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Dave Land interview (APR 09)

 height=Dave Land is an editor at Dark Horse Comics where he has edited the Star Wars and Indiana Jones books, various Sock Monkey projects, and Samurai: Heaven & Earth among others. This month, he is writing the new mini-series Werewolves On The Moon: Versus Vampires. Westfield's Roger Ash recently spoke with Land to learn more about this project.

Westfield: The idea of putting werewolves on the moon is really fun. What can you tell us about how this series came about?

Dave Land: The basis for this story is really rooted in genetics. Specifically hair loss. My Grandfather was bald, my Dad is bald, and I'm following in their shiny, hairless footsteps. One day it dawned on me that if I were a werewolf I wouldn't need to worry about going bald, the hair would grow in every time there was a full moon. But then, of course, it would fall out the next day. So if you were a bald human, and were also a werewolf, the only sure way to keep from being bald would be to stay a werewolf all the time - and the only way to do that would be to live on the moon. That was the germ of the idea. From there it dawned on me that the night side of the moon would be an awesome home for vampires. I talked to Mike Richardson about the idea, he liked it, and here we are.

Westfield: What can you say about the series? Who are the main characters?

Land: The story follows three werewolves Ted, Jeff, and Stan who aren't very high up on the werewolf totem pole back on Earth. Ted hatches a plan for them to go to the moon where he thinks they'll be able to take over since they won't have to worry about turning human again. Unfortunately they didn't plan on encountering resistance in the form of Captain Maggie Pilgrim and the Moon Patrol. Then all hell breaks loose once the vampires living on the night side discover their territory has been invaded by werewolves. Things are further complicated by the fact that werewolf Ted and the leader of the vampires, Lord Till, both have romantic feelings for Maggie Pilgrim. Chaos ensues.

Westfield: You're working with artists Matt & Shawn Fillbach on the book. What do you feel they bring to the project?

Land: Matt and Shawn bring a LOT to this book. They're not just doing the art, they're collaborating on the story as well. So they're essential to the whole thing. It started out with a story outline from me and then we batted it back and forth until we had a series everyone was happy with. They've been really great to work with. And outside of their fantastic artistic and storytelling skills they are the two guys I can think of who most resemble werewolves themselves - they've both got long hair and beards. Colorist Dan Jackson also has a beard. I think we're only allowing bearded individuals to work on this project...

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