Essential Avengers Vol. 06 SC

Changes in the Marvel Universe are nothing new - as seen when heroes are reborn, slain and more in this startling selection of seventies sagas! The search for the Celestial Madonna is on, and all the candidates are under the Avengers' roof! After reviving heroes and villains to set a Legion of the Unliving against Earth's Mightiest Heroes, will Kang the Conqueror be divided against himself in deciding the fate of the woman who could alter the universe's destiny? Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Avengers both well-remembered and near-forgotten face off against the lethal likes of Dormammu, Thanos and Ultron! Golden Age glories revisited! The secret of Mantis and the sacrifice of the Swordsman! Resurrections, origins and THREE Marvel marriages! Plus: the Zodiac, the Titanium Man, the Stranger, Klaw Master of Sound and more! Guest-starring the Fantastic Four and Captain Mar-Vell! Collecting AVENGERS #120-140, GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #1-4, CAPTAIN MARVEL #33 and FANTASTIC FOUR #150.

Image: Essential Avengers Vol. 06 SC  - Marvel Comics

Essential Avengers Vol. 06 SC

Marvel Comics
Image: Essential Avengers Vol. 04 SC  - Marvel Comics
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