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News from the Worlds of Westfield

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Blog with us

Westfield now has a blog. You can get to it from the Westfield web site or go there directly at http://westfieldcomics.com/comics/index.php. The blog will include the latest Westfield news, exclusive interviews, posts from guest bloggers such as KC Carlson and others we can't reveal yet, posts from the Westfield gang, industry news, contests, and more. We've got some exciting ideas for the future. We're darned excited about it and want you to join us there. Think of it as a virtual comic shop where you can talk to us as well as your fellow comic fans. And you can visit from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Ordering tips

Did you know that you can view the Westfield web site in three different style? They are "standard" which is the view you'll see when you first go to the site; "list" which shows everything in a long list; and "description" which shows all the listing with descriptions. You can view "list" and "description" with or without art. How to you change these views? On the left side of the page, just above the art, you'll see the views listed. Simply click on your choice. #2 in a series of helpful hints. Be sure to collect them all!

Did You Know?

You can see all the pre-order items on the Westfield web site in one long list. It's true. Simply click on "All pre-order product" under the Pre-order tab. This useful hint has been brought to you by your helpful friends at Westfield. (The unhelpful people have been sequestered in the garage where they've been given a stern talking to under bright lights.)

MAY 09 Notes

R.I.P. Adult flyer

We know some of you enjoy getting our Adult flyer. Some would even say "enjoy" is not a strong enough word when it comes to the flyer. But with our distributor carrying fewer Adults Only titles, along with the cost of printing, mailing costs, and everything else that goes into making the Adult flyer, it has become impractical for us to produce one. However, we don't want to leave Adult comic fans out in the cold, particularly if they're not dressed for it, so we've come up with a compromise. Adult titles will be listed on the paper order form but you must go to the Westfield web site to see art or descriptions for them. The web site also includes Adults Only items not listed on the paper form. Got it?


Sales are like super nachos, only they aren't as spicy, are lower in cholesterol, and generally last longer. Not sure why we wrote that. But we do know why we're writing this: If you go to the Westfield web site, we now have a link that'll take you right to the sale page. This sales page is where you can see all of our current (and sometimes non-current because we sold out of sale items and someone went to lunch instead of taking the sale info down and so now they're in trouble) sales, all in one place. Be sure to check out the latest deals. Go now.

Did You Know?

You can see all the pre-order items on the Westfield web site in one long list. It's true. Simply click on "All pre-order product" under the Pre-order tab. This useful hint has been brought to you by your helpful friends at Westfield. (The unhelpful people have been sequestered in the garage where they've been given a stern talking to under bright lights.)

APR 09 Notes

Become our Facebook fan

If you're reading this, we're guessing that you're a fan of Westfield Comics. If you're not reading this, please continue on until we figure out how we painted ourselves into a corner like this. Want to show your love for Westfield without taking out a full-page ad in Wired (although that would actually be great and please go do that if you can)? Simply go to Facebook and become a fan of Westfield Comics. It's flat-out free to join, you'll get updates and special announcements only available for our fans, and you'll have the sheer, unadulterated satisfaction that comes only from showing hundreds of your closest friends that men in tights are cool with you. Do it now before we change our mind about the whole thing.

MAR 09 Notes

"Oh The Times, They Are A-Changin'"

Okay, we're actually not crazy about that song either but it was that or Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good" and we're currently in the midst of a company-wide moratorium on Sheryl (for reasons that shall go unnamed). Ironically, these changes WILL probably do you good - here's the rundown:

  1. In an effort to serve you better and make good on our claim to offer the best comic buying experience on the web, all regular items with cover price will now be at least 20% off cover price right from the get-go.*
  2. Our infamously confusing bonus discount is history, eliminating the need for an advanced math degree and a decent prescription plan. We've done the math ourselves and our new and improved standard discount system will simply save the most customers the most money. If you are worried about how this will impact the prices you pay for your monthly order, see #3 below. If you are not worried about how this will impact the prices you pay, you should still see #3 as well.
  3. For all customers who place their orders online, we're immediately putting into place a new coupon system whereby qualifying orders will receive a coupon for a certain % off their next Westfield order. This will show up in your online shopping cart, along with something completely invisible to the naked eye, for each and every pre-order you place. For customers who order via the paper order form, fear not - this same coupon system will be in place for you next month.

    * Does not apply to trading cards - but they're still cheaper than they were before. So there.

What's the bottom line? You, and the comics you love for less money than ever before.

No need to thank us. Just order 70 items from this month's selection, then go tell one close friend and six complete strangers about the wonders that await them at Westfield.

For questions or comments regarding these changes, please call our crack team of customer service ninjas at (608) 836-1945 or send an email to help@westfieldcomics.com. You can also put pen to paper and send a note to us at:

Westfield Comics
Attn: Customer Service
8608 University Green
PO Box 620470
Middleton, WI 53562-0470

No matter what the method, your chance of contacting another living, breathing person who cares about you and your order: 100%

An important note about Mature Reader titles

Due to the inexactitude of publishers' labeling, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify material which has merely a mature-theme vs. material which is explicit in nature.

In an effort to avoid selling any inappropriate material to minors, we are changing the methods by which we identify and process items of a mature/adult nature:

  1. A signed age statement will now be required for all items labeled as Mature or Adult. You must be at least 18 years old to order this material. Orders placed without an age statement on file will have any Mature or Adult material cancelled and credited.
  2. In the WoW catalog, the mature items will be identified by an MR or MA in bold type in the descriptions.

Order Cancellation

You may request credit for any items that have been on backorder for 90 days or more. If any of these items have not yet been shipped to you and you wish to cancel your order, simply contact us within the next 30 days and we will issue full credit for your order.

You may cancel your orders for:
  • Any item listed as "Temp. Out of Stock" on your back order list.
  • Any back ordered item from the WoW DEC 08 or earlier Order Forms. See the individual publisher entries above for updated information about release dates.
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