Sadhu Vol. 01 SC

Sadhus do not know love or hate, desire or fear. They are detached from all emotional ties, devoting themselves to a spiritual journey said to unleash unimaginable powers. It is this ancient tradition that James Jenson is fated to tread but he must first tackle his biggest obstacle yet - himself. When James Jenson, a down-on-his-luck Englishman, is recruited into her majesty Queen Victoria's army and posted with his family in Colonial India, he takes the first step towards meeting his destiny. But a tragic twist of fate sends James on a journey that will force him to choose between spiritual awakening and human instinct, guiding him from a simple soldier to a spiritual warrior. Between oath and instinct there is THE SADHU.

Image: Sadhu Vol. 01 SC  - Virgin Comics

Sadhu Vol. 01 SC

Virgin Comics LLC
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