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Small Press Publishers

Sometimes, the "big" publishers are all people ever see. And that's a shame because there are many outstanding books coming from the small press. Take a gander at these offerings from Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics, Oni, AdHouse, IDW, NBM, Top Shelf, and Fantagraphics. A fine assortment of comic goodness with something for everyone. And don't forget to check out the Other Comics Publishers sections for more great reads.

PINK SKETCHBOOK V. 1: GRRR! TPB - (Scott Morse) A limited mini-sketchbook series that will straddle the border of "Low" and "High" art. This debut issue features creator Scott Morse, who has decided to share his love of monsters, from Bigfoot to evil scientists, and some in color. Each issue of Pink comes encased within a pink plastic envelope and contains an added bonus - this issue includes a sticker!
15 MINUTES #1 - (Bob Elinskas/David Hedgecock/Mike Kelleher) Everyone gets "fifteen minutes" of fame. That includes super-heroes, super-villains, and the average, everyday folks who cross their paths. However, not everyone handles their fifteen minutes the same way. 24 pp.
BILL & TED'S MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURES V. 1 TPB - B&W. (Evan Dorkin) SLG is totally stoked to announce the first of two volumes collecting the Eisner-award nominated series originally published by Marvel Comics in the early 90's, chronicling the fully awesome exploits of those two trippy time-traveling troubadours, Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan. 168 pp.
FRED THE CLOWN TPB - B&W. (Roger Langridge) Fred has an eye for the ladies, but the only part of themselves they're willing to share with him is a carefully placed kneecap. Fred the Clown's misadventures are a curious balance of bleakness and joyful absurdism. 192 pp.
C.V.O.: COVERT VAMPIRIC OPERATIONS - HUMAN TOUCH #1 - (Jeff Mariotte & Alex Garner/Gabriel Hernandez & Garner) C.V.O. returns with this one-shot collecting a strip previously available only to AOL subscribers, and a special short written and drawn by series creator Alex Garner. Mature Readers.
SECRET SKULL #1 - (Steve Niles/Chuck BB) A mysterious killer is on the loose in the city, but this killer only kills bad guys... or those about to be bad. Mature Readers.
BOOK OF SCHUITEN HC - (Benoit Peeters & Francois Schuiten) Schuiten has amassed an impressive body of work in theater and Opera set design, posters and full-scale recreations. This art book presents an array of these never-before-seen pieces in large size along with an interview of the artist. 136 pp.
OJO #1 - [of 5] B&W. (Kieth/Pardee) Annie has terrible luck with pets. But when Annie finds a little beastie in a drain pipe named Ojo, has her karma really changed or is she destined for more disappointment. Mature Readers.
SCANDALOUS TPB - B&W. (J. Torres/Scott Chantler) 1950s Hollywood. Paige Turner, the celebrity columnist for America's most-read newspaper goes toe-to-toe with Harry Richards, "The Tabloid Dick." Their war of words becomes a knockdown, drag-out fight to be the biggest rumormonger in entertainment. 96 pp. Mature Readers. See the Scott Chantler interview.
GRAMPA & JULIE: SHARK HUNTERS TPB - (Jef Czekaj) Join Julie and her world-famous Grampa in endless zany adventures as they search the high seas for Stephen, the largest shark in the world. Along the way they meet rapping squirrels, nerdy pirates, and entrepreneurial penguins as they travel from the bottom of the ocean to the furthest reaches of outer space. 128 pp.

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