Punks Not Dead #2 (incentive cover - Caspar Wijngaard) (10-copy) [2018]

The ghost of dead punk rocker Sid is unlocking some pretty strange abilities in teenage geek Fergie, giving him a taste of power that he never imagined. But will he use it to clean his room, alter the solar system⦠or pick up girls? Meanwhile MI5's irascible baller Dorothy Culpepper, and her nervous, new recruit, are drawn to the Extra-Usual Affairs involving a scandalous haunting in Whitechapel in Teenage Kicks part 2! Punks Not Dead is co-created/written by David Barnett (Hinterland, Angelglass) and illustrated by Martin Simmonds (Death Sentence, LIMBO). A new continuing series from IDW's Black Crown imprint! Letter column, interviews, behind-the-panel process pages and more!

Image: Punks Not Dead #2 (incentive cover - Caspar Wijngaard) (10-copy)  [2018] - IDW Publishing

Punks Not Dead #2 (incentive cover - Caspar Wijngaard) (10-copy) [2018]

IDW - Black Crown
Image: Punks Not Dead #1 (cover A - Simmonds) - IDW - Black Crown
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