Punisher Annual #1

Punisher Vs. Brood Queen! The man who lives to punish the foulest parasites of humanity. The most monstrous parasite in the galaxy. Zero gravity. Zero &# given. It's the Punisher versus a Brood Queen like you've never seen before, because this time, Earth's own Frank Castle's got a rocket. Who put Castle in the cockpit, and how will he and his muckraking stowaway - J. Jonah Jameson (???) - tolerate each other long enough to survive? Only Karla Pacheco (Rick and Morty) and Adam Gorham (New Mutants: Dead Souls, Rocket, The Violent) have the answers you need!

Image: Punisher Annual #1 - Marvel Comics

Punisher Annual #1

Marvel Comics
Image: Punisher Annual #1 (variant Connecting cover - John Tyler Christopher) - Marvel Comics
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