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To Terra Vol. 02 SC

The future. Despite hundreds of years of peace, mankind has exhausted the Earth with its enormous cities - mere hubs for advanced machines. It is the age of Superior Domination (S.D.) where children are no longer the offspring of parents, but the progency of a universal computer. Amidst the calm, however, lurks a hidden chaos. The consequence of so many turns of the screw in a natural human order was the creation of a subrace of humans called the Mu, whose only marked distinction is their extra-special sensory powers. They are a sensitive and peaceful species no different from humans, but they have been forced into exile by Universal Control. Now the Mu must find their way back to Terra. Leading the way is 14-year old Jomy Marcus Shin, whose power is couched in so much innocence as to stun even himself.

Image: To Terra Vol. 02 SC  - Vertical Inc

To Terra Vol. 02 SC

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