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Goddess SC

GODDESS SC (Garth Ennis/Phil Winslade) Collects the mini-series, featuring a foreword by Winslade and a collection of never-before-seen sketches and character designs. This is the story of Rosie Nolan, an Irish girl who suddenly manifests the unlikely ability to perform impossible feats of telekinesis (such as splitting Scotland off from England and moving it a hundred miles north), as well as having an uncannily empathic relationship with animals. After saving the life of sad-sack narrator Jeff at the zoo, Rosie hooks up with him, her overzealous environmentalist friend Mudhawk, and his ticked-off ex-girlfriend Sam. Soon after, the group is on the lam from a rogue CIA agent who wants to capture Rosie's power for the betterment of the United States' government, and a really rogue police constable who has a more personal agenda. From there, the chase takes them around the globe and up to the Arctic Circle. 256 pp. MR.

Image: Goddess SC  - DC Comics

Goddess SC

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