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APR19 CATALOG: Mags & Books
Image: My Teacher Is a Robot Picturebook  - Crown Books For Young Readers
My Teacher Is a Robot Picturebook
(Crown Books For Young Readers)

Fred does not want to go to school because it's boring. Especially since he thinks his teacher is a robot. If only Fred could imagine a way for his day to be more exciting An inventively funny picture book that celebrates the boundlessness of a child's imagination and celebrates the teachers, families, and friends who get wrapped up in their fantastic worlds.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Illumination: Art of Eric Guillon HC  - Insight Editions

Illumination Entertainment has produced some of this century's most popular and successful animated films for children and families all over the world. Artist Eric Guillon helped design many of the most beloved and iconic characters from these films, such as Gru and the Minions from Despicable Me, the adorable animals from The Secret Life of Pets, and more. The Illumination Art of Eric Guillon features never-before-seen concept art, sketches, film stills, and other unique graphics, tracing the animation process from start to finish, and examines Guillon's many different roles, ranging from art director, character designer, and production designer to co-director.

SRP: $60.00 Your Price: $51.00

Image: Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters SC  - 3D Total Publishing

In this inspiring addition to the popular Sketching from the Imagination series, we invite readers to explore the works of fifty artists from across the field of creature design. From magical and mythical beasts to aliens and mutant monsters, each page comes alive with wild and wonderful creations in a range of styles and mediums. Each artist offers their personal commentary, advice, and tips on drawing techniques and concept design processes, making Sketching from the Imagination: Monsters & Creatures a rich and exciting volume for any reader, whether they're looking for an intriguing menagerie of artwork to browse, or for artistic and professional insights by a wide range of talented and imaginative creators.

SRP: $32.99 Your Price: $28.04

Image: Men in Black Official Visual Companion  - Titan Comics

Men in Black: The Official Visual Companion to the Films is the ultimate retrospective to the universally beloved film franchise. Unveiling the secrets behind the suits, this book contains concept art, sketches, storyboards, costume designs, makeup tests and more. With exclusive commentary from key members of the cast and crew, this book tells the whole story for all four films and will take readers on a journey out of this world.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: Men in Black International Official Movie PB  - Titan Comics

The official novelization of Men in Black International, F. Gary Gray's new movie is set within the universe of the previous Men in Black films. With a screenplay by Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, and produced by Steven Spielberg, Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, the film stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, Emma Thompson, and more.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.79

Image: NES Encyclopedia HC  - White Owl

The NES Encyclopedia is the first ever complete reference guide to every game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo's first industry-defining video game system. As well as covering all 714 officially licensed NES games, the book also includes more than 160 unlicensed games released during its lifespan, giving for the first time a definitive history of this important console's full library. Written by a retro gaming expert with 30 years of gaming experience and a penchant for bad jokes, the NES Encyclopedia promises to be both informative and entertaining.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: Masters of Comics HC  - Insight Editions
Masters of Comics HC
(Insight Editions)

Readers are invited into the studio spaces of some of the most popular and prolific comic artists in the world. Through dynamic photography and exclusive interviews, Masters of Comics offers a rare, personal look at these artists' unique creative environments-spaces in which some of the greatest comics and graphic novels of the last fifty years took shape. Curated by Joel Meadows, editor of Tripwire Magazine, the book includes chapters on such legends as Milo Manara, Mike Kaluta, Walter Simonson, and more. The first in a series focusing on artists at work in a variety of mediums and industries, Masters of Comics offers a glimpse behind the veil, shining new light on the artistic process, as well as providing a wonderful learning tool for aspiring artists wishing to learn from the greats.

SRP: $45.00 Your Price: $38.25

Image: Newtype  (July 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Newtype (July 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Newtype is the top source for all your anime and manga needs! It features all of the latest news on anime, manga, music, and games. Includes toy and model reviews, interviews with directors and actors, and columns by industry experts. Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $17.00

Image: Steve Gerber Conversations SC  - University Press of Mississipp
Steve Gerber Conversations SC
(University Press of Mississipp)

Steve Gerber (1947-2008) is among the most significant comics writers of the modern era. Best known for his magnum opus Howard the Duck, he also wrote influential series such as Man-Thing, Omega the Unknown, The Phantom Zone, and Hard Time, expressing a combination of intelligence and empathy rare in American comics. This volume follows Gerber's career through a range of interviews, beginning with his height during the 1970s and ending with an interview with Michael Eury just before Gerber's death in 2008. The volume concludes with selections from Gerber's dialogue with his readers and admirers in online forums and a Gerber-based Yahoo Group, wherein he candidly discusses his many projects over the years.

SRP: $25.00 Your Price: $21.25

Image: Screem #37 (newsstand cover) - Screem

Produced by Guellermo del Toro and directed by Andre Ovredal, there's plenty of buzz that the popular Alvin Schwartz book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will make quite a splash on the big screen. Screem chats with director Ovredal, and discovers what he has in store for fans, and our newsstand cover features the Scarecrow from the upcoming film. Our PREVIEWS exclusive cover by award winning artist Mark Maddox pairs the legendary duo of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi from the film The Black Cat, as we celebrate the Scream Factory Blu-ray box set: The Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi collection. The set showcases four films (The Black Cat, The Raven, The Invisible Ray, and Black Friday), all which make their debut in the high definition format.

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $8.45

Image: Megami  (July 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Megami (July 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Megami is Japan's top anime magazine! Focusing on bishoujo characters from anime and video games, Megami features tons of free giveaways, as well as full-color artwork and posters! Includes telephone cards, punch-out character stands, stickers, and much more! Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $17.00

Image: Sword's Edge Paintings: Inspired by R.E. Howard HC  - Bud's Art Books

Now at a special sale price! Sword's Edge brings Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian to vivid life for a new generation of Conan fans and enthusiasts. Countless artists have painted Robert E. Howard's iconic character Conan of Cimmeria through the years, but none have done so more brilliantly than legendary Spanish painter Manuel Perez Clemente Sanjulian. With the impact of a battleaxe, Sword's Edge collects an action-filled brace of paintings that brings Howard's classic stories to vivid life for a new generation of enthusiasts.

SRP: $10.95 Your Price: $9.30

Image: Real Bettie Page: Truth About the Queen of Pinups  - Citadel

She has been called the most photographed model in history. From her modest beginnings in Nashville to her legacy as a cult figure, here is the true story of America's iconic pinup queen, legendary Playboy centerfold Bettie Page. During the 1950s, Bettie set hearts ablaze with her killer curves and girl-next-door smile. Yet at the height of her popularity, with a promising acting career before her, she walked away. Journalist Richard Foster became the first reporter to contact Page during her long absence, and the first to tell her full story. The Real Bettie Page reveals both the fun flirt and fashion-forward counter-culture icon whose style continues to inspire today, as well as the intriguing and complex, flesh-and-blood woman behind her smiling photos.

SRP: $16.95 Your Price: $14.40

Image: Locus #701 - Locus Magazine
Locus #701
(Locus Magazine)

In June, Locus presents our quarterly forthcoming books listings from both the US and UK, reviews of new and upcoming book releases from our award-winning roster of reviewers, interviews with both new and established authors, the latest genre news; commentary from Kameron Hurley, convention coverage, our monthly listing of all the new US and UK book releases, and much more.

SRP: $8.99 Your Price: $7.64

Image: Cartoons Magazine #21 - Picture Esque Publishing
Cartoons Magazine #21
(Picture Esque Publishing)

It's CARtoons 60th Anniversary Year! Back with more hot rod comic book related B&W stories & artwork. We're celebrating with original CARtoons artists and characters. etc. 1959 was the birth of CARtoons, so let's celebrate together. Issue #21 has a lot of surprises that you don't want to miss out on. We are celebrating by starting off with this amazing Gas Monkey Garage Cover illustrated by George Trosley. 64 pages of pure automotive family friendly humor. If you love cars and comics, you will love CARtoons!

SRP: $5.99 Your Price: $5.09

Image: Hobby Japan  (July 2019) - Tohan Corporation
Hobby Japan (July 2019)
(Tohan Corporation)

Hobby Japan, the magazine that specializes in model kit building and customizing in Japan, is generally recognized as the No.1 magazine of the hobby industry. A wide variety of articles features each month, including the montly How to Build... feature, which shows readers how to build and customize the latest and greatest Gundam kits from Bandai! As a leading magazine in the industry, Hobby Japan listens to its readers and offers the the hottest information on the market! Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $17.00

Image: Illustrators Magazine #26 - Book Palace

More like a book than a magazine, illustrators is the art quarterly devoted to the finest illustration art ever published. It guides you through the stories behind the artists and their art, with features written by some of the leading authorities on this important art form. As well as building into an indispensable reference library, illustrators gives readers an insight into the creative process, from idea to sketch to painting, and from painting to the image seen by millions. Truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, much of the art taken from scans of the original work. This issue features John Millar Watt, Petar Mseldzija, Philip Mendoza, and Arthur Barbosa.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Scary Monsters Magazine #113 - Mymoviemonsters.Com
Scary Monsters Magazine #113

We highlight the amazing women of classic horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films! They were the blood-curdling Scream Queens and kick-ass Femme Fatales who either chilled our hearts or claimed others' souls, including Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson, Janet Leigh, Jamie Leigh Curtis, Karen Black, Musetta Vander, Toho's Kumi Muzuno, Mia Hama, and Yuriko Hoshi and other glam gals! There's much more over this issue's 144 photo-packed pages, too, including Dr. Gangrene's Mad Interviews, and columns like Trilogy of Terror, Kaiju Korner, Strange Days, and Weird USA.

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $8.45

Image: Screem #37 (PX cover) - Screem

Produced by Guellermo del Toro and directed by Andre Ovredal, there's plenty of buzz that the popular Alvin Schwartz book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will make quite a splash on the big screen. Screem chats with director Ovredal, and discovers what he has in store for fans, and our newsstand cover features the Scarecrow from the upcoming film. Our PREVIEWS exclusive cover by award winning artist Mark Maddox pairs the legendary duo of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi from the film The Black Cat, as we celebrate the Scream Factory Blu-ray box set: The Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi collection. The set showcases four films (The Black Cat, The Raven, The Invisible Ray, and Black Friday), all which make their debut in the high definition format.

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $8.45

Image: Cinefex #165 - Cinefex
Cinefex #165

Go behind the scenes of the creation of four of this year's biggest movies. In Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios presents Part Two of the storyline launched with Avengers: Infinity War, with Captain Marvel joining the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight the Mad Titan, Thanos. Warner Bros. and director Michael Dougherty deliver a mythological-style take on the Godzilla franchise in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones headline Twentieth Century Fox's Ad Astra, directed by James Gray, in a story involving an astronaut that goes in search of his father at the far boundaries of the solar system. X-Woman Jean Grey takes center stage in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a Twentieth Century Fox film directed by Simon Kinberg.

SRP: $12.50 Your Price: $10.62

Image: Horrorhound #77 - Horrorhound Ltd
Horrorhound #77
(Horrorhound Ltd)

It's been 25 years since Eric Draven first graced theater screens in the cult classic comic-turned-action/horror film The Crow. This issue takes a look back at the film that helped alter cinema forever, including a new and exclusive interview with creator James O'Barr. This issue also looks back at the cult comic book industry and films like The Crow helped pave the way to the modern comic-film renaissance. This issue also features movie news and interviews for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Brightburn, and Child's Play. Plus our regular features, such as the latest toy news and horror comic book news, VHS Invasion, and Horror's Hallowed Grounds.

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.94

Image: Scream Magazine #55 - Scream Horror Magazine
Scream Magazine #55
(Scream Horror Magazine)

Blood, guts, gore and more! Scream Magazine covers horror in all forms, whether film, TV, book, game or comic. If you're after zombies, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and vampires (the proper kind mind you, no sparkly one's here, thank you!), this is the place to find them. Each issue takes a well-written, informative approach to covering its favorite subject, including insightful articles, reviews, previews, interviews with horror's biggest names and several behind the scenes features and set-reports of some of horror cinema past and present greats alongside plenty of gruesome pics and an entertaining yet expert review section covering recent DVD/Blu-ray releases.

SRP: $8.99 Your Price: $7.64

Image: Mac Raboy: Master of the Comics SC  - Twomorrows Publishing
Mac Raboy: Master of the Comics SC
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Beginning with his WPA etchings during the 1930s, Mac Raboy struggled to survive the Great Depression and eventually found his way into the comic book sweatshops of America. In that world of four-color panels, he perfected his art style on such creations as Dr. Voodoo, Zoro, The Mystery Man, Bulletman, Spy Smasher, Green Lama and his crowning achievement, Captain Marvel Jr. Raboy went on to illustrate the Flash Gordon Sunday newspaper strip, and left behind a legacy of meticulous perfection. Through extensive research and interviews with son David Raboy, and assistants who worked with the artist during the Golden Age of Comics, author Roger Hill brings Mac Raboy, the man and the artist, into focus for historians to savor and enjoy. This full-color hardcover includes never-before-seen photos, a wealth of rare and unpublished artwork, and the first definitive biography of a true Master of the Comics!

SRP: $39.95 Your Price: $33.95

Image: Telling Stories: Classic Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Deluxe HC  - Bud's Art Books

Now at a special sale price! Fantasy art's most popular painter was also one of the most popular comic book illustrators during the industry's golden age. Telling Stories: The Classic Comic Art of Frank Frazetta celebrates the rare and largely forgotten stories created five decades ago by this iconic artist. These jungle adventures, true-life tales of heroism, and dreamy love stories not only exhibit the skill of a master craftsman but also provide tantalizing glimpses of where the young artist's career would ultimately take him.

SRP: $24.95 Your Price: $21.20

Image: Shadow Double-Novel Vol. 143: Shadow Meets Mask / Toll of Death SC  - Sanctum Productions

The Dark Avenger returns in two tales of Crime and Punishment by Walter B. Gibson writing as Maxwell Grant. First, the law is powerless to uncover the true identity of a frozen-faced fiend until The Shadow Meets The Mask. Then, a panoramic shadow of doom casts a Toll of Death upon Lamont Cranston! This collector's classic showcases both original color covers by Graves Gladney and Modest Stein and the interior illustrations by Paul Orban, with historical commentary by Will Murray.

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $12.70

Image: Jack Kirby Collector #77 - Twomorrows Publishing
Jack Kirby Collector #77
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Break out the DDT and run for your life! It's Monsters & Bugs in Jack Kirby Collector #77! We dig up Jack's monster-movie influences in The Demon, Forever People, Black Magic, Fantastic Four, Jimmy Olsen, and of course his Atlas monster stories! Plus: A look at the twisted path Kirby took with B horror film producer Charles Band's Full Moon Productions! An interview with The Goon creator Eric Powell about his Kirby influences! A look at Kirby's use of insect characters, especially as villains! Also Mark Evanier and our other regular columnists, a Golden Age Kirby story, and a gallery featuring Jack's amazing pencil art! Kirby/Eric Powell cover!

SRP: $10.95 Your Price: $9.30

Image: Back Issue #114 - Twomorrows Publishing
Back Issue #114
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Back Issue is busting loose with Black super-heroes of the 1970s, featuring a history of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire! Plus: a retrospective of artist Billy Graham, a Tony Isabella interview, Black Lightning, Black Panther in the UK, Black Goliath, the Teen Titans' Mal and Bumblebee, Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy's Sabre, and Black Bomber (who?). Featuring Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas, and more, under a classic Luke Cage cover by the Irreverent Billy Graham.

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.60

Image: Neil Gaiman: The Sleeper & The Spindle SC  -

New York Times bestselling and Newbery and Carnegie Medal-winning author Neil Gaiman and Kate Greenaway-winning illustrator Chris Riddell have created a thrillingly reimagined fairy tale, an "unabashedly feminist" story told in a way only Gaiman can, perfectly paired with Riddell's "dazzling illustrations" (New York Times Book Review). In this captivating and darkly funny tale, Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell have twisted together the familiar and the new-as well as the beautiful and the wicked-to tell a brilliant version of the stories of Snow White (sort of) and Sleeping Beauty (almost). This story was originally published without illustrations in Rags & Bones (Little, Brown, 2013) and then as an illustrated edition in 2015. Now for the first time, fans can pick up this story in its paperback edition with the same gorgeous gilding.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Santa: My Life & Times Illustrated Authobiography HC  - Titan Comics

The autobiography of the Christmas legend, illustrated by twice Emmy-nominated artist Bill Sienkiewicz! This is the true story of Old Kris Kringle's miraculous life, from his childhood to his toyshop to his first Christmas Eve flight. This hardcover Christmas keepsake is designed for families to read aloud, and features remarkable artwork that captures the imagination with its dream-like charm.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

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