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Image: Bringing Up Father Vol. 01: From Sea to Shining Sea HC  - IDW Publishing

George McManus (w & a & c) George McManus's classic Art Deco comedy strip gets the deluxe treatment in this Library of American Comics edition. The spectacular Sunday pages are reproduced large and in gloriously restored color. When this mismatched couple treats their daughter and her new husband to a trip across North America, the resulting hijinx stretch From Sea to Shining Sea. McManus's funny gags, outlandish costumes, eye-catching artwork, and lush, Art Deco designs are all on display in this deluxe volume, which features every daily and full-color Sunday from January 2, 1939 to July 7, 1940. Hardcover. w/DJ Full Color. 272 Pages 11" x 10"

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: Bringing Up Father: Of Cabbages & Kings HC  - IDW Publishing

Maggie and Jiggs are back in Of Cabbages and Kings, an extravaganza that contains all dailies and Sundays from February 22, 1937December 31, 1938. The hilarious battling couple go to London for the King's coronation. Upon their return, Jiggs decides the only way he'll convince Maggie to move back to the old neighborhood is to lose his fortune. He makes one outlandish investment after another but each time he only becomes richer, until he hits on the right formula. For Maggie, the unthinkable happens: it's back to eating boiled cabbage when the wealthy Jiggs goes broke! [(W/A/CA) George McManus]

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: Father's Day #2 - Dark Horse Comics
Father's Day #2
(Dark Horse Comics)

An ex-mob enforcer and his estranged daughter are on the worst road trip ever. Driving a stolen Plymouth along a lonely desert highway, the unhappy duo would be at each other's throats . . . were they not having to fight for their lives on old Route 66! • An action-packed crime thriller written by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cut, Atomic Legion). • Illustrated by Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars, Cable, Kull).

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Father's Day SC  - Dark Horse Comics
Father's Day SC
(Dark Horse Comics)

Once a feared mob enforcer, Silas Smith has found peace in seclusion . . . until his estranged daughter shows up with a major axe to grind. And though Silas abandoned his past, his former bosses are now on his trail and intent on showing that crime doesn't play! Collects the four-issue miniseries. • An action-packed crime thriller written by Mike Richardson (The Secret, The Atomic Legion, 47 Ronin).

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: My Father Is a Unicorn Vol. 01 SC  - Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
My Father Is a Unicorn Vol. 01 SC
(Seven Seas Entertainment LLC)

Learning to live with a step-dad can be tough, especially if your new dad is a unicorn! Issei Uno is still in high school when his mom remarries. His mom's new husband, Masaru, is a nice enough guy, he just happens to be a unicorn. Sometimes in the form of a talking horse, sometimes in the form of a beautiful man, Masaru is determined to run the household while his wife is away and win Issei over. For better or worse, now Issei is stuck teaching this unicorn man how to be a good dad in this idiosyncratic comedy about the magical connection of family.

SRP: $13.99 Your Price: $11.89

Image: Batman: Sins of the Father #3 - DC Comics

Based on the hit video game series from Telltale Games! Having eliminated all the obvious suspects behind the killing of former Arkham employees, Batman breaks into the most secure area of the facility to search their most deeply buried files, only to be ambushed by the villain known as Black Spider. Meanwhile, the search for Deadshot's true identity points toward a family called the Lawtons-a family with a dark and twisted history.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Batman: Sins of the Father #4  [2018] - DC Comics

With Batman unable to bring Deadshot to justice, Bruce Wayne decides to confront Deadshot's alter ego, Floyd Lawton. It's a high-stakes chess game between two men who are adark mirror images of each other: rich, orphans, men who've built themselves to the peak of their skills, but in drastically opposite ways. Can Bruce outwit-and if necessary, outfight-Lawton, or has he walked into his enemy's killing ground?

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Batman: Sins of the Father SC  - DC Comics

Collecting the six-issue miniseries that bridges the gap between seasons one and two of Batman: The Telltale Series! Someone is killing people associated with Arkham Asylum during the time that Thomas Wayne was forcibly committing people there. Suspicion falls on the families suing Bruce Wayne to pay for the harm caused by his father, which makes him the target of a relentless assassin. It's a deadly game of cat and mouse as Batman tries to stop Deadshot from killing former Arkham Asylum employees, while also trying to determine just who he is and why he's targeting them.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Dynamo 5 Vol. 05: Sins of the Father SC  - Image Comics

Dynamo 5 teams up with guest stars from across the Image universe to defend Tower City from the sons of Dominex, three alien warriors whose father was humiliated in combat with Captain Dynamo years ago. Also included is a holiday-themed story of family obligations, as the Dynamo 5 kids track down a super-villain with a unique motivation for breaking out of prison.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Star Wars: I Am Your Father HC  - DK Publishing Co

Families can be complicated and messy and can take many forms-from the Skywalkers to the Fetts, the found family of the Star Wars Rebels Ghost crew, and mentor relationships such as Tobias Beckett and Han Solo, and Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This book shares some wise advice for parenting, mentoring, and families of all shapes and sizes, from fan-favorite Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Jango and Boba Fett, and Leia Organa and Kylo Ren. The perfect Father's Day or new-parent gift for your long-lost father, adoptive family, or Jedi Master, Star Wars: I Am Your Father is a lighthearted guide to parenting, featuring quotes, classic moments, and characters from the Star Wars galaxy.

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Starman: Sons of the Father SC  -

STARMAN: SONS OF THE FATHER SC (James Robinson/Peter Snejbjerg) Collecting Starman #75-80. After a meeting with Superman and a final talk with his brother David, Jack must uncover the mystery of the Starman of 1951 by going back in time to meet him face-to-face. Cover by Andrew Robinson. 160 pp.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Dead Man Logan Vol. 01: Sins of the Father SC  - Marvel Comics

The writing's on the wall: Old Man Logan is dying. Sick from the Adamantium coating his skeleton, Logan's search for a cure has led to nothing but dead ends. But for once, he's actually trying to leave this world with some unfinished business. Can Logan take his last breath without slaughtering the X-Men again? Not if Mysterio has anything to say about it! The villain means to set in motion the mutant massacre at the crux of Old Man Logan's apocalyptic future timeline. But is someone pulling Mysterio's strings? The master of illusion's newest benefactors will surprise you...and Logan! Plus: The return of Logan's sharpshooting friend from the future, Hawkeye! And a special appearance by your least favorite X-Man! Collecting Dead Man Logan #1-6.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Green Hornet Vol. 01: Sins of the Father HC  - Dynamite

(W) Kevin Smith (A) Jonathan Lau (C) Alex Ross The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato and the Black Beauty! And things kick off with a BANG! as Dynamite debuts Kevin Smith's unproduced Green Hornet film, featuring the one and only origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. Collecting issues #1-5, along with a complete cover gallery and more - including, as an extra, added bonus, fans will receive a chapter from the NEVER BEFORE IN PRINT Green Hornet Screenplay!

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Knights of Golden Sun Vol. 02: Father's Armor SC  - Mad Cave Studios

The Archangels are back! With Metatron on the run, and Lucifer nowhere to be found, the Archangels must scour the Earth for the pieces of God's Armor in order to prevent them from bringing destruction upon the world the likes of which have only been hinted at through the annals of history! Collects #8-14.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Monsieur Jean: From Bachelor to Father HC  - Humanoids Inc

The complete collection of touching, hilarious, and all-too-familiar graphic stories featuring the early adventures - and misadventures - of the titular, charming Parisian novelist. Follow Monsieur Jean through his meandering life, from fêted bachelor author through to the responsibilities of fatherhood, as he deals with a wide range of relationships and exasperating friendships in this touching slice-of-life comedy drama.

SRP: $34.95 Your Price: $29.70

Image: Kato  [Kevin Smith] Vol. 01: Not My Father's Daughter SC - Dynamite

Advance-Solicited. In Stores November 2010. From the pages of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet comes this thrilling lead-in story, starring Mulan Kato, daughter of the Green Hornet's faithful companion, Kato! Learn the secrets of Kato, his daughter, his wife's murder and the mysterious Black Hornet, in a series that serves as a prequel to Kevin Smith's Green Hornet. Collects issues #1-5, along with a complete cover gallery.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Robert Williams: The Father of Exponential Imagination HC  - Fantagraphics Books

This career retrospective showcases the lowbrow artist's realistic oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, and works in other media. This is a comprehensive, career-spanning, collection of the iconic painter's fine art, including every one of his oil paintings, along with a selection of his drawings, sculptures, and multimedia works. Williams pursued a career as a fine arts painter years before joining the art studio of Ed Big Daddy Roth in the mid-1960s. From this position, he moved into the rebellious, anti-war circles of early underground comix, as one of the celebratedZap cartoonists. Featuring an introductory essay by Coagula Art Journal founder Mat Gleason, along with a new art manifesto and foreword by Williams himself (the former of whom brought the term lowbrow into the fine arts lexicon), as well as tons of rare photos and ephemera.

SRP: $150.00 Your Price: $127.50

Image: Green Hornet  [Kevin Smith] Vol. 01: Sins of the Father SC - Dynamite

(W) Kevin Smith (A) Jonathan Lau (C) Alex Ross The Green Hornet is back, and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero, his faithful sidekick, Kato and their sweet ride - the Black Beauty! Playboy Britt Reid Jr. has lived a frivolous life of luxury. But when a mysterious figure from the past brutally and publicly murders his father, all of that changes. Now, driven by a thirst for vengeance and guided by two generations of Katos, this one time underachiever will find those responsible and take his father's place as Century City's greatest protector - The Green Hornet! Collecting issues one through five of the series based on Kevin Smith's unproduced Green Hornet film, this volume also features a complete cover gallery by industry greats Alex Ross, John Cassaday, J. Scott Campell and more, as well as an introduction by the man himself, Kevin Smith!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Roy G. Krenkel: Father of Heroic Fantasy - A Centennial Celebration HC  - IDW Publishing

Roy G. Krenkel illustrated numerous works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, and more. But many of Krenkles works-what he calls his Doodles, in a characteristically self-effacing manner-were rarely seen by even his biggest fans. And while many of Roy's doodles were simple drawings, many were finished illustrations done for the pure pleasure of creating art. Most of the images in this book are published here for the very first time (courtesy of and with the full cooperation of the Krenkel Estate), and nearly all have been painstakingly scanned from the original art (in a manner akin to IDW's Eisner Award-winning Artist's Edition series) with the goal being to showcase Krenkel's gorgeous original art in a way it has never been seen before. While the realms of science fiction, heroic fantasy, paleontology, and historical reconstruction were particular specialties of Roy's, his pen, brush, and palette knew no boundaries.

SRP: $59.99 Your Price: $50.99

Image: Show Me History!: Alexander Hamilton - The Fighting Founding Father! HC  - Portable Press

Alexander Hamilton: The Fighting Founding Father! tells the story of one of the most ambitious and important figures in American history in a graphic novel format. From a rough childhood on the Caribbean island of Nevis to the highest levels of American politics, Alexander Hamilton's life was filled with adventure, conflict, and controversy. Full-color illustrations and an entertaining narrative make this graphical biography of America's first Secretary of the Treasury accessible for readers of all ages.

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Vol. 06 - Sins of the Father SC  - Titan Comics

Trombones turn to terror when the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy visit New Orleans at the height of the jazz age... the Nocturnes are back! This time the threat comes from their terrifying chief, intent on enslaving the human race through sound! And speaking of enslaving, it would appear that Anubis is up to his old tricks - will the Doctor and his friends be able to stop this God from damaging the whole of Time? Could there be something even more sinister behind all of this, hidden in the shadows?

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Doctor Who: The The 10th Doctor Vol. 06 - Sins of the Father HC  - Titan Comics

When Cindy, the Doctor, and Gabby battle an ancient Nocturne in New Orleans at the height of the Jazz Age, Cindy faces a deadly challenge that will leave her forever changed! Before they have a chance to digest the fallout from that encounter, the Tenth Doctor TARDIS team are pulled back to face the wrath of Anubis, who's becoming more like his father, Sutekh, every day...! Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Two #11-14.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Lucifer Vol. 02: Father Lucifer SC  - DC Comics - Vertigo

Wrongfully accused of Deicide, the onetime Prince of Hell went on a cosmic journey to clear his name. Now he wants nothing more than to retire to his Los Angeles hotspot, Ex Lux, and drown his sorrows one drink at a time. But now that the Throne of Heaven is vacant, archangels will stop at nothing to seize their absent Father's crown. Since the Son of the Morning has no wish to head back to Hell, a vicious power struggle has erupted in the Underworld as well. And with both realms in chaos, Earth has never been more vulnerable. Collects Lucifer #7-12.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

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