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Image: Cavewoman: Metal Age #2 (cover A - Mangum)  [2021] - Amryl Entertainment

After the horrors she has witnessed in Limbo, our brave Cavewoman is more resolved than ever to stop Malevolence and her demon horde. The best defense is a good offense, so she goes in search of the General of Malevolence's armies, Lord Heinous, to take the fight to him. As one of the original 4 Lords of Limbo, does our Cavewoman stand a chance against him and can she stop this evil?

SRP: $4.50 Your Price: $4.50

Image: Cavewoman: Outlaw  (cover D - Root)  [2022] - Amryl Entertainment

Budd Root Special Edition Cover - Limited to just 450 copies, each book is bagged & boarded and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

SRP: $10.35 Your Price: $10.35

Image: Cavewoman: Badlands One-Shot  (cover A - Massey)  [2022] - Amryl Entertainment

Returning from her jungle adventures, Meriem seeks a short cut home to Marshville. Soon she finds herself crossing a lethal wasteland teeming with terrifying creatures archvillain Ankha has created for her diabolical experiments. Giant snakes, scorpion men, Gila girls, mutant flying ants and hideous human hybrids all seek to destroy Meriem before she makes it across the hellish landscape known as the Badlands. Twenty pages of story and four pages of scorching hot pinups of mouth watering Meriem.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Cavewoman: Heading Home One-Shot  (cover D - Budd Root)  [2022] - Amryl Entertainment

Meriem had a great time fishing and being alone for a bit - but now it's time to head home to Marshville so she can attend Carrie's movie costume party! It seems easy- pack up, head out and arrive home. But as usual, things don't work out as planned. It seems the entire jungle is intent on keeping Cavewoman from returning to town alive

Your Price: $14.66

Image: Cavewoman: Habrok's Witch  (Devon Massey Special Edition cover B)  [2020] - Amryl Entertainment

After defeating Meriem in a brutal battle Asa Habrok takes his trophy back to his barbaric home world. As Meriem is getting accustomed to this strange new world she encounters a threat even more dangerous than the Iron Hawk - his mate. This powerful witch will stop at nothing to keep Meriem away from her man.

Your Price: $12.39

Image: Cavewoman: Terror in the Skies  (Lance Footer Special Edition cover F)  [2019] - Amryl Entertainment

Professor Cook has given Meriem an important mission. She must locate and return a Pterodactyl egg for his research. This will not be an easy task as the eggs are almost always high up on a cliff faces throughout the jungle. While it sure seems like an easy task when she gets the egg, Momma rounds the corner and begs to differ and a sky-high adventure ensues. Meriem must protect the egg from winged creatures and also from the ground as others want an exotic meal. Mr. Lance Footer has given us a second great cover that he did while using his magnifying glass! This Special Edition Cover is limited to just 350 copies, each book is bagged & boarded and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Your Price: $12.39
Price: $12.39

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