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Dragonball Z Vol. 15 SC

DRAGONBALL Z VOL. 15 SC B&W. (Akira Toriyama) Cell has been awakened - a bio-engineered monstrosity designed to become the ultimate weapon, a being that eats whole cities to drain the life energy from their inhabitants and grow stronger. Now stronger than ever after fusing with Kami-sama, Piccolo challenges Cell while the Super Saiyans undergo unimaginable training in a room where one year passes for every day outside. But Cell's true goal is to merge with Androids #17 and #18, which will increase its strength exponentially. As Cell becomes ever stronger, Piccolo has only one chance: destroy #17 and #18 before Cell can merge with them, or no force on earth will stand a chance! 192 pp.

Image: Dragonball Z Vol. 15 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Dragonball Z Vol. 15 SC

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