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Superman in the Seventies SC

SUPERMAN IN THE SEVENTIES SC (Elliot S. Maggin, Jack Kirby, Cary Bates, Robert Kanigher, Dennis O'Neil, Paul Levitz & Len Wein/Curt Swan/Kirby/Dick Dillin/Murphy Anderson/Werner Roth/Bob Oskner/Dick Giordano/Vince Colletta/various) Introduction by Christopher Reeve. Stories from the realistic to the ridiculous highlight a collection of some of the Man of Steel's greatest adventures during the 1970s. This collection is broken into sections reflecting the different challenges Superman met. In The Big Battles, he faces Captain Thunder, a sort-of stand-in for Captain Marvel (Superman #276), and meets his time-lost teenaged self, Superboy (DC Comics Presents #14). In The Villains, Superman confronts Lex Luthor (Superman #248), Brainiac (Superman #271), The Challenge of Terra-Man! (Superman #249) and The Parasite's Power Play! (Superman #286). The Cast of Characters showcases unusual stories, such as the return of the Newsboy Legion (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133); a solo tale of Krypto the Superdog (from Supe

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Superman in the Seventies SC

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