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Cannon God Exaxxion #19

CANNON GOD EXAXXION #19 - B&W.(Sonoda) Life is so full of complexities, but none so intense as those Hoichi has to deal with. So, okay, your world has been taken over by aliens who at first seemed peaceful, but now want to use you and fellow humans as fertilizer. And then all of a sudden you are the only person on the planet who can save the humans from this fate. Now Hoichi is in a position where he sometimes has to kill many for the good of the world, and he's about to find out how twisted his family life has become. Iit's just going to get worse and more confusing for the poor kid, especially since some thrifty aliens have stolen an anitmatter reactor and are racing back to the Earth to kill Hoichi and his Cannon God Exaxxion. Well, that's the life of a teenager for you! MR.

Image: Cannon God Exaxxion #19 - Dark Horse

Cannon God Exaxxion #19

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