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Image: Cavewoman: Metal Age #2 (cover A - Mangum)  [2021] - Amryl Entertainment

After the horrors she has witnessed in Limbo, our brave Cavewoman is more resolved than ever to stop Malevolence and her demon horde. The best defense is a good offense, so she goes in search of the General of Malevolence's armies, Lord Heinous, to take the fight to him. As one of the original 4 Lords of Limbo, does our Cavewoman stand a chance against him and can she stop this evil?

SRP: $4.50 Your Price: $4.50

Image: Cavewoman: Habrok's Witch  (Devon Massey Special Edition cover B)  [2020] - Amryl Entertainment

After defeating Meriem in a brutal battle Asa Habrok takes his trophy back to his barbaric home world. As Meriem is getting accustomed to this strange new world she encounters a threat even more dangerous than the Iron Hawk - his mate. This powerful witch will stop at nothing to keep Meriem away from her man.

Your Price: $12.39

Image: Cavewoman: Terror in the Skies  (Lance Footer Special Edition cover F)  [2019] - Amryl Entertainment

Professor Cook has given Meriem an important mission. She must locate and return a Pterodactyl egg for his research. This will not be an easy task as the eggs are almost always high up on a cliff faces throughout the jungle. While it sure seems like an easy task when she gets the egg, Momma rounds the corner and begs to differ and a sky-high adventure ensues. Meriem must protect the egg from winged creatures and also from the ground as others want an exotic meal. Mr. Lance Footer has given us a second great cover that he did while using his magnifying glass! This Special Edition Cover is limited to just 350 copies, each book is bagged & boarded and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Your Price: $12.39

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