Inuyasha Vol. 03 SC

INUYASHA VOL. 3 SC - B&W. (Rumiko Takahashi) Kagome was always just a typical Japanese high school girl. Her grandfather is obsessed with ancient myths; her home is crammed with mystical talismans... but none of it ever seemed to matter until one amazing day. The perfect companion to the anime currently running on Cartoon Network. After a desperate battle against his own half-brother, Sesshomaru, Inu-Yasha now holds his demon-father's great sword - the Tetsusaiga, or ''Steel-Cleaving Fang.'' In honor of Inu-Yasha's human mother, the Tetsusaiga has an odd quirk for a demonic weapon - it can only be wielded in defense of humanity. 200 pp.

Image: Inuyasha Vol. 03 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Inuyasha Vol. 03 SC

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