Keenspot Entertainment)

In King Scumworm, Peng's carelessness leads to the Ninjas fighting their way out of the nest of a huge (but dopey) parasitic monarch. Based on the hit animated series spinning off of the second highest-selling mobile game of all time!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.24

Image: Star Wars: E8 Force FX Riot Control Baton  - Hasbro Toy Group

Gear up as a Riot Trooper and bring the battle to life with this Force Fx Riot Baton from Star Wars: The Last Jedi! This intricately detailed baton features quality construction, spring-loaded transforming action, light effects, and motion-activated sounds. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

SRP: $224.99 Your Price: $179.99

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