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The Highlight Reel for April 2008

Ultimate Origins(WoW APR 08)

Welcome to our new column here at Westfield Comics! With nearly 2,000 new items each month, we thought we would highlight some that we think are worth a closer look.


 height=From DC comes Trinity, their latest weekly series, and this one focuses on the big three - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Reign In Hell #1 begins the battle for DC's underworld as Lord Satanus attempts to overthrow Neron. In Justice Society of America #17, Gog continues as the appearance of the villain from Kingdom Come continues to cause troubles for the JSA. There's a new groovy collection of classic stories from the 70s in Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 2. The latest  height=Minx title is New York Four, which is written by Brian Wood and features the adventures of four NYU students. Make sure you check out our preview of New York Four. The classic DC character Madame Xanadu, returns in a new Vertigo series, and we have an exclusive interview with the writer, Matt Wagner. WildStorm begins a new mini-series based on the TV show, Chuck. And don't miss the latest issue of Fables and the Teen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl collection.


 height=Marvel's Ultimate Origins tells the history of the Ultimate Universe, and we've got an exclusive interview with the book's writer, Brian Michael Bendis. Ripped from the events of Planet Hulk comes Skarr: Son of Hulk. The Eternals return in a new series. Why not catch up on the history of them with the Eternals By Jack Kirby a height=nd the Eternals by Neil Gaiman collections? Richard Corben returns with more tales of terror in the Max title, Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft. Don't miss your chance to read one of the biggest stories of 2007 in Captain America Vol. 1: the Death of Captain America. Get set for the upcoming movie with the Marvel Select: Iron Man Action Figure. An artist is remembered in What If? A Fantastic Four Tribute to Mike Wieringo.

Dark Horse

 height=Get set for more adventure with Indiana Jones and The Tomb of the Gods. B.P.R.D.: Ectoplasmic Man One-Shot features the origin of Johann Kraus. Conan gets a new beginning in the specially-priced Conan the Cimmerian #0. The hilarious web comic, Basic Instructions, is collected in Help is on the Way. Follow the greatest adventures of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope For The Galaxy. Looking for something different? Then check out the Spirit Statue and the Tokidoki "Kaiten Sushi" Journal.


 height=Angel: After the Fall Hardcover collects the start of this hot new series. Star Trek: Mirror Images begins a new series set in the Mirror Universe. A classic comic strip is collected in Scorchy Smith and the Art of Noel Sickles. Contributor Bruce Canwell tells us more about Scorchy and Sickles in an exclusive interview.


 height=Mark Millar and Tony Harris join forces for War Heroes. Top Cow's Pilot Season continues with Alibi and Genius. Scud the Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang! collects all of this popular series. A family's sordid history is revealed in Displaced Persons. Tales From the Starlight Drive-In features stories that occur over 50 years at a drive-in theatre. Don't miss the latest supernatural adventures of the Perhapanauts.

Other Comics

 height=Ablaze Media presents Peckerwood: 24 Minutes, a parody of the popular TV series. Kyle Baker's Nat Turner from Abrams collects the powerful story of slave revolt. Step into a closet and into another universe in Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphic's Dream Maiden Megan. Sacrifices of the past are remembered in American Terror Vol. 1: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb from Alterna Comics. Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 continues from Archaia Studios. Bloomsbury's Freddie and Me: A Coming of Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody tells the story of Mike Dawson and how the music of Queen impacted his life. Station from Boom! Studios features murder on a space station. William Katt, TV's Greatest American Hero, presents Sparks from Catastrophic Comics. The early years of a slacker are collected in Checker Book's Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker Vol. 1. Desperado's latest art book is Archetype: The Art of Tim Bradstreet. Devil's Due invites you to explore Ninjatown: Adventures of Wee Ninja. Disney Press collects Wonderland, which was originally published  height=by SLG. A comics legend is profiled in Fantagraphics' Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert. Also from Fantagraphics is Gilbert Hernandez's new graphic novel, Troublemakers. Learn about creating comics in Jessica Ablel and Matt Madden's Drawing Words and Writing Pictures from :01 First Second. A classic Disney artist is featured in Gemstone's Donald Duck Family Daan Jippes Collection Vol. 1. Great Big Comics brings us the Voyages of She-Buccaneer. NBM releases Rick Geary's latest work in A Treasury of 20th Century Vol. 1: Murder of the Lindbergh Child. Judd Winick's classic series is collected in Oni's Big Book of Barry Ween, Boy Genius. Also from Oni, the much-delayed Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen returns. Atomic Robo Vol. 1 from Red 5 collects the series featuring Nazis, giant ants, walking pyramids, and more. Chiggers from Simon and Schuster features the adventures of 13-year-old Abby at summer camp. Top Shelf has James Kochalka's new book,  height=Johnny Boo Vol. 1: The Best Little Ghost in the World, and new printings of Super Spy and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed? . Art fans are sure to enjoy TwoMorrows Nick Cardy: Behind the Art and Vanguard's Frazetta Definitive Reference. Undercover Fish explores the Tragic Tale of Turkey Boy: An American Love Story. Don't miss Virgin's collection, Dan Dare Oversized UK Vol. 2.


An angel and a demon meet in Antarctic Press' Fire and Brimstone. Race with Udon's Robot Vol. 6. Don't miss the new books from Viz, Cowa and Real.


Alter Ego #78 is a tribute to artist Dave Cockrum.


 height=Black Velvet Masterpieces takes a look at those classic paintings we love, but won't admit that we do. Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink features illustrations by Glenn Fabry. Take a look at Garry Gianni's comic work with Prince Valiant Page. Brush up on your letters with Neil Gaiman's Dangerous Alphabet. Tiki Art Two: Second Coming of height= a New Art God features lots of groovy tiki art. Kyle Baker teaches you How to Draw Stupid and Other Essentials of Cartooning. Reading Comics and What They Mean takes a critical look at comics.

Cool Stuff

 height=It seems early, but we've got our first round of 2009 calendar listings. Make sure to check them all out! Want to show that you're a comic fan? Why not wear a Comic Book Authority T-shirt? Like designer toys? May we recommend My Little Cthulhu "Dark Edition" Figure, Peecol Series 1 and 2, Frank Kozik's  height=Smorkin' Mini-Mongers Figure Case, Frank Kozik's Labbit Vinyl Figure, and the latest batch of Uglydolls? Battlestar Galactica fans are sure to want the Battlestar Galactica: "Razor Gina" Action Figure. If you're a Star Trek fan, make sure you have your  height=copy of Encyclopedia Shatnerica. Want something to watch? How about Popeye the Sailor 1938-1943 Vol. 2 DVD and The Adventures of Sam and Max Freelance Police Complete Collection DVD? Other "don't miss" items include the Mr. Potato Head Celebration Spud, the Pythonopoly Board Game, and the Tycho Speed Racer: Radio-Controlled Mach 5.

There's lots more as well. Take a look. We're sure you'll find something that you enjoy!

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