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Image: All-New Ghost Rider Vol. 01: Engines of Vengeance SC  - Marvel Comics

With four on the floor, Marvel's newest Ghost Rider puts vengeance in overdrive! Amid an East Los Angeles neighborhood running wild with gang violence and drug trafficking, Robbie Reyes has been given an awesome new power! But can the teen handle it, or will it drive him to a path of destruction? As a war brews in the criminal underworld, the streets of East L.A. flare up with drug-fueled gang violence from Dr. Zabo's power-enhancing narcotics - and Mr. Hyde launches a diabolical plan to expand his underground empire. Robbie meets the mysterious entity behind his possession, but will he submit to the sprit inside him and go too far in protecting his neighborhood? The all-new Ghost Rider takes on Mr. Hyde with all-out action and a twist that will hit you at 100mph! Collecting All-New Ghost Rider #1-5. [(W) Felipe Smith (A) Tradd Moore (CA) TBD]

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59
SALE Price: $9.59

Image: Bloodborne #5 (cover A - Moore)  [2018] - Titan Comics

The horror and mystery continue in Bloodborne, the comic based on FromSoftware's critically acclaimed video game hit! Now an ongoing series, by popular demand! The Hunter delves into the dark underbelly of the Healing Church, as writer Ale Kot (Zero, Wolf, Generation Gone, Days of Hate) returns to the blood-soaked streets of Yharnam with artist Piotr Kowalski (Dark Tower, Sex, Robocop)!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Captain Marvel #24 (variant Knullified cover - Moore)  [2020] - Marvel Comics

Friends or fodder? Captain Marvel finds new allies in this strange new world - but is she sending them to their deaths? As the secrets behind Ove and his stronghold are revealed, Carol and her team find themselves dramatically outgunned. Meanwhile, the mysteries surrounding how and why Carol is here begin to reveal themselves - and they're not what anyone expected!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Deadpool #22  [2016] - Marvel Comics
Deadpool #22 [2016]
(Marvel Comics)

• Has Madcap finally orchestrated the perfect revenge on Deadpool? • Has he really found a way to kill Wade once and for all? • Or?could it actually be worse than that?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Deadpool Minibus Vol. 03 HC  - Marvel Comics

The Minibus rides again! When Secret Wars reshapes the cosmos, Shiklah and her groovy ghoulies take center stage in a world without Wade Wilson! Then, the Merc returns for a pair of showdowns with the Mad Titan and the Ragin' Cajun! Can Deadpool win in a deadly love triangle with Thanos? And will he survive one last job with his longtime con-job partner Gambit? Best frenemies Deadpool and Cable rub shoulders and trade bullets once more when Nathan is tasked with keeping one man alive - the same guy Wade has been hired to take out! And when Forbush Man is murdered, can Deadpool stop a serial killer from offing all of Marvel's funniest characters? Collecting Mrs. Deadpool And The Howling Commandos #1-4, Deadpool Vs. Thanos #1-4, Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #1-3, Deadpool V Gambit #1-5 and Deadpool: Too Soon? #1-4.

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

Image: Deadpool vs. Thanos SC  - Marvel Comics
Deadpool vs. Thanos SC
(Marvel Comics)

It's the confrontation that every single Marvel comic has been building to: the Merc With a Mouth versus the Jerk With That Jaw! Deadpool goes to Infinity and beyond when he throws down the gauntlet against Thanos of Titan! These calamitous combatants are two sides of an unholy love triangle, with Death their fickle mistress. But when everything in the universe stops dying, could the bombshell with the killer cheekbones have her bony hands full with someone else?!? Who ever heard of a love square? How would that even work? The Mad Titan and the Crazy Cretin may just have to team up to find out what gives as they head From Her to Eternity! Guest-starring Marvel's most popular and beloved character, the Black Talon - plus some nobodies called the Guardians of the Galaxy. Collecting Deadpool Vs. Thanos #1-4.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 03 HC  - Marvel Comics

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money are clearly the best and least dysfunctional super-group in the Marvel Universe. Until CIVIL WAR II breaks out, and everything falls apart! Brace yourself, True Believer, you're about to find out what made Wade Wilson the world's most popular hero! But when the former voice inside DP's head known as Madcap returns with a mad-on for revenge, he may just have found a way to kill Wade once and for all - or do something even worse! As the noose tightens, Deadpool will take matters into his own hands - but would he deal with the devil to save a loved one? Plus: In the far-off future, Wade's two daughters fight for the right to be Deadpool 2099! Whatever the era, it ain't easy being Deadpool! Collecting Deadpool (2015) #14-20, #21 (A story) and #22-25.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 06 - Patience: Zero SC  - Marvel Comics

You can't keep a good Madcap down! Deadpool's greatest nemesis is back - in the most horrific way possible. Has the villain who was once a voice in Wade Wilson's head finally orchestrated his perfect revenge on the man who rejected him? Has he found a way to kill Wade once and for all? Or could Madcap's plan actually be worse than that? As the noose tightens around Deadpool's neck, the Merc with a Mouth takes matters into his own hands! Will he make a deal with the devil to save a loved one? Surely no Marvel hero would do such a thing! Plus: Go back to the future for the thrilling adventures of Deadpool 2099 as Wade's daughters battle for his legacy, and Iron Fist shows just how immortal he is! Collecting Deadpool (2015) #20, #21 (A STORY) and #22-25.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Demon Days: Cursed Web #1 (incentive cover - Moore)  [2021] - Marvel Comics

SPIDERS AND WOLVES AND YOKAI OH MY! Mariko Yashida journeys deep into a dark forest to find answers about her past. Instead, she finds a magical wolf with three toes and a strange girl with a pet spider. But there are deadly creatures in these woods too - a mysterious, blue-skinned woman and a giant with super-strength and claws - and they're after Mariko! Don't miss this epic tale, straight from the creative mind of STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO! Book THREE of FIVE of the DEMON DAYS saga!

Your Price: $25.00

Image: Eight Billion Genies #5 (cover B - Moore) - Image Comics

Witnessthe FIRST EIGHT MONTHS! In the eight months after G-Day, when everyone on Earth acquired a genie and one wish, the world has become a very strange place, full of danger and whimsy andmore danger. We need a hero for these times. We needTHE IDEA MAN!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Howard the Duck by Zdarsky and Quinones Omnibus HC  (Direct Market cover - Moore) - Marvel Comics

Trapped in a world he's grown quite accustomed to! Howard the Duck returns, courtesy of the sensational creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones - they're the duckiest! The furious fowl is taking on weird cases as the Marvel Universe's newest and most feathery private investigator, and his new job will take him everywhere from the Savage Land to across the cosmos! Howie shares offbeat adventures with Rocket Raccoon, Squirrel Girl, Gwenpool, She-Hulk and more - but his strangest case of all may just be the disappearance of Hollywood's Lea Thompson! Plus: What's a duck to do when the Ten Realms go to waughsorry, we mean war? Collecting Howard The Duck (2015A) #1-5, Howard The Duck (2015B) #1-11, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015B) #6 and material from War of The Realms: War Scrolls #1.

SRP: $60.00 Your Price: $51.00

Image: Legacy of Luther Strode Vol. 03 SC  - Image Comics

The Luther Strode Saga ends here. Luther and Petra are on the road that will lead them to the final confrontation with Cain, the first murderer and architect of Luther's pain. Collects The Legacy Of Luther Strode #1-6.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Legend of Luther Strode Vol. 02 SC  - Image Comics

For five years, Luther Strode has been the legend terrifying criminals. But now the criminals have struck back, and the hunt for Luther Strode is on. Can Luther survive old enemies working with new friends? Collects The Legend of Luther Strode #1-6. [(W) Justin Jordan (A/CA) Tradd Moore]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: New World SC  - Image Comics
New World SC
(Image Comics)

The United States of America-after the Second Civil War. Two people meet and fall in love. One, a very orderly vegan hacker ready to make some mess. The other, a chaotic cop with a reality TV show that never stops. With the entire Republic of New California after them, they run. A ballistic sci-fi action romance miniseries in the vein of Mad Max and Romeo and Juliet by Ale Kot, Tradd Moore, and Heather Moore. Collects The New World #1-5.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Revolution #3  [2016] - IDW Publishing
Revolution #3 [2016]
(IDW Publishing)

THEY CAME FROM MICROSPACE! What terror reaches through the tendrils of entropy into our universe-and why does Rom want to kill it? Meanwhile, M.A.S.K.'s Matt Trakker makes a startling discovery about the Transformers-but will G.I. Joe's Scarlett believe him?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99
SALE Price: $1.00

Image: Revolution SC  - IDW Publishing
Revolution SC
(IDW Publishing)

The Revolution begins! Explosions rip across the Earth-and all signs of blame point to Optimus Prime and the Transformers! G.I. JOE refuses to go quietly-and they assemble heroes big enough to stop the invaders! Action Man and M.A.S.K. fight for humanity-but where do ROM and the Micronauts stand? Celebrating more than a decade of stories by IDW and Hasbro, this unprecedented event draws everything together-and leaves nothing standing. The Revolution is here-Take a stand! Collects Revolution issues #0-5.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Secret Avengers #1 (2014) - Marvel Comics
Secret Avengers #1 (2014)
(Marvel Comics)

Save The Empire, Part One. The all-new Secret Avengers are ready to get started. Are they going to be the world's most effective secret squad? Or will their personal issues tear them apart? U-DECIDE! Three missions kick off at the same time: one in the space, one on the ground...and one in the air. And no one's ready. Except for the attackers. Russian spa. Helicarrier. Space station. Falling satellites. A hired hitman with nothing to lose. The Fury. WAIT. Yes. THE FURY. Why is Hawkeye still around? And why are these people chasing him? Why are Black Widow and Spider Woman in a Russian spa? Do questions in teasers excite you? RUN THE MISSION, DON'T GET SEEN, SAVE THE WORLD. NOW! [(W) Ales Kot (A) Michael Walsh (CA) Tradd Moore]

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Secret Warriors Vol. 01: Secret Empire  (SE) SC - Marvel Comics

A Secret Empire calls for Secret Warriors! Captain America is coming for the Inhumans! But S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson wants no part of Hydra, and she's heading underground! Recruiting Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Karnak and Inferno to her cause, she'll fight to set things right - not just for her people, but for the entire country! But can even Quake handle the seismic rifts between her own teammates? As the group ends up at odds with the X-Men - again! - Ms. Marvel makes tough choices, while Karnak makes plans of his own. And against that background, Daisy comes face-to-face with her father: Hydra commander, Mister Hyde! It's one part coming-of-age story, one part spy thriller as the next (and final?) generation of Inhumans takes the Marvel Universe by storm! Collecting Secret Warriors (2017) #1-5.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Star Wars Annual #4  [2018] - Marvel Comics
Star Wars Annual #4 [2018]
(Marvel Comics)

Strap in, racing fans - we're going podracing! Bring your betting money, because this is going to be a high-stakes race, with rebel Luke Skywalker, smuggler Sana Starros and even a certain Dark Lord in attendance! Place your bets! Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Star Wars are © 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Star Wars: Poe Dameron #18 (variant Star Wars 40th Anniversary cover - Moore)  [2017] - Marvel Comics

• Jess Pava and Kare Kun are on a mission to expose the First Order to the rest of the galaxy! • Meanwhile, Poe Dameron and Snap Wexley are tracking down Oddy Muva - the traitor! • Black Squadron divided! Star Wars ¸ Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Star Wars are ¸ 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Your Price: $3.99

Image: Strange Talent of Luther Strode SC  - Image Comics

Luther Strode is just your average geek until he sends for an exercise course from the back of an old comic book. What he gets is the instruction manual from a murder cult as old as mankind that does everything that it promised and more. Collects THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE # 1-6

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

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