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Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 02 SC

REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA VOL. 2 SC - B&W. (Chiho Saito) In search of her mysterious and elusive prince, Utena Tenjou has recently arrived on the campus of Ohtori Academy. Wearing a rose-engraved ring on her finger, she is immediately accepted into the school's inner circle - the sword-fighting student council. Not entirely comfortable in her new social situation, Utena nonetheless perseveres hoping her classmates will eventually help her in her quest. One classmate in particular, the dreamy but rakish Touga Kiryuu, seems to know more than the rest. But Touga isn't playing by the same rules as everyone else. He's following his own secret agenda and isn't above manipulating poor Utena to get what he desires. As student council president, he holds a tremendous amount of influence at Ohtori Academy. One way or another, he plans to play Utena like a pawn to get what he desires. It's clear that destiny has brought Utena and Touga together. But now, the question remains: Who between them has the power to revolutionize the world? 200 pp.

Image: Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 02 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 02 SC

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