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Bruce Campbell Interview

Bruce Campbell is the popular actor from such films as Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and Buba Ho-Tep as well as TV series such as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. , Hercules, and Xena, just to name a few. This month, he brings his latest work, The Man With the Screaming Brain, to comics prior its release on film. Worlds of Westfield's Roger Ash recently contacted Campbell to find out more about this project.

Westfield: Why did you bring Man With the Screaming Brain to comics?

Bruce Campbell: Because it was there. Actually, because I've always wanted to work with Dark Horse after a good Army of Darkness experience. Brain also seemed like it might translate pretty well into a comic and be even more true to the look and feel than the movie.

Westfield: You co-wrote, directed, and starred in Man With the Screaming Brain. Why did you decide to do that? Is it something you've always wanted to do?

Campbell: Well, the lower the budget, the more you have to do because you can't afford anyone else to do the job. I'm the cheapest bum I know. Aside from that, I like the challenge. Believe it or not, working on movies can be boring, so I like to have plenty to do.

Westfield: What can you tell us about the story? How did it come about?

Campbell: The idea was given to my partner, David Goodman, in a rowboat in 1986. We have since taken that germ of an idea, cooked it for 18 some-odd years, and made it what it is today: a sociological metaphor, disguised as a horror film.

Westfield: What do you think artists Rick Remender & Hilary Barta bring to the comic?

Campbell: Class, big names in the comic world, and fat ass talent. It's a joy to see their work as it comes in. I feel like a fan who wants to read the next page.

Westfield: Are you a comics fan? If so, do you have any favorites?

Campbell: I was a fan of loser comics like Sad Sack, so it was intimidating to write my first comic for Dark Horse - one that wasn't about a loser, I mean.

Westfield: After your experience with this and The Hire, would you like to do more comic work?

Campbell: I would, but this time I'd like to start fresh - maybe come up with a series about some cool new character and his/her travails.

Westfield: What did you think of being turned into a comic character in Danger Girl?

Campbell: It's cool - it's all part of this odd "crossing the reality line" that we're into at the moment. I'm more amused than anything.

Westfield: You've got a new book coming out this year. Anything you'd like to say about that?

Campbell: Yeah, check it out: Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. Do the world a favor, get off your butt and lay down the cash. It's got bags of cheesy graphics in case the words are too time-consuming.

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Campbell: Yeah, as fans, you pull the strings. Don't support rip-off entertainment. Later gater ~ Bruce

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