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We try to make ordering from Westfield as easy as possible, but we realize that questions will sometimes arise. We're happy to answer any questions that may come up, but please check here for our frequently asked questions. You may find that others were wondering the same thing as you!






Westfield is offering subscriptions on pre-order titles! Now you can select which of your favorite titles you don't want to miss and they will be ordered for you every month. You can change the quantity you would like, and add or delete a subscription at any time. This is a feature that many customers have asked for and we hope that you find it helpful!








Have a question? We are here to help!

Our hours of business are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM CST
  • Friday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM CST
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed


And these are the best ways to reach us:



What items do you offer?

We have four main types of items available:

  • Pre-Order - These are offered as preorders in advance of publication and generally ship 2-3 months after listed on our site unless otherwise indicated in the description.
  • Just Released - These items have been released within the last 4 weeks or so. They are currently in stock.
  • Back Issues - These are previously released items we currently have in stock.
  • Backlist - These are previously released items our distributor has indicated they either have in stock or they can still get for us. They normally arrive at our warehouse within 5-10 business days. Some items may currently be available in-house, and will be indicated by "(IN STOCK)" in the title.


How do I qualify for a discount coupon for my next order?

Buy comics.

OK, there's a bit more to it than that, but that's the bottom line. With our current price levels (20 % off the majority of new items we carry!), most people will save money even without the discount coupon. However, if you go above and beyond and your subtotal is $350.00 (or more), you'll get a discount coupon that you can use on your next order. If you're going to get a discount coupon, or if you're close, you'll get a note in your shopping cart letting you know. If you qualify for a coupon, you'll find your code listed at the top of your itemized Order Verification email for the order you just placed.

While you can receive a discount coupon for anything you order from Westfield (pre-orders, back issue orders, or backlist orders) you can only redeem a discount coupon for pre-order items. Whether or not you receive a new coupon is determined from your subtotal, which is adjusted if you use a coupon on your order.

If this seems as confusing as St. Anselm's Proof of God's Existence, it's really not and you can always call or write us for further clarification (on the discount coupon, not the proof).

Can I place an order over the phone?

Due to the large number of items we carry each month, we are not able to accept phone orders. However, you may order via mail or fax using our paper order form (included with your Westfield Comics catalogue each month) or as always, via our web site.

Can I change my Pre-Order after I've sent it in?

As long as we haven't ordered the items for you from our distributors, you may make adjustments to your order. You can either email or call Customer Service (608-836-1945) until the order deadline.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal in $US Dollars only.

We use a secure server for transmission of your personal and credit card information to us. If you are hesitant to send payment information over the Internet, just telephone us with the appropriate information and we'll update your account. We'll also keep the information on file for you, so you won't need to send specifics through our site.

Due to ongoing problems, we're unable to accept credit card payments from customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria or Singapore, but we can accept International Money Orders in $US dollars. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

When will I get my order?

The items you've ordered determine this, and can be expected to ship by the following criteria:

  • Orders for Back Issues and Current Issues only, shipped in approximately 2-3 business days.
  • Orders for Back Issues, Current Issues and Backlist items, shipped in approximately 5-10 business days, based on availability.
  • Orders for Pre-Order, Current Issues, Back Issues and Backlist items, will ship with your next available shipment if you are scheduled to receive any items from that month

What is an eGift?

Using the eGift link you can add money to the Westfield account of someone you know (or yourself). Both the Westfield account holder and the person adding the funds will be sent an email (if they have an email address) letting them know that the funds have been added to the account. These funds are immediately available to be used for the account holders next purchase.


How do subscriptions work?

  1. We must have a valid credit card on file for your account before you can place orders for subscriptions.
  2. You must first place an order for the current issue of a title to be able to subscribe to it. Add the item to your cart, and in your cart check the "Subscription" box next to the title that you would like to subscribe to. If there is more than one regular issue of a title available in the month you start your subscription, you only need to check the "Subscription" box for one of the issues. All other current regular issues of that title will be added to your cart (you will need to recalculate your cart to see them displayed). When you send your order, the current issue(s) will be ordered, and your subscription will begin with the next issue. You will receive all future regular issues of that title automatically.
  3. Near the beginning of each month we update our website with new Pre-Order items. When this is done, your cart will be updated with any of your subscription items that are available for the month.
  4. On the 5th of each month, we will send you an email confirmation listing your subscription items available for the month, as well as your subscription titles that have no issues available. It is important to check this email carefully to ensure that both lists are correct. You can make any changes to your current subscriptions until the 11th of each month.
  5. If you haven't already placed an order, on the 12th of each month we will automatically place an order for your available subscription items (if you placed an order previously in the month that included subscription items, those items will not be ordered for you again). ONLY SUBSCRIPTION ITEMS WILL BE ORDERED FOR YOU AT THIS TIME. You will still need to place a regular order for any non-subscription items remaining in your cart.

What titles can I subscribe to?

Any item in your cart with a check box next to it is available as a subscription. Items with no check box are not Backlist as subscriptions (though they may be added in the future), and subscriptions cannot be started on "Previously Listed" items.

What do I get when I subscribe to a title?

Subscriptions are for regular issues of a title only. Web Super Specials, Variants, alternate covers, sets, incentives, Annuals and limited editions of titles are not included in subscriptions. You must order these special issues separately if you wish to receive them. If you have added multiple issues of a title to your cart, you only need to check one of the subscription boxes for that title to get all future regular issues.

Can I subscribe to a title I have already ordered this month?

If it is a current item (one you've already ordered this month), you can still make it a subscription title. Here's how:

  1. Log into your account and add the item to your cart again. It will be displayed with the notation "previously ordered."
  2. Go to your cart and click on the "Subscription" check box to indicate you'd like a subscription to this title. Recalculating your cart will now display the title in the bottom section of your cart titled "Subscription Items Not Listed (or already ordered) This Month."
  3. You can now delete the copy that is in your cart, and your subscription to that title will start with the next issue.
  4. If there are multiple regular issues of a current title available and you only ordered one and then created a subscription to that title, you will need to place an order for any of the other issues you would like to receive. They will not be added to your cart automatically using this procedure.

How do I keep track of the titles I subscribe to?

Titles that you currently subscribe to will be displayed in the bottom Subscription section of your cart whenever you are logged into your account. If you indicated you would like a subscription to a title in a previous month but did not actually place an order for it, that title will be displayed in your cart, marked as a subscription, the next time an issue is available. You will need to place an order for that issue to start your subscription.

How do I change or cancel a subscription?

To change a subscription, log into your account, go to your cart and enter a new quantity in the "Subscription" box for the title you would like to change. To cancel a subscription, change the quantity for that title to zero, or uncheck the "Subscription" box. You may change or cancel a subscription at any time, but remember that any changes made after the 12th of the month won't be applied until the following month.

When will my credit card be charged?

Orders for subscription items will be processed and ordered on the 12th of each month, and your credit card will be charged at that time.

Can I order additional copies of an issue on a title I already subscribe to?

Certainly! Just add the additional copies to your cart and place the order normally. You should not change the subscription quantity in your cart unless you wish to receive more copies of that title every month. As always, we will combine the total amount of all orders placed to determine your shipping charges, no matter how many orders you place.


How often can I get shipments?

The shipping frequency applies to Pre-Orders, and lets us know how many times you'd like us to check your account each month for any in-stock items you've ordered. Once-a-Month is standard, followed by Twice-a-Month (for a service charge of $8.00), and Weekly (for a service charge of $24.00).

How much do you charge for shipping?

All Pre-Orders shipped to a continental U.S. address are charged a Shipping & Handling fee based on the subtotal of your order. The following chart lists the subtotal levels and corresponding charges for each. Please note, these charges will cover your initial shipment and all subsequent shipments of items from this Pre-Order, as many items often arrive later than the publishers original scheduled release date.

Free Shipping & Handling!

All items (other than Pre-Order & $1.00 back issue items) are eligible for Free Shipping & Handling when the subtotal is equal to or greater than $50.00. (Unfortunately, this is not available for orders shipping to International or non-continental U.S. addresses.) Dollar back issue sale items are excluded from free shipping.

Back Issues and Just Released Comics Shipping and Handling rates are as follows:

  • $4.50 for the first items plus $.50 for each additional item (maximum of $12.00).

Backlist Items and Just Released GNs & Books Shipping and Handling rates are as follows:

  • $8.00 for the first items plus $1.00 for each additional item (maximum of $12.00).

Combined orders will be calculated at:

  • $8.00 for the first item plus $.50 for each additional Back Issue (or Just Released comic) item and/or $1.00 for each additional Backlist (or Just Released GN) item (maximum of $12.00).

Our web site will automatically calculate your shipping charges as you fill out your order. Oversized items (such as posters and lithographs) may include a built-in charge for separate shipping. You will be charged the full shipping charges the first time an item from a particular order is sent (if it has not been pre-paid), even if you have chosen for any of the items from that order to be sent separately.

Pre-Order Shipping & Handling Chart
If your
Subtotal Amount
Shipping & Handling
charges are:
$0.00 - 12.50 $5.75
$12.51 - 25.00 $8.00
$25.01 - 50.00 $8.50
$50.01 - 75.00 $9.00
$75.01 - 100.00 $9.50
$100.01 - 150.00 $10.00
$150.01 - 200.00 $12.00
$200.01 - 300.00 $13.00
$300.01 - 400.00 $15.50
$400.01 - 500.00 $16.50
$500.01 - 600.00 $18.00
$600.01 - 700.00 $19.00
$700.01 - 800.00 $20.00
$800.01 - 900.00 $22.00
$900.01 - 1000.00 $25.00
$1000.01 - 1500.00 $30.00
$1500.01 - 2000.00 $35.00
$2000.01 and up FREE

Orders shipped to addresses in Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Military Addresses (APO/FPOs) are shipped via 1st Class U.S. Mail only. 1st Class U.S. Mail deliveries are not eligible for Twice-a-Month, Weekly shipping or Free Shipping. The charges can be found on the shipping page.

How is my order shipped?

All items are securely bundled in plastic bags (pre-order comics are not individually bagged and boarded, back issues and incentive covers are), and sent in sturdy packages. All Pre-Orders shipping to a United States address (excluding PO Boxes, APO/FPOs, Alaska, Hawaii and all US protectorates) are assesed a shipping and handling charge based on the following chart. Most of the orders are shipped via UPS or USPS. We occasionally may use other carriers on a case by case basis. If you prefer a specific carrier, we will try to accommodate your request, but additional charges may result. All UPS packages are traceable. Most USPS shipments are traceable. For Pre-Orders there is an $8.00 additional charge for Twice a Month shipping and a $24.00 additional charge for weekly shipping. Those customers who live outside the contiguous United States pay a different shipping rate (refer to the following charts). Please note, these charges will cover your initial shipment and all subsequent shipments of items from this Pre-Order, as many items often arrive later than the publishers original scheduled release date.

Very small shipments (approximately 3 or less comic books) may be sent via USPS First Class Mail.

Our web site will automatically calculate your shipping charges as you fill out your order. Oversized items (such as posters and lithographs) may include a built-in charge for separate shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! International deliveries are not eligible for Twice-a-Month shipping, Weekly shipping, or Free shipping on Backlist / Back Issue orders, and are shipped the 3rd Thursday of each month.

You can see our International Shipping rates by clicking here.

How do the Shipping Preferences ("Release" vs "Hold") work?

Because the majority of our customers do place advance orders each month, the Shipping Preference on your Account Information page lets us know what to do if you skip a month, or do not place any new orders:

Release means we'll look at your account during your Ship Week for the current shipping cycle, and if anything from a previous order cycle is in stock, we'll ship it for you, and charge your card $8.00 for the additional shipment. (Must have a valid credit card on file for this option.)

Hold means we'll look at your account during your Ship Week for the current shipping cycle, and if anything from a previous order cycle is in stock, we'll pull it for you, and set it aside for your next regular scheduled shipment. If no further orders are placed on your account, items will be held as they arrive until everything is in stock, then a last shipment will be sent with no additional shipping charge. (If you place a new order in the meantime, any previously held items will automatically be included with the scheduled shipment for that order.)

If you do not log into your account and select one over the other, your account will default to Hold, but you can change this at any time.

Changing from Hold to Release will ensure any held items will be shipped when your Ship Week next comes up, regardless of whether or not you've placed an order for the corresponding shipping cycle. Your Ship Week is displayed at the top of your Account Information page on our site.

Placing a new advance order each month will ensure continuous shipments each month (at no additional charge), subject to the availability of in-stock items you've ordered, when your Ship Week comes up during the current shipping cycle.

Held shipments can also be released by contacting Customer Service (an $8.00 shipping charge will be applied to your card) and they will usually be shipped within 24 hours during the week. Shipments released on Friday may not ship until the following Monday. Held orders from International Customers can be released but the exact shipping cost will be charged (contact customer service for more information).

For more information, contact Customer Service at help@westfieldcomics.com.


Is the world-renowned Westfield Comics catalog sent free of charge?

Yes! The world-renowned Westfield Comics catalog is sent free of charge to all domestic U.S. customers with an active account. To be considered "active," you must have placed an order on your account within the previous four months and exercise at least 20 minutes a day, three to four times per week. But seriously, if no orders have been placed on your account in four months, we will not only feel bad but will remove you from our catalog mailing list. We regret any inconvenience this might cause, but it is unfortunately too costly for us to continue sending the catalog to inactive accounts.

I only ordered Back Issue or Backlist items, why does the order say "Once-A-Month" for shipping? I don't want shipments sent every month.

Once a Month is our default shipping for each order placed. You'll only be charged for the order you placed, and no further items will be sent afterwards, unless you specifically set up a pre-order subscription.

Do you accept returns / cancellations?

We purchase items from our distributors on a non-returnable basis, and must pass this along to you.

We can accept returns for the following reasons only:

  • You receive an item you did not order.
  • You receive an item that is defective or damaged. Printing artifacts (eg. loose staples, press creases) are returnable at Westfield's descretion.
  • You receive an item that is not as described in our monthly Westfield Comics catalogue or on our web site.
  • You receive an item listed as returnable in Product Update.

In all cases, you must contact Customer Service for Return Authorization first. Items returned without prior authorization will be returned to you.

Returns or cancellations for any other reason will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and may be subject to a 25% cancellation / restocking fee. However, you must contact Customer Service to receive Return Authorization prior to any returns.

I have a small comic shop or comic section in my store; can I order from you?

Unfortunately, our agreement with our distributor does not allow us to resell items to other retailers. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

I am selling my collection; do you buy back issues?

Westfield is primarily a pre-order service for new comics and related items, and we do not purchase items for resale.

I have some old comic books; can you tell me what they're worth?

Unfortunately, we do not appraise items, and cannot value these for you. However, if you can find a current copy of the Overstreet Price Guide, it may contain information that can give you an estimate.


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