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Spotlight on Marvel Knights

Editor Axel Alonso says, "In April, Marvel Knights will add four new monthly titles to its roster - Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, X-Statix and, of course, the first issue of Spider-Man by Mark Millar and Terry Dodson. When you add these titles to Daredevil, Captain America and 4, we think that's quite a lineup. We have big things planned for the MK line - and with a roster of writers that includes Bendis, Jones, Rucka, Milligan, and Morales, and artists like Maleev, Deodato, Dodson, Bachalo, Robertson, McNiven and Allred, we have just the people to do it."

CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 - (Morales/Bachalo) Marvel Knights. Homeland concludes with a showdown over biological weapons in Cuba, while things heat up between Steve and Rebecca. Cover by Dave Johnson.

DAREDEVIL #59 - (Bendis/Maleev) Marvel Knights. The King of Hell's Kitchen part 4. Faced with the growing threat of the Yakuza, Matt Murdock is on the comeback trail as he teams up with some of NYC's toughest heroes.

DAREDEVIL: FATHER #1 - [of 5] (Joe Quesada/Joe Quesada/Danny Miki/Richard Isanove) Marvel Kinghts. A DD mystery set during the deadliest heat wave in NYC history. A serial killer is on the loose pushing a city already past its breaking point over the edge, and Daredevil must battle the heat and fear to keep a crumbling Hell's Kitchen together.

ELEKTRA #35 - (Rodi/Proctor) Marvel Knights. In this prologue to a new story, Elektra visits her own grave and strives to come to terms with her mysterious resurrection after having died in Daredevil's arms. Cover by Brian Stelfreeze. MR.

ELEKTRA #36 - (Rodi/Bennett) Marvel Knights. In part 1 of a new story, a mysterious figure from Elektra's past arrives in NYC, seeking Matt Murdock's help in finding her. MR.

INCREDIBLE HULK #70 - (Jones/Deodato Jr.) Marvel Knights. This prologue to a 4-part story introduces a mysterious young man who just might hold the key to Bruce Banner - and the Hulk's - future.

INCREDIBLE HULK #71 - (Jones/Deodato Jr.) Marvel Knights. The Hulk goes toe-to-toe with Iron Man in a classic super hero showdown.

4 #4 - (Aguirre-Sacasa/McNiven) Marvel Knights. Wolf At The Door part 4 of 4. The FF are still feeling the aftershocks of having had their world turned upside down - and Reed finds himself drawing strength from the memory of one of the greatest men he's ever known: his grandfather.

4 #5 - (Aguirre-Sacasa/McNiven) Marvel Knights. The Pine Barrens part 1 of 3. Reed, Sue and Ben take Franklin and a group of his friends camping in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Their weekend getaway takes a terrifying turn when the campers realize that something otherworldly might be stalking them.

SPIDER-MAN #1 - (Mark Millar/Terry Dodson) Marvel Knights. Peter Parker is forced to face the realities that wearing the Spider-Man mask and web-shooters brings to his personal life. Featuring a brutal confrontation between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

WOLVERINE #13 & 14 (SET) - (Greg Rucka/Darick Robertson) Marvel Knights. Feral parts 1 & 2. Somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness lurks the one that got away - a creature even wilder than Logan. Sabretooth has located her, and he's got the scars to prove it. MR.

WOLVERINE/PUNISHER #2 - [of 5] (Milligan/Weeks) Marvel Knights. Deep in the South American jungle there's a place of legend - a final refuge for the nastiest of the nasty to disappear. Now, the Punisher and Wolverine have stumbled upon it, and its residents - once targets of the Punisher - couldn't be happier. Cover by Gary Frank. MR.

X-STATIX #21 & 22 (SET) - (Milligan/Allred) Marvel Knights. X-Statix Vs. Avengers parts 1 & 2 of 5. Who's stronger? Who can beat whom? Well, you're about to find out. To celebrate their Marvel Knights debut, America's favorite mutant team is about to square off against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. MR.

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