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Fanboy SC

FANBOY SC (Mark Evanier/Sergio Aragonés/various) Collects the mini-series. Finster is a mild-mannered comics shop employee and high-school dreamer who finds the imaginary worlds of comics more compelling than drab reality, except when it comes to trying to get the most popular girl in school to go out with him. Finster's advances not only open him up for abuse, but also blind him to the affections of the only girl not printed on wood pulp with whom he has a relationship. Who helps him to see the truth? Why, his comic-book heroes, of course. Includes art by Neal Adams, Brent Anderson, Jordi Bernet, Will Blyberg, Dave Gibbons, Joe Giella, Mike Grell, Matt Haley, Russ Heath, Phil Jimenez, Gil Kane, Frank Miller, Jim Mooney, Kevin Nowlan, Jerry Ordway, Wendy Pini, Steve Rude, Marie Severin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tom Simmons, Dan Spiegle, Dick Sprang, Bruce Timm, and Bernie Wrightson. 144 pp.

Image: Fanboy SC  - DC Comics

Fanboy SC

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