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Image: Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #5  [2022] - Marvel Comics

BEN must take on the entire RAVENCROFT INSTITUTE FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE! But must he face them all alone? Or will an unlikely ally step in? This is one finale you won't want to miss! RATED T

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #3 (incentive 1:25 cover - Shalvey)  [2022] - Marvel Comics

ENSNARED BY DOCTOR OCTOPUS! • Jealousy strikes as Carolyn Trainer takes her anger out on Spider-Man! • But who's REALLY behind this cavalcade of villains? • And is Ben ready to face that truth? • Find out as J.M. DEMATTEIS and DAVID BALDEÓN bring the action - and heart! - you know and love in a Spidey story!

Your Price: $53.15

Image: Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1 (variant cover - Dan Jurgens)  [2022] - Marvel Comics

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Iconic Spider-Man scribe J.M. DeMatteis (KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT, SPIDER-MAN: THE LOST YEARS) returns to spin his webs once more within the Spidey mythos, this time joined by explosive artist David Baldeón (WEB WARRIORS, DOMINO)! Together, they're bringing you unlocked memories in the life of BEN REILLY, A.K.A. SPIDER-MAN! Darkness looms over New York City as murders begin to pile up...but how are they all connected? Do the answers Ben is looking for reside in the haunted halls of the RAVENCROFT INSTITUTE? Find out as we return to the era when Ben Reilly was the one, true SPIDER-MAN!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Justice League Dark Vol. 05: Paradise Lost SC  (N52) - DC Comics

The fallout from the JL Dark's battles with Blight and the Trinity of Sin during Forever Evil has left the team in tatters. As Zatanna takes charge, an angry and confused team must put aside their differences to battle the Pantheon! Collecting issues #30-34 and Justice League Dark: Futures End #1!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Justice League Dark Vol. 06: Lost in Forever SC  - DC Comics

In these stories from issues #35-40 and ANNUAL #2, Zatanna assumes leadership of the team and prepares to rebuild. With team members angry and confused by John Constantine's methods during their recent battles, how will Constantine fit into this new team, if at all?

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Justice League Dark: Futures End #1 (standard edition) - DC Comics

2-D Standard Edition. An emotionally and physically scared Zatanna struggles to find a way to return her team and the House of Mystery itself to our own dimension - but the cost might doom them and our world!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Scooby Apocalypse #35 - DC Comics
Scooby Apocalypse #35
(DC Comics)

With the mall in ruins and the forces of the Nanite King advancing on them, it looks like the end for the Scooby Gang! But an unlikely ally appears to give them hope. Will the resurrected Fred Jones be the savior humanity needs? Plus, Atom Ant heads to Gotham City to face his most difficult trial yet: an evening with Batman! Backup story written by Heath Corson. Backup story art by Gus Vazquez.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Star Trek: Hell's Mirror  (incentive 1:10 cover - Caltsoudas)  [2020] - IDW Publishing

Legendary writer J.M. DeMatteis returns to Star Trek for the first time in nearly 40 years! And it'll be well worth the wait, as he tackles two of the franchise's most popular concepts: Khan Noonien Singh and the Mirror Universe!

Your Price: $5.00

Image: Trinity of Sin #1 - DC Comics
Trinity of Sin #1
(DC Comics)

Pandora, The Phantom Stranger and The Question have hated each other for centuriesand nothing has changed! Now the Trinity of Sin are forced to work together to save humanity and uncover the darkest secrets of the universe in this new ongoing series!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Trinity of Sin #2 - DC Comics
Trinity of Sin #2
(DC Comics)

The Trinity of Sin - Pandora, The Phantom Stranger and The Question - uncover an evil that threatens the very core of The New 52!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Trinity of Sin #4 - DC Comics
Trinity of Sin #4
(DC Comics)

The Trinity fights for their lives against a demonic army - but can they survive after being betrayed by one of their own? If they lose, a planet dies!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: X-Factor Epic Collection: Afterlives SC  - Marvel Comics

Jamie Madrox is dead! As X-Factor struggles to cope with their first major loss, Alex Summers questions his role as leader. Will Havok quit just when the team needs him the most? Meanwhile, Polaris seeks vengeance on the person who hired Random to kill her - even as the bounty hunter joins Strong Guy and Wolfsbane on a road trip! Lorna follows Alex to Hawaii, but the island paradise soon becomes a nightmare - courtesy of Malice, Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys! The techno-organic threat of the Phalanx unites X-Factor, X-Force and Excalibur! Strong Guy battles the Blob! Legion awakens from his coma! But when Lila Cheney is targeted, Guido puts his life on the line. Will X-Factor lose another member? Collecting X-Factor (1986) #101-111 and Annual #9, Spider-Man & X-Factor: Shadowgames #1-3, X-Force #38, and Excalibur (1988) #82.

SRP: $44.99 Your Price: $38.24

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