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JLA Vol. 05: Justice for All SC

JLA: JUSTICE FOR ALL SC - New printing. (Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar & Devin Grayson/Howard Porter/Mark Pajarillo/Walden Wong/John Dell/Marlo Alquiza) Reprints JLA #24-33.The League battles the elite squad of government super-beings called the Ultra-Marines in a story that introduces the indestructible General, now a member of the Injustice Gang. Then, a prelude (written by Mark Millar) shows the JLA gathering allies for a coming battle, the Morrison-written Crisis Times Five. In that epic struggle, the League and members of the original Justice Society are swept up in a dimension-spanning conflict involving Johnny Thunder's genie, Thunderbolt. Rounding out the collection are two stories explaining the role the JLA plays in protecting the former Gotham City from forces hoping to prey on No Man's Land. 232 pp.

Image: JLA Vol. 05: Justice for All SC  - DC Comics

JLA Vol. 05: Justice for All SC

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