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JAN20 CATALOG: Mags & Books
Image: Big Nate: Blow the Roof Off SC  - Amp! Comics For Kids
Big Nate: Blow the Roof Off SC
(Amp! Comics For Kids)

Nate Wright is born to be wild! And when Enslave the Mollusk is invited to play at the P.S. 38 annual open house, he and his bandmates are on the stairway to heaven. While the kids rock, the school year rolls on. Mrs. Godfrey is back in black, Gina thinks she's hot stuff, and Coach John is dazed and confused. The good news: Nate's finally reunited with Trudy, his summer crush. But when he finds out she's a-gulp-seventh grader, will Nate lose that lovin' feeling? Middle school is a long, strange trip!

SRP: $11.99 Your Price: $9.59

Image: War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers SC  - Andrews Mcmeel

From the creators of the hugely popular Instagram comic War and Peas, this offbeat four-panel comic features a dark, fairy-tale aesthetic and a twist ending each time. War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers combine twisted humor with a beloved cast of characters including the grim reaper (seen here as an unintentionally lethal man of leisure), a robot in hopelessly in love with his scientist creator, and a promiscuous yet self-assured witch. Unlike most webcomic collections, this one tells a story using dozens of never-before-seen comics to chronicle the lives of several different characters and their follies during life, death, and their glorious reunions in the the afterlife (and the after-afterlife).

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Mark Ryden: Art of Whipped Cream HC  - Cernunnos

Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the old masters, Mark Ryden has created a singular style that blurs the traditional boundaries between high and low art. Ryden has trumped his initial surrealist strategies by choosing subject matter loaded with cultural connotation. Ryden's vocabulary ranges from cryptic to cute, treading a fine line between nostalgic cliché and disturbing archetype. A subtle disquiet inhabits his paintings; the work is achingly beautiful as it hints at darker psychic stuff beneath the surface of cultural kitsch.

SRP: $49.95 Your Price: $39.96

Image: Mirages: Art of Laurent Durieux HC  - Cernunnos

When Edward Hopper meets Drew Struzan: the long awaited first monograph of Laurent Durieux. Durieux is a famous Belgian illustrator who is well know by pop culture fans for his cult movie poster representations. The book includes a 6 page section of rejected and unpublished poster art and a foreword by filmmaker and Durieux collector Francis Ford Coppola.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $40.00

Image: Monster Mayhem SC  - Dial Books
Monster Mayhem SC
(Dial Books)

Now available in softcover! Zoe's favorite thing to do, besides inventing robots, is watch classic monster movies. She pretends she doesn't need friends, while inside she's longs for connection. Then one day, Zoe finds a mysterious ring on her way home from school. She puts it on, gives it a twist, and... FRZAAKK! There's a massive burst of light! The next morning, a familiar monster appears at Zoe's window. He's from one of her favorite kaiju movies, and he likes Zoe and wants to be her friend. Has her secret wish been fulfilled? But it turns out that Zoe's ring has brought more than just this friendly monster to life. More monsters have arrived, and they are hungry!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Brief History of Video Games SC  - Robinson

From the first wood-panelled Pong machines in California to the masterpieces of engineering that now sit in countless homes all over the world, A Brief History of Video Games reveals the vibrant history and culture of interactive entertainment. With full-colour illustrations throughout, it shows how technological advances have transformed the first dots and dashes of bored engineers into sophisticated, responsive worlds that are endlessly captivating. This is an indispensable read for anyone serious about the business of having fun.

SRP: $22.99 Your Price: $18.39

Image: Dragon Prince Callums Spellbook SC  - Scholastic Inc.

Based on the hit Netflix show, this humorous, in-world notebook has everything a fan needs to know about the magical world of The Dragon Prince! Callum won't inherit the throne of Katolis like his little brother Ezran, and he prefers drawing in his sketchbook to wielding a sword. His biggest dream, though, is learning the secrets of Xadia's primal source magic. That's where this sketchbook-turned-spellbook comes in. These pages hold Callum's notes and drawings of his friends, enemies, dragons, elves, other creatures of Xadia, and most importantly, everything he knows or seeks to know about primal source magic!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Epic Tales of Captain Underpants Vol. 02: George & Harold's Comix  - Scholastic Inc.

George Beard and Harold Hutchins are back with original new comic adventures starring the world-famous Waistband Warrior, Captain Underpants! This second collection features even more of George and Harold's hilarious comix from the first three seasons of the TV show -- nearly 200 pages of comics total! Each epic adventure features a brand-new villain from the hit Netflix TV series.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Altered Carbon: Art and Making the Series HC  - Titan Books

Altered Carbon: The Art and Making of the Series offers a detailed journey through the cyberpunk world of the hit show. Featuring development art, stills, set photos, storyboards, and VFX builds from the first two seasons, plus interviews with cast and crew, this book will bring readers into this gritty vision of the future.

SRP: $34.95 Your Price: $27.96

Image: Eleeza: Art of Eliza Ivanova SC  - 3D Total Publishing
Eleeza: Art of Eliza Ivanova SC
(3D Total Publishing)

The Art of Eliza Ivanova is an evocative, edgy, and beautiful book filled with the work of this exciting artist. A graduate of the California Institute of Arts, Bulgarian-born Eliza produces effortless movement with her sketched lines and animation-influenced dynamic touches. Well known for her portraits and figures of women and children, Eliza's style is distinctive and rich in detail. Enter her studio to discover her workspace and favorite tools. Eliza also shares techniques with us in step-by-step workshops to help us capture some of that dynamic movement that infuses her work.

SRP: $35.99 Your Price: $28.79

Image: Comics and Adaptation SC  - University Press of Mississipp
Comics and Adaptation SC
(University Press of Mississipp)

Both comics studies and adaptation studies have grown separately over the past twenty years. Yet there are few in-depth studies of comic books and adaptations together. Available for the first time in English, this collection pores over the phenomenon of comic books and adaptation, sifting through comics as both sources and results of adaptation. Essays shed light on the many ways adaptation studies inform research on comic books and content adapted from them. Contributors concentrate on fidelity to the source materials, comparative analysis, forms of media, adaptation and myth, adaptation and intertextuality, as well as adaptation and ideology.

SRP: $30.00 Your Price: $24.00

Image: Pearls Before Swine: Pearls Go to Hollywood SC  - Andrews Mcmeel

In the newest Pearls Before Swine treasury, the Hollywood dreams of cartoonist Stephan Pastis meet with hilarious - and disastrous - results! Pearls Before Swine is one of the most popular comic strips of the past two decades, and this treasury packs in 18 months worth of daily comic strips including special commentary by author Stephan Pastis, winner of the 2018 Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year. The book also includes an essay about his foray into the world of film directing.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $15.99

Image: Ultimate Superhero Movie Guide HC  - Carlton Books

From cult classics to the dominance of Marvel's and DC's cinematic universes, The Ultimate Superhero Movie Guide takes you on a thrilling journey through the history of the world's favorite movie genre. Packed with reviews, features, and retrospectives, plus eye-popping photos and artwork, it's an all-out celebration of the superheroes and stories that inspire us. Explore the biggest and best comic book movies ever made along with the supervillains we love to hate. Complete with a tribute to the late, great Stan Lee, it's a guide that no fan should do without.

SRP: $29.95 Your Price: $23.96

Image: What Is the Story of Looney Tunes SC  - Penguin Young Readers
What Is the Story of Looney Tunes SC
(Penguin Young Readers)

If you're a fan of Acme anvils and know that the question What's up, Doc? needs no answer, this history of the cartoon favorites Looney Tunes is for you! In the 1930s, Warner Brothers studios introduced the world to the Looney Tunes. A witty rabbit named Bugs, a stuttering pig named Porky, and an erratic duck named Daffy are just some of the characters that have left audiences hysterically laughing for almost a century. In this book, author Steve Korte details how these toons were imagined, which talented folks were tasked with animating and voicing them, the success the shows and films have garnered over the years, and what lies ahead for Bugs and the gang.

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.59

Image: Daphne and Velma Novel Vol. 01: Vanishing Girl SC  - Scholastic Inc.

It's the classic girl detectives like you've never seen them before! Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley have a terrifying new mystery to solve and this time the culprit is far more frightening than any man in a mask! Popular Daphne Blake and über-nerd Velma Dinkley are not friends. They aren't enemies either, and that's how they prefer it. Daphne's deep in the popular crowd, while Velma's an outsider, hiding behind her thick glasses. But then Daphne's best friend, Marcy - who happens to be Velma's cousin - goes missing. A century ago, there was a wave of disappearances in Crystal Cove, believed by locals to be the work of the supernatural. Now the whole town believes those same forces are back and up to no good. Daphne and Velma may be the only ones who can solve the mystery and save Marcy-if they can trust each other enough to try. Especially since the truth might be stranger and scarier than either girl can imagine!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Newtype  (April 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Newtype (April 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Newtype is the top source for all your anime and manga needs! It features all of the latest news on anime, manga, music, and games. Includes toy and model reviews, interviews with directors and actors, and columns by industry experts. Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Mutts Treasury: Hot Dogs, Hot Cats SC  - Andrews Mcmeel

Patrick McDonnell is a master of the comics art form, and his love for dogs, cats, and animals of all kinds come through in his sweetly humorous and super relatable daily comic strips. The latest Mutts treasury contains a year of original cartoons, with special artwork and author sketches-all printed on recycled paper.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $15.99

Image: Locus #710 - Locus Magazine
Locus #710
(Locus Magazine)

In March, we have the Nebula Awards ballot; interview from award-winning authors, books, and magazine reviews, our quarterly forthcoming list of upcoming books published by US and UK publishers through the end of the year, commentary by Cory Doctorow, people notes, and news covering industry sales and releases, along with awards, financials, books listings, and more.

SRP: $8.99 Your Price: $7.19

Image: Cursed Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales PB  - Titan Books

Here in this book you'll find unique twists on the fairy tale conceit of the curse, from the more traditional to the modern - giving us brand new mythologies as well as new approaches to well-loved fables. Some might shock you, some might make you laugh, but they will all impress you with their originality.

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $11.96

Image: Hobby Japan  (April 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Hobby Japan (April 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Hobby Japan, the magazine that specializes in model kit building and customizing in Japan, is generally recognized as the No.1 magazine of the hobby industry. A wide variety of articles features each month, including the montly How to Build... feature, which shows readers how to build and customize the latest and greatest Gundam kits from Bandai! As a leading magazine in the industry, Hobby Japan listens to its readers and offers the the hottest information on the market! Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Megami  (April 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Megami (April 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Megami is Japan's top anime magazine! Focusing on bishoujo characters from anime and video games, Megami features tons of free giveaways, as well as full-color artwork and posters! Includes telephone cards, punch-out character stands, stickers, and much more! Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Peanuts: Snoopy - The First Beagle in Space SC  - Amp! Comics For Kids

Even though the first moon landing was 50 years ago, Snoopy has a bold new mission: to be the first beagle in space! Join Snoopy as he sets out on his ambitious quest, while also leading Woodstock and friends as a Beagle Scout and keeping the company of his owner, the round-headed kid Charlie Brown.

SRP: $11.99 Your Price: $9.59

Image: Illustrators Magazine #29 - Book Palace

Featuring Charles Addams: Chuckles in store from the master of macabre humor; Lawson Wood: Monkey Business from the man who drew monkeys in all humouros walks of life; Roy Wilson: One of the greatest names in slapstick British comics from the Golden Age; Ersin Karabulut: the bleak universe of this Turkish cartoonist; and JJ Grandville: The French caricaturist who brought illustration (and weird worlds) to the forefront.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $19.99

Image: Horrorhound #82 - Horrorhound Ltd
Horrorhound #82
(Horrorhound Ltd)

Say his name five times ... we dare you! Candyman returns to theaters with a special reboot from writer and producer Jordan Peele (Us, Get Out). We take a look at this upcoming horror title, while also looking back at the original film franchise made famous by Tony Todd, in a special retrospective feature. This issue will also feature a look back at the history of black horror cinema. We also takes a look into the upcoming sequel to A Quiet Place and the new Scooby-Doo feature film, plus our regular features, such as toy and comic book news.

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.59

Image: Rue Morgue Magazine #193 - Marrs Media Inc
Rue Morgue Magazine #193
(Marrs Media Inc)

Rue Morgue's Spring issue spotlights the horror gaming event of the year: Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 with in-depth coverage of the game, words with creators and more. Also includes the latest in the world of horror; from feature interviews, classic retrospectives, trivia and more! Plus, the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Scream Magazine #61 - Scream Horror Magazine
Scream Magazine #61
(Scream Horror Magazine)

The world's scariest publication, Scream Magazine - the biggest and most read horror magazine out today is guaranteed to make you shiver. If you're after zombies, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and vampires (the proper kind mind you, no sparkly one's here, thank you!), this is the place to find them. Each issue takes a well-written, informative approach, including insightful articles, reviews, previews, interviews with horror's biggest names and several behind the scenes features and set-reports alongside plenty of gruesome pics and an entertaining yet expert review section covering recent DVD/Blu-ray releases.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Cinema Retro #47 - Solo Publishing
Cinema Retro #47
(Solo Publishing)

Horror, Animation, Westerns and Sci-Fi! First off, film director John Stevenson recalls the work of stop-motion pioneer Karel Zeman, and Tim Greaves re-evaluates the Amicus portmanteau The House that Dripped Blood. Ian Brown interviews seventies actress Isobel Black, and Barnaby Page takes flight on Capricorn One. Dave Worrall visits the remains of the 'hanging arch' from Once Upon a Time in the West in Monument Valley, and Lee Pfeiffer reappraises Victor Buono's chilling The Strangler.

SRP: $11.99 Your Price: $9.59

Image: Heavy Metal #298 (cover A - Escorza & Villas) - Heavy Metal Magazine

It's the return of the world's greatest illustrated science fiction taking readers to the edge of the cosmos and beyond with The Furthest Reaches Special. David Hine & Mark Stafford create bone-chilling intersections with insectoid life in Bug House. Alex Smith will take us through a Body Jack as modification reaches new frontiers. Matt Emmons plumbs the robot psyche with The Incubator. Emilio Balcarce & Marcelo Perez explore A New Life in the collapse of a robot army. James Maddox & Ben Templesmith plunge us into the Abyss of Souls with partners lost in space. Dwayne Harris stars in a double bill with Dowser following vicious gangs who guard Earth's water supply and Philip K. Dick's Head with Michael David Nelsen, based on a true story.

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Comic Book Creator #23 - Twomorrows Publishing
Comic Book Creator #23
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Comic Book Creator showcases comics pioneer and artist extraordinaire of ElfQuest, Wendy Pini, in a candid Q+A about her difficult early years and her escape to a creative life, her days as the quintessential Red Sonja cosplayer, and 40+ years of ElfQuest! We also chat with Richard Pini, co-creator of ElfQuest, about his nearly 48-year marriage to Wendy and their even-older creative partnership. Plus: Part one of our career-stretching interview with Scott Shaw! about the early years of San Diego Comic-Con, friendship with Jack Kirby, co-creating Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew, and his unforgettable Hanna-Barbera stint as the finest Flintstones artist of them all!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Jack Kirby Collector #79 (Standard edition) - Twomorrows Publishing

Feast your eyes on The Big Picture in Jack Kirby Collector! We give you a glimpse of how Kirby fits into the grand scheme of things, from his creations' lasting legacy, to how his work tackles big issues like illiteracy. There's a huge interview with Jack himself, a look at inconsistencies in his 1960s Marvel work, a visual before-&-after showing large and small changes in his comics, the big concepts he conveyed in OMAC, his best double-page spreads, and more! Plus Mark Evanier's 2019 Kirby Tribute Panel (with Kurt Busiek, Buzz Dixon, and others), a pencil art gallery, and a new cover based on Kirby's original, unaltered cover art from OMAC #1!

SRP: $10.95 Your Price: $8.76

Image: Alter Ego #164 - Twomorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #164
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Alter Ego shines the spotlight on Mike Friedrich, the DC and Marvel writer who went on to jumpstart the independent comics movement with StarReach! Art by Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Dick Dillin, Irv Novick, John Buscema, Jim Starlin, Howard Chaykin, Frank Brunner, et al.! Plus: Mark Carlson-Ghost on Rural Home Comics-home base of Captain Wizard, Bogey Man, and The Green Turtle! Also: FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) and Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt! Justice League of America cover by Neal Adams!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Creeps #24 - Warrant Publishing Company
Creeps #24
(Warrant Publishing Company)

The Creeps revives the iconic Warren illustrated horror magazines of the 1970's by replicating Warren's early page layouts and publishing new, classic styled work by original Warren artists, writers and editors. Each issue is a highly collectible instant classic!

SRP: $5.95 Your Price: $4.76

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