Planetary Book 02 SC

For Elijah Snow, it's time to look at everything Planetary has encountered during the past year and start piecing it all together. What is the Hark Corporation? Why do they sometimes work with the Four? And the biggest question of all: Why are the Four in Australia, building a giant gun atop Ayers Rock? Elijah Snow is building his own conspiracy to bring down the Four, and he's targeting William Leather first. But what does his plan, which entangles Anna Hark and John Stone, have to do with the first moonshot...in 1851? Collects Planetary #15-27, Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta #1 and Planetary/Batman: Night On Earth #1.

Image: Planetary Book 02 SC  - DC Comics

Planetary Book 02 SC

DC Comics
Image: Planetary Vol. 01 SC  - DC Comics
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