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Kevin Grevioux interview

 height=(WoW SEP 08)

Kevin Grevioux is an actor/writer whose work includes co-writing and acting in the film Underworld and writing Marvel's New Warriors. This month, he and artist Mat Broome bring us Marvel's Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel. Westfield's Roger Ash recently contacted Kevin to learn more about this book.

Westfield: What can you tell me about the genesis of the series, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel?

Kevin Grevioux: The Blue Marvel, at least partially, is based on an idea I had since I first started reading comics. How would the world perceive a black superhero on the level of Superman? Would he be accepted? Would he be just another hero? Or would he be an object of fear? Judging by history I think he would be an object of fear. That was my jumping off point.

Flash forward a couple of decades and I'm working for Marvel comics. This provided a great opportunity for me to pitch my idea, and I'm glad Tom Brevoort and Joe Q gave me that chance.

Westfield: Who is the Blue Marvel?

Grevioux: The Blue Marvel was the most popular and most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe back in the late '50's early '60's. Nobody knew what he looked like because he wore a costume that covered his entire body. But when it's discovered that he's black, the world turns its back on him. The President even asks him to retire because of the social implications of his existence. The ironic thing is that both white and blacks begin to hate him, and for all the wrong reasons. So imagine being a hero trying to save people who don't like you just because of your skin color. People, who before they knew who you were, loved and lauded you? That's rough. And we will explore how that affected him over the years after the President asked him to retire.

Westfield: What can people look forward to in the mini-series? Any story hints you want to give?

Grevioux: This book has a lot of thought provoking dialogue about race, politics and power and how people really feel about those issues when they collide. Also, we'll get a lot of action. Action that harkens back to old school comics in that respect. In terms of story, we'll delve into another perspective on what it means to be a hero. I think fans will enjoy it.

Westfield: What can you tell me about your working relationship with artist Mat Broome? What do you think he brings to the book?

Grevioux: At the very least, he brings some of the most phenomenal art I've ever seen. I'm blown away every time a page comes through. It doesn't matter what I write, he always seems to make it better just by his command of the page and pencil. I kid you not; each page that comes in gets better and better. At best, Mat brings 17 years of experience to the project. That's important when it comes to deadlines, understanding what the writer is trying to convey, etc.. I'm having a blast working with him.

Westfield: Are you working on any other projects that you'd like to mention?

Grevioux: Yes, I'm doing ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction for Red 5 Comics. And two books for Ape Entertainment, Monstroids and Sista Samurai. They're a blast to write.

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