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Image: Acts of Vengeance: Spider-Man and X-Men SC  - Marvel Comics

Loki's villainous machinations pit Spider-Man and the X-Men against unfamiliar foes! Spidey has his hands full with powerful sparring partners like Graviton, Magneto and the terrifying Tri-Sentinel - but when a cosmic upgrade boosts his powers, the ruthless Doctor Doom puts the web-slinger in his crosshairs! Meanwhile, the X-Men take on the Mandarin - and Psylocke is transformed! Teeth meet claws when Wolverine battles Tiger Shark! Nitro and the Vulture target the New Mutants' Rusty and Skids! And it's tyrant vs. trickster when Apocalypse faces Loki! Plus: Alpha Flight tackles an unholy alliance of super villains - including Nekra, the Scorpion and the Owl! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #326-329, Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #158-160, Web of Spider-Man (1985) #59-61 and #64-65, Wolverine (1988) #19-20, Alpha Flight (1983) #79-80, New Mutants (1983) #86, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #256-258 and material from X-Factor (1986) #50.

SRP: $44.99 Your Price: $35.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Assassin Nation SC  - Marvel Comics

Volume #19 in the Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collections. Archenemies, assassins and Inferno! David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane's fan-favorite run continues as the superstar artist takes on classic Spidey villains Mysterio, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Lizard, Rhino and Scorpion - and Spider-Man faces a brutal rematch with Venom, his newest and deadliest enemy! As Manhattan goes mad, the web-slinger must contend with the demonic threat of Inferno - but Peter's powers can't save him and MJ from a Christmastime eviction! Then, Spidey tackles international espionage when he's drawn into the Assassin Nation Plot alongside Silver Sable, roguish gun-for-hire Paladin and Captain America! But when the assassin is revealed, who will survive? Plus: As Atlantis Attacks, Spidey and She-Hulk battle the Abomination! And a classic graphic novel sheds new light on Peter and Mary Jane's lives! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #311-325 and Annual #23 and Marvel Graphic Novel: Amazing Spider-Man - Parallel Lives.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Venom SC  - Marvel Comics

Volume #18 in the Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collections. Meet Spider-Man's deadliest foe! The web-slinger may survive a mind-bending glimpse at life in the Mad Dog Ward, a run-in with Doctor Octopus and a Chance encounter. But the lives of Peter Parker and new bride Mary Jane will be turned upside down when his former symbiotic costume and disgraced reporter Eddie Brock combine their mutual hatred of Spider-Man to becomeVenom! In time for adventures with Silver Sable and Sandman, Spidey returns to the ol' red-and-blues - but nobody ever drew them like Todd McFarlane! The cunning Fox and the calculating Chameleon await. Styx and Stone will break some bones, and Killer Shrike can hurt you, too. But who kidnaps MJ? Plus: The heroic debut of Speedball! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #295-310 and Annual #22, Web Of Spider-Man (1985) #33 and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #133.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Venom 3D #1 - Marvel Comics

Spider-Man's first encounter with his deadliest foe leaps off the page like never before! The lethal Venom looks a lot like Spidey's black costume - only bigger, stronger and with a killer smile! Worse still, thanks to the symbiotic suit, Eddie Brock knows all of Peter Parker's secrets! Venom has already terrorized Mary Jane - so it's just a matter of time before he comes face-to-face with Spidey. And Eddie knows just the right place to battle the wall-crawler! Can Peter figure out a way to survive? And if he does, maybe it's time to go back to a more friendly neighborhood outfit! It's one of the greatest issues of David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane's fan-favorite run, with the superstar artist's stunning pages presented for the first time in eye-popping 3D! Reprinting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #300.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil's in the Details SC  - Image Comics

The sold out hardcover-now available in softcover! The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil's in the Details is a visual biography celebrating 30 years of artwork from one of the comic industry's most popular and iconic artist personalities. Features art from original comic art boards, rare, never-before-seen sketches, and art from McFARLANE s work on, among others, Batman, Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk and his own top-selling creation, SPAWN. Also features extensive commentary by the artist himself. Large format softcover book showcases McFARLANE s detailed art style at a previously unpublished size. Has broad appeal for all comic art fans. [(W/A/CA) Todd McFarlane]

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Color Your Own Venom SC  - Marvel Comics
Color Your Own Venom SC
(Marvel Comics)

Nothing's ever truly black and white with Venom! Is he Spider-Man's fiercest foe, or a lethal protector of the innocent? Villain, vigilante or Guardian of the Galaxy? There are many shades to Venom's world - and now it's up to you to supply them! The slimy pink of his tongue! The shiny blue of his sinewy muscles! The trail of red blood in his wake! All this and more is waiting for you to color, on 60 pages of vibrant, violent, Venom-ous artwork featuring Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson and others who have shared a bond with the sinister symbiote! Grab your pens, pencils and crayons, and follow Venom from his introduction by the legendary Todd McFarlane through years of brutal battles with Spidey, clashes with Carnage and his time as a hero - right up to the full-on explosion of the Venomverse!

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Haunt Vol. 01 SC  - Image Comics
Haunt Vol. 01 SC
(Image Comics)

THE FIRST STORY-ARC OF MCFARLANE & KIRKMAN's HAUNT COLLECTED! ROBERT KIRKMAN and TODD McFARLANE present HAUNT! Based around two brothers, one a less than perfect priest, the other a government agent, the men struggle to get along, rarely agreeing on anything. An unexpected accident forces them to work together in ways they never thought possible. Struggling with his own personal demons, the priest begrudgingly works alongside the spirit of his recently deceased brother, who possesses him. Together, the brothers form a new superhero: Haunt.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Haunt: Immortal Edition Vol. 01 HC  - Image Comics

story ROBERT KIRKMAN art RYAN OTTLEY, GREG CAPULLO, TODD MCFARLANE & JONATHAN GLAPION cover TODD McFARLANE CREATED BY TODD McFARLANE & ROBERT KIRKMAN! Experience the intrigue, espionage, and high-flying supernatural awesomeness of this breakout hit from Image! Featuring an all-star creative team of ROBERT KIRKMAN, TODD MCFARLANE, GREG CAPULLO and RYAN OTTLEY. This hardcover collection collects the first 12 issues of this best selling title, plus all the great bonus material you've come to expect from McFARLANE and KIRKMAN. Behind the scenes material from the Haunt Comic Con Preview book, a cover gallery including all alternate covers, never-before-printed black and white cover gallery, the Image United Haunt backup story and more! Collects HAUNT #1-12

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Killadelphia #12 (cover B - McFarlane) - Image Comics

Burn Baby Burn concludes. The smash-hit series from Rodney Barnes, the writer behind such hit shows as Marvel's Runaways and STARZ's American Gods, and Jason Shawn Alexander, the artist who redefined Spawn, reaches its shocking second-arc conclusion! Jupiter and Abigail have decimated the city of brotherly love, and as their reign of terror reaches its climax, things look bleak for our heroes. If Philadelphia stands any chance of survival, James Sangster Sr. and son will have to reach out to the one person they'd never ally themselves with, or else no one will survive the night. But will that be enough to save them, or will the casualties continue? Also includes part six of the horrifying werewolf back-up story Elysium Gardens.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.18

Image: Marvel Covers: The Modern Era Artist's Edition HC  (Kieth cover) - IDW Publishing

Volume two of Marvel Covers charts New territory-literally-featuring covers from the last 25 years! Included in this volume will be gorgeous selections by a vast array of talents as they interpret many of Marvel's most iconic characters and titles! Marvel Covers Artist's Edition Volume One was a smash hit, soon going into a second printing-don't be caught short on what will be one of the most exciting Artist's Editions of the year! Covers by industry legends Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Alan Davis, John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri and more!

SRP: $ Your Price: $109.96

Image: Quasar: Cosmos in Collision SC  - Marvel Comics

Quasar takes on Maelstrom in the fight of his life! As Protector of the Universe, Wendell Vaughan takes his job seriously, but he's only human - and his cosmic mentor, Eon, has long warned of a looming threat that will destroy all that is. Can Quasar possibly prepare himself for the mind-bending battle to come? Meanwhile, Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva want Quasar's quantum bands - and they're not the only ones. And when the members of the extradimensional Squadron Supreme find themselves stranded on Earth, Quasar must aid them in a galactic conflict between the Stranger and the Overmind! Plus: Wendell's new employee is hiding a dangerous secret! When Maelstrom strikes, Quasar is thrown into a perilous journey beyond life and death - from Infinity to Oblivion and more. Can he emerge a new man and stop a cosmos in collision? Collecting Quasar #10-25.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Spawn #314 (cover A - McFarlane) - Image Comics

Chain Gang part 1. Introducing a new super-team... the Chain Gang. Gunslinger Spawn. Medieval Spawn. The Reaper. Ninja Spawn.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.50

Image: Spawn #315 (cover A - McFarlane) - Image Comics

Chain Gang part 2. A new team... The Chain Gang! But will they last? She-Spawn! Gunslinger Spawn! Medieval Spawn! The Reaper!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.39

Image: Spawn #311 (cover B - McFarlane)  [2020] - Image Comics

Cult of Omega (Part 1 of 3) Spawn raises some of the 'dead' as he storms a palace that has been hiding the secrets of a hidden society whose members can combine to become more powerful than any Spawn throughout time! Lead by their new king... the Omega Spawn! Part 1 of 3 Todd McFarlane and Carlo Barberi launch an exciting and dangerous new chapter for Spawn! [((w) Todd McFarlane /(a) Gerardo Zaffino /(ca) Todd McFarlane)]

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Spawn #313 (cover B - McFarlane) - Image Comics

Cult Of Omega conclusion. The final confrontation: Spawn vs. Omega Spawn to the death! If this villain cannot be defeated, then the fabric of time will begin to tear and out will pour the savage warriors of Heaven and Hell upon Earth. Todd McFarlane and Carlo Barberi conclude their gut-wrenching story of Spawn vs. Omega Spawn.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.54

Image: Spawn #299 (cover B - virgin variant)  [2019] - Image Comics

The last issue before Spawn #300! War To 300 part 2. Witness the debut of Todd McFarlane's newest creation-The Rapture! Heaven's answer to the mythic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these eternal warriors are tasked with eliminating the plague called humanity from the face of the Earth. The War To 300 rages! Next month, new allegiances will form, new enemies will rise, and history will be made!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Spawn Compendium Vol. 01 SC  (new edition) - Image Comics

Todd McFarlane unleashed his signature creation, Spawn, in 1992. In doing so, he created the most successful independent comic book in history. Add in collaborations with industry giants Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Tony Daniel, and Grant Morrison, and Spawn's future as a legend was sealed. Collected now in full color, McFarlane's hyper-detailed artwork comes to life like never before. Relive all the excitement of everyone's favorite anti-hero with this new collection. Collects Spawn #1-50.

SRP: $59.99 Your Price: $47.99

Image: Spawn Cover Gallery Vol. 01: 1-100 HC  - Image Comics

Bring the artistic legacy of Todd McFarlane's record-breaking independent comic home with this hardcover collection of the classic cover artwork for the first 100 issues of Spawn! All the action! All the detail! All the capes! And spikes! And demons! And guns! Part celebration, part inspiration, this is a gallery and an artbook-a must-have for any Spawn fan! Collects covers for Spawn #1-100.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Spawn Kills Everyone 2 #4 (cover A)  [2019] - Image Comics

Miniseries finale! The big villain Clownos looks to take the mantle as the king of parody characters. But he collides with our baby Spawn and even worse, the baby's baby Spawns. The exciting conclusion of Spawn Kills Everyone Too miniseries!!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Spawn Origins Collection Vol. 02 HC  - Image Comics

story TODD McFARLANE, GRANT MORRISON, TOM ORZECHOWSKI & ANDREW GROSSBERG art TODD McFARLANE, GREG CAPULLO, MARC SILVESTRI cover GREG CAPULLO OCTOBER 13 328 PAGES / Full Color. CLASSIC SPAWN REPRINTED IN OVERSIZED HARDCOVER-BOOK 2! With SPAWN, legendary writer and artist Todd McFarlane unleashed his iconic antihero on the world and launched the most successful independent comic book in history. The SPAWN: ORIGINS BOOK TWO Hardcover. includes classic Spawn stories written by TODD McFARLANE, as well as industry giants GRANT MORRISON, TOM ORZECHOWSKI and ANDREW GROSSBERG. Revisit epic battles that featured old foes and introduced many new characters, such as the Violator, Redeemer and Overtkill, into the Spawn universe. Extra features include color and b/w cover gallery and behind-the-scenes art. All this and more printed in an oversized hardcover format that compliments SPAWN: ORIGINS BOOK ONE Hardcover. and the growing family of SPAWN: ORIGINS collections. Collects SPAWN #13-25.

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane Complete Collection SC  - Marvel Comics

The book that transformed comics! Todd McFarlane became a superstar illustrating AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but he changed the industry forever with his next project: the adjectiveless SPIDER-MAN! Taking on both writing and art duties, McFarlane ushered Peter Parker into a gritty new era - and it began with Torment! When the Big Apple's streets run red with blood, the web-slinger heads into the sewers to stop the Lizard's homicidal rampage. But what is driving his old friend and foe? Plus: Ghost Rider lends a bony hand when the deranged Hobgoblin returns, the wall-crawler finds himself at the center of a clash of claws between Wolverine and Wendigo and Pete goes back in black to face Morbius the Living Vampire! And in the ultimate nineties team-up, Spidey joins X-Force to battle the unstoppable Juggernaut! Collecting Spider-Man (1990) #1-14 and #16 and X-Force (1991) #4.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $31.99

Image: Spider-Man: Masques HC  - Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Masques HC
(Marvel Comics)

Written by TODD MCFARLANE, ROB LIEFELD & FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by TODD MCFARLANE & ROB LIEFELD Covers by TODD MCFARLANE Industry superstar Todd McFarlane's blockbuster run barrels on! The Hobgoblin is back, out of control and more deranged than ever! Will even the demonic Ghost Rider be enough to help Spider-Man stop him? Then, Spidey takes a trip into the dark, lightless sewers under Manhattan to face Morbius the Living Vampire, which can mean only one thing: the return of the black costume! And finally, it's a titanic two-part team-up with Marvel's heavy hitters of the "90s that takes the word "widescreen" literally as Spider-Man partners with X-Force to stop the rampaging Juggernaut! Collecting SPIDER-MAN (1990) #6-7, #13-14 and #16; and X-FORCE (1991) #4. 144 pages. /Rated A

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Venom by Michelinie and McFarlane HC  (Gallery edition) - Marvel Comics

The deadliest foe of Spider-Man! During their acclaimed run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, writer David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane introduced an adversary for the ages: the larger-than-life Venom! Peter Parker's spurned symbiote costume sought out Eddie Brock, whose thirst for vengeance matched its own. Together, they emerged from the shadows to terrorize Mary Jane before turning their attention to their real target: Spider-Man! With all of Peter Parker's powers but much stronger and more vicious, Venom may be the one to shred the wall-crawler's web permanently, unless Spidey can find some weakness - and fast! But what will happen when Venom targets the Black Catand Aunt May?! This stunning Gallery Edition features Michelinie and McFarlane's unforgettable Spidey vs. Venom tales - and some of the most dynamic artwork of the era - in oversize glory! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #300 and #315-317.

SRP: $44.99 Your Price: $37.78

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