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Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 08 DVD

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION COLLECTION 08 DVD - From ADV Films! The year is 2015, and over half of Earth's population is devastated, victims of the first initial assault by a mysterious race of beings known as the Angels. To cultivate what little remains of Mankind, the human race must now place its lingering hopes and trust in the hands of the mysterious NERV agency and its awesome bio-mechanical avatars; Evangelions. Our first and last defense, these monstrous creations are the only force on Earth that can stave the Angels' threatening presence and confront the massive invaders. However, even with these technological miracles, the future of humanity looms bleak, for only a handful of teenagers are capable of piloting an Evangelion. The ultimate battle for the future of Mankind has begun! Approximate running time: 75 minutes.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 08 DVD

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