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Image: Harley Quinn #56 (variant cover - Frank Cho) - DC Comics

It's Harley Quinn-crazy cat lady! Seems one of Harley's tenants used to be a small-time, cat-themed crook, but now is just a lonely retiree hoarding felines in his apartment. Gross! Harley takes it upon herself to find homes for the cat burglars, but in trying to get them adopted, she runs afoul of the local pet store, Men O'Paws. But who's gonna feed the kitties while Harley fights this turf war? And more importantly, who'll clean their litter box?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Harley Quinn Statue: Red, White & Black by Frank Cho  - DC Comics

Designed by Frank Cho. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira. Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statues are based on art from the comics industry's top creators and re-create their vision of the red-hot villain in vivid 3-D detail. For the latest statue in the line, the team drew inspiration from Frank Cho's variant cover for Harley Quinn #50. One can see a bit of panic in Harley's eyes as she scrambles to rid herself of the bomb and, in the process, save the ducks adorning her custom nameplate stand. This piece is a great addition to the collection of anyone who loves Harley, old-timey bombs and street-crossing waterfowl. Limited to 5,000 pieces. Individually numbered. Statue measures 8.5 tall. Allocations may occur . Final products may differ from image shown.

SRP: $80.00 Your Price: $64.00

Image: Frank Thorne's Lann Limited GN HC  - Hermes Press

Move over Barbarella, here comes Lann! While Frank Thorne is known primarily for his works Ghita (with a deluxe archival reprint by Hermes Press in 2017 and Volume 2 coming in 2019) and Red Sonja, he also created the sexy cyber heroine Lann! Lann spends 98 of her time solving crime while naked, so it's a special kind of fantasy for sure! This space comic features guns, salacious scantily clad ladies, comedy (her sidekick often fights unarmeddue to his arms falling off!), and more! This deluxe limited edition is limited to 1,000 copies! It will also contain a historical essay and never before seen Frank Thorne art!

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $23.99

Image: Batman #62 (variant cover - Frank Miller) - DC Comics

What happened to the boy who wanted to be Bruce Wayne? The young criminal mastermind orchestrate his own parents' deaths to emulate his hero and was carted off to Arkham when Batman exposed his crimes, but that is not the end of the story. Tom King reteams with Nightwing artist Travis Moore to create a sequel to their masterpiece of dark horror from Batman #38.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Marvel Universe by Frank Miller Omnibus HC  - Marvel Comics

Frank Miller took the comics industry by storm, redefining iconic characters, obliterating creative boundaries and inspiring a generation of readers and creators. While most know Miller as the man who remade Daredevil and created Elektra, he contributed his talents to many Marvel titles - and this incomparable Omnibus brings those stories together in one complete collection! From Miller's first Marvel work to his extensive array of covers and rare pinups, this painstakingly restored collection is the Millerphile's be-all and end-all. Featuring Miller's iconoclastic takes on Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, the Thing, Doc Samson, Captain Marvel, Karma, Power Man and Iron Fist and more! Collecting Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #27-28; Marvel Two-In-One (1974) #51; Marvel Spotlight (1979) #8; Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14-15; Marvel Team-Up Annual #4; Wolverine (1982) #1-4; Marvel Fanfare (1982) #18 - and material from Marvel Preview #23; Marvel Team-Up (1972) #100; Power Man And Iron Fist (1978) #76; Incredible Hulk Annual #11; and Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe (1983) #2-6, #8 and #10.

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

Image: Doomsday Clock #9 (variant cover - Gary Frank) - DC Comics

The critically acclaimed series by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank reaches its most shocking chapter yet when the DC Universe collides with its greatest threat: Dr. Manhattan. But nothing is hidden from Manhattan, and the secrets of the past, present and future will rock the very foundation of the DC Universe.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

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