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Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville HC

Ted Stearn's cult favorite heroes Fuzz and Pluck (a rooster and a bear) return in this hilariously bizarre and charming graphic novel. Fired from his degrading job at the fast food restaurant Lardy's, Pluck is taken in by Glibbia Honey, the manager for a ragtag team of gladiators. After witnessing the first contest (which involves a badger, a bag of garbage, a mallet, and five rats), Pluck vows that he himself will one day become the champion of this preposterous sport. Meanwhile, Fuzz is out on his trusty tricycle making another Lardy's delivery, unaware of Pluck's career change. He soon finds himself trapped in a bedroom full of clueless stuffed animals. When he finally escapes, he meets a dotty old ferryman determined to beat out his only competition - a bridge. Fuzz takes on the Sysiphean task of helping his friend the ferryman compete with his nemesis.Meanwhile, back in the Machiavellian world of the gladiator games, Pluck accomplishes his goal - until he finally meets his match. A mad race and tug of war culminates in a fatal convergence that changes everything for our two poor misfits.

Image: Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville HC  - Fantagraphics Books

Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville HC

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