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Dragonball Z Vol. 13 SC

DRAGONBALL Z VOL. 13 SC B&W. (Akira Toriyama) Warned by the time traveller Trunks, Goku, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo go forth to combat the evil androids #19 and #20! As the androids begin destroying cities, Goku challenges them to battle, pitting his Super Saiyan powers against the genius of the mad scientist Dr. Gero. But the androids aren't just tough: they can absorb energy from their opponents, becoming stronger and stronger as the fight progresses. Will the arrival of Vegeta turn the tide? Or will Earth's heroes be defeated a second time by foes who, in Trunks' future, have already destroyed them? 192 pp.

Image: Dragonball Z Vol. 13 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Dragonball Z Vol. 13 SC

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