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Angel Sanctuary Vol. 01 SC

ANGEL SANCTUARY VOL. 1 SC - B&W. (Kaori Yuki) At the center of this epic tale of Heaven and Hell and forbidden love is high-school student Setsuna Mudo. He's no angel, he's completely tactless around girls, has an unpredictable temper, and can become extremely violent. That he comes from a broken home and is in love with his sister Sara, just makes matters worse. Add teenage hormones and major issues with his mother, and you've got the recipe for one troubled kid. And then Setsuna's reality becomes seriously twisted when his past-life as an angel comes to plague the present and threatens to destroy the future...! When Sara's classmate, Ruri, receives a computer disk from a strange man, Setsuna shows up to whisk her away from her. After lecturing Ruri about talking to weirdos, Setsuna comments that she's much cuter without glasses, which she dropped in the confusion. Unfortunately, neither of them have been watching the news which reports of mysterious deaths occurring in connection with the CD-ROM ''Digital Angels.'' The disk Ruri received is this same ''Digital Angels'' disk, and without knowing the danger, Setsuna lets her keep it. Soon, as Ruri uses the program, her personality starts to change, and strange things begin to happen as Evils and angels seek the Setsuna's soul for their own mysterious motives. 198 pp.

Image: Angel Sanctuary Vol. 01 SC  - Viz Media LLC

Angel Sanctuary Vol. 01 SC

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