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Image: Nocturnals Vol. 02: Dark Forever & Other Tales HC  (Previews Exclusive Ed.) - Image Comics

The PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE EDITION contains sixteen more pages of bonus material!

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Nocturnals Vol. 02: Dark Forever and Other Tales HC  (Reg ed.) - Image Comics

story DANIEL BRERETON art DANIEL BRERETON, TED NAIFEH & FRIENDS cover DANIEL BRERETON JULY 8 280 pages. Full Color. The essential collection of DAN BRERETON's truly groundbreaking 'Nocturnals' graphic novels and stories continues in this second hardcover volume, presenting over 250 pages of material we couldn't fit into Volume 1. Doc Horror's crew of inhuman avengers, including his spooky daughter, Evening, tackle creatures hiding in the roughest hidden towns, the depths of the Earth, even the bottom of the sea. The nighttime world is crawling with dangers the sleeping populace is dimly aware of and only the Nocturnals stand watch. This handsome, must-have volume - for newcomers and completists alike - includes two miniseries: 'The Dark Forever' by DAN BRERETON and 'Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom,' story by BRERETON and art by TED NAIFEH (Courtney Crumrin, DEATH JR.), as well as the special 'Troll Bridge' and stories 'Spectres' and 'Beasts.' Extras include guest Introduction, sketches and afterword by DAN BRERETON.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Nocturnals: Black Planet SC  - Big Wow Art

In anticipation of the winter release of Dan Brereton's brand new Nocturnals graphic novel, The Sinister Path, this new compilation revisits the long out of print Nocturnals' first adventure. The Eisner nominated mini-series, Nocturnals: Black Planet, reintroduces Doc Horror, Polychrome, Starfish, and the Gunwitch to a new generation of the reading public. This 208 page collection, featuring a new cover, includes the entire Black Planet graphic novel along with the bonus 32-page story, Witching Hour.

SRP: $24.95 Your Price: $21.20

Image: Nocturnals: Legend HC  - Big Wow Art
Nocturnals: Legend HC
(Big Wow Art)

A twenty year retrospective celebrating Dan Brereton's Eisner-nominated series of dark pulp heroes, the Nocturnals. Packed with many never-before-published illustrations, as well as paintings and drawings spanning the twenty year history of this influential monster noir series.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Nocturnals: Sinister Path Vol. 01 SC  - Big Wow Art

The death of the powerful and mysterious Judge Hemlock opens the door to one macabre revelation after another, as Doc Horror, spooky daughter Evening, and an armed revenant called the Gunwitch, investigate a haunted house enshrouded in the occult. What the Nocturnals find in the dungeon-like basement - and the toy-filled attic - is only the beginning of a wild and deadly hunt, as the monstrous Hemlock children are once again free to roam the countryside, seeking revenge on anyone unlucky enough to cross their sinister path.

Creator Dan Brereton tells us more about this original graphic novel in an Exclusive Interview!

SRP: $19.95 Your Price: $16.95

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