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Vatican City, Las Vegas SC

VATICAN CITY, LAS VEGAS GN - B&W In the last night of time, in a Vegas casino fashioned after the Vatican, author Thomas Carlyle is as good as dead. Swilling a mortal dose of alcohol, he will perish among the ridiculously grotesque patrons of Vatican City, Las Vegas as they pursue an elusive jackpot token called The Godhead.Carlyle unwittingly bumbles through corporate mafia intrigue as Vatican City's management, the Medici Crime Family, plots to enslave all the casino patrons to dreams of eternal wealth.Desperate to restore some meaning to life in his last hours, Carlyle, in the company of his squire, the French midget Soo Soo, undertakes a surreal Grail quest to renew his failed love affair with casino cocktail nun Mona Mour. As the night deepens and the forces of Vegas evil threaten to rob human existence of all nonmaterial significance. Carlyle dreams a final reckoning that will bring the Medici Crime Family and all of Vatican City's managerial clergy to justice in a shocking cinematic twist. A brutal and brilliant satire of modern materialism. Vatican City, Las Vegas redefines the literary possibilities of the graphic novel as it becomes an instant classic in the genre. SC, 145 pp.

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Vatican City, Las Vegas SC

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