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Venus Versus Virus Vol. 05 SC

Sumire Takahana is a seemingly normal school girl cursed with the ability to see malevolent ghosts known as ""Viruses."" Her life hits a crossroads after a run-in with Lucia, a ""gothic lolita""-clad monster killer-for-hire. Not content to stay on the sidelines while these Viruses prey on the weak, Sumire decides to join forces with the mysterious, eyepatch-wearing Lucia to hunt down the Viruses before they can hurt anyone else. As mistrust and unease form within Sonoka's ranks, the evil mistress decides to grant her minions Guy and Ruka just what they desire most - the power to obliterate Lucia and Sumire once and for all! Is this the ultimate showdown or a sign of much darker things to come?

Image: Venus Versus Virus Vol. 05 SC  - Seven Seas Entertainment LLC

Venus Versus Virus Vol. 05 SC

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