Star Wars: Legacy #9

STAR WARS: LEGACY #9 - Full-Color Creators: John Ostrander (W), Adam Dekraker (P), Brad Anderson (C), and Jan Duursema (Cover) Description: Trust Issues part 1 (of 2). Political relationships are often delicate constructseven more so when the "marriage" is between two longtime enemies. When rightful Emperor Roan Fel reaches out to the remnants of the Galactic Alliance, the stage is set for serious distrust, if not outright betrayal. And to complicate matters, the Sith have dispatched one of their best agents to ensure the failure of the proposed alliance. But Moff Nyna Calixtes agenda differs from that of her Sith masters, and she puts her own player into the mixreactivating an agent who has been dormant for nearly two decades. Meanwhile, the question on everybodys mind: Where has Cade Skywalker gone? 32 pages.

Image: Star Wars: Legacy #9 - Dark Horse

Star Wars: Legacy #9

Dark Horse
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