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Dragonball Vol. 13 SC

DRAGONBALL VOL. 13 SC B&W. (Akira Toriyama) The Demon King Piccolo gathers all seven Dragon Balls and wishes for eternal youth, becoming even stronger than before! Flying to the palace of the King of the World, Piccolo takes over, and announces his reign of terror on international TV! Separated from one another, Goku and Tenshinhan train desperately to become strong enough to fight back. While Tenshinhan practices the ''mafu-ba,'' the mystic demon-sealing attack, Goku goes to Karin Tower to ask the feline fighter for more training. His only chance is to drink a magic potion so powerful it may kill him... before Piccolo starts to destroy the world piece by piece! 192 pp.

Image: Dragonball Vol. 13 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Dragonball Vol. 13 SC

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