Essential X-Men Vol. 11 SC

The X-Men reunite with Professor X, who asks them to help overthrow the Shi'ar tyrant Deathbird - but all is not as it seems, and the X-Men must deduce the truth before it's too late! Meanwhile, sparks fly as Rogue and Magneto team up to save the Savage Land! Then, the X-Men and X-Factor unite to battle the Shadow King - but the price of their victory is more than Professor X can stand! And as a new team rises from the ashes of the old, Magneto draws a dangerous line in the sand to protect his fellow mutants - leading to an explosive finale, and the end of an era! Collecting Uncanny X-Men (1963) #273-280 and Annual #15, X-Factor (1986) #69-70, X-Men (1991) #1-3, and material from X-Factor Annual #6 and New Mutants Annual #7.

Image: Essential X-Men Vol. 11 SC  - Marvel Comics

Essential X-Men Vol. 11 SC

Marvel Comics
Image: Essential X-Men Vol. 05 SC  (new edition) - Marvel Comics
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