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Image: DC Super-Pets: Fastest Pet on Earth SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: FASTEST PET ON EARTH SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) J.E. Bright (A) Art Baltazar Introducing the pets of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. They, too, are working day and night to fight crime and evil in the DC Universe. These early chapter books are sure to engage and delight younger readers. Unleash the power of the Super-Pets! The speedy super-villain Chauncey The Cheetah is loose on Paradise Island! However, Wonder Woman's super-pet, Jumpa The Kangaroo, isn't worried. This blazing-fast bouncer is the quickest critter on Earth. Or is she? When Chauncey challenges Jumpa to a race, the kangaroo must prove her swiftness and her cleverness. But this criminal cat is chasing more than bragging rights. If the Super-Kangaroo doesn't have a few tricks in her pouch, she might lose in more ways than one!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Heroes of the High Seas SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: HEROES OF THE HIGH SEAS SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) J.E. Bright (A) Art Baltazar Deep beneath the ocean, Topo The Octopus plays some relaxing music for Aquaman. Suddenly, a huge whirlpool appears in the distance, threatening the city of Atlantis. Without a moment to lose, Aquaman leaps aboard his super-seahorse, Storm, and jets toward the liquid tornado. While the SEA KING rescues a whale caught in the deadly current, his Super-Pets discover the source of the problem - Misty and Sneezers, the Black Manta's minions!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: Wonder Woman and the Pandora Plot SC  - Stone Arch Books

When Giganta steals an ancient jar from a New York museum, Wonder Woman jumps into action. But as soon as the size-shifting villain opens the artifact, a wave of misery washes over everyone in the area. As Giganta makes her escape, the Amazon warrior realizes there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. Soon she discovers that Ares, the God of War, is a puppet master with a plan to plunge the world into war. Can Wonder Woman stop Giganta, seal up the jar, and put an end to the Pandora plot in time? Find out in this action-packed chapter book for DC Super Hero fans!

SRP: $6.95 Your Price: $5.90

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