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Image: Art of Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Trilogy HC  - Abrams

The Art of Rocksteady Studio's Batman: Arkham Trilogy is the first official look behind the scenes of one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video-game series of all time. Collecting together the best preproduction art, concept sketches, background paintings, character turnarounds, and sketch-to-final-ingame comparisons from all three of Rocksteady's core Arkham titles - Asylum, City, and Knight - this collector's tome takes fans through every stage of the creative process, from story work by legendary Batman writer Paul Dini to voice work by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, as well as all of the concept art, development art, production art, and CG artistry in between. Key creative and development talent offer insights into the creative process through exclusive, candid interviews, making the book the definitive look back at six years of gaming innovation that have helped re-imagine the Batman mythos in yet another iconic incarnation.

SRP: $40.00 Your Price: $34.00

Image: Batman Character Encyclopedia HC  - DK Publishing Co

With over 75 years of characters, Batman Character Encyclopedia is the compact but comprehensive guide to over 200 heroes and villains from Gotham City. From Robin to the Joker, Batman Character Encyclopedia is your guide into over 75 years of the Dark Knight's friends and foes. This compact, informative guide takes you through over 200 heroes and villains of Gotham City as well as tons of facts and information on the Caped Crusader himself. Organized alphabetically, each character profile is crammed with statistics, informative annotations, and exciting comic book art illustrated by DC Comics's leading artists.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: DC Comics Backstories: Superman: The Man of Tomorrow SC  - Scholastic Inc.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow takes the traditional digest biography series format and and shakes it up for a new generation. Just in time for the new Batman vs Superman movie! How did a child from another planet named Kal-El become farm boy Clark Kent? What happened to his planet and family? What powers does he possess and what are his weaknesses? Who are his most trusted allies and fearsome foes? In this biography, complete with black-and-white illustrations, timelines, and fact boxes, young readers will learn the complete history of Metropolis' invulnerable champion.

SRP: $5.99 Your Price: $5.09

Image: DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History HC  - Insight Editions

As any comics fan knows, a super-hero is nothing without a worthy foe to battle. For every Batman there has to be a villain like the Joker, and for every Superman a Lex Luthor. This deluxe book celebrates nearly eighty years of compellingly corrupt characters from the DC Universe's remarkable gallery of super-villains. From the Penguin to Harley Quinn, and Doomsday to General Zod, DC Comics: Villains will track the creation of each of these beloved baddies and the dynamic way in which they have evolved throughout the years. [(W) Daniel Wallace]

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History SC  - Insight Editions

Discover the origins, secrets, and nefarious schemes of the most powerful and corrupt villains in the DC Universe in this lavishly illustrated visual history, now available in paperback for the first time. This deluxe book celebrates nearly eighty years of compellingly corrupt characters from the DC Universe's remarkable gallery of super-villains. From the Penguin to Harley Quinn and Doomsday to General Zod, DC Comics: Super-Villains explores the story of these beloved baddies through new interviews with acclaimed writers and artists, including Jim Lee, Mike Carlin, Dan DiDio, and Chuck Dixon. Featuring a foreword by filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith, and an exclusive cover illustrated by acclaimed artist Phil Jimenez.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide HC  - Chronicle Books

The Empire has taken hold of the galaxy, and high-ranking officials from each branch of the military have created an Imperial Handbook, compiling tactical guidelines and procedures as well as mission reports and classified documents for all newly ascending commanders. This comprehensive manual details secrets of Imperial battle tactics, acceptable actions for bringing swift justice to traitors, and the Emperor's long-term plan for galactic military domination. Well-known rebels provide a humorous running counter-commentary to the official Imperial propaganda in the form of handwritten annotations in the margins of the pages.

SRP: $19.95 Your Price: $16.95

Image: Marvel Avengers Paint-by-Numbers: 5 Classic Scenes  - Thunder Bay Press

Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man help you fight the crime of empty walls! Paint-by-number is still just as much fun as when you were a kid. Follow the number guide to paint in classic detail, or go rogue and choose your own color combos. Every scene includes your favorite Marvel heroes. The 48-page book reveals secrets of the Avengers and their mansion, offers the history behind various team-ups of heroes and villains, and profiles the technological creations of scientist Hank Pym. Brush up on your hero history and re-create classic scenes from the Marvel universe!

SRP: $19.95 Your Price: $16.95

Image: Star Wars Smuggler's Guide HC  - Chronicle Books

Recovered from a strongbox on the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide started as a simple logbook with a piece of valuable information. But it was soon stolen, traded, and smuggled around the outer rim and shady ports, through the hands of such notorious characters as Maz Kanata, Hondo Ohnaka, Drydon Vos, and Lando Calrissian, until it ultimately ended up in the hands of the out-law Han Solo. With each pirate, thief, gambler, and criminal who took possession of the book, new insights and details were added, creating a coveted collection of hidden treasure locations, advice, and hard-earned data. A must-have in-world handbook to the galaxy's underworld, Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide is a crucial and hugely entertaining read for fans seeking a deeper understanding of the saga.

SRP: $21.95 Your Price: $18.65

Image: Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History Slipcased HC  (updated and expanded edition) - DK Publishing Co

Featuring incredible illustrations and stills, Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual History, Updated Edition chronologically details the history and development of the Star Wars movies; the events, press, and logistics surrounding the making of each movie; and exclusive interviews with people who worked behind the scenes. Painstakingly produced, superbly illustrated, this updated edition includes a whole new chapter covering Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as the ongoing animated TV series Star Wars Rebels and new Star Wars-themed lands coming to Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland California.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel HC  - DK Publishing Co

Superman: The Ultimate Guide covers Superman's entire life story, from his birth on Krypton, to his life as reporter Clark Kent, and all of his struggles, battles, lovers, and enemies in between. DK's exciting visual format makes this the ideal Man of Steel reference guide. [(W) Daniel Wallace (A) Various, Jim Lee (CA) Jim Lee]

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: World According to Spider-Man HC  - Insight Editions

It's not easy being a Super Hero when you've got a steady job to hold down and girlfriend problems to deal with. Somehow, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) manages to do it while regularly saving New York City from a rogues' gallery of super villains. In The World According to Spider-Man, the wisecracking hero spills the beans on how he balances his two lives and manages to keep his trademark sense of humor, even while he's tangling with Doc Ock or the Green Goblin. [(W) Daniel Wallace]

SRP: $24.95 Your Price: $21.20

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