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Image: Amazing Fantasy Omnibus HC  - Marvel Comics

At the dawn of the Silver Age, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko - three of comics' greatest talents - had readers crying, "Make mine monsters," with a cadre of ten-ton terrors, from Torr to Manoo to the one and only Monsteroso! Backed up by weird tales of witchcraft, Martians and occult master Dr. Druid, it seemed that these titanic tales could never be topped. And then Lee and Ditko did just that, seamlessly transitioning into an all-new approach featuring aliens, time travel, ghosts and atomic nightmares! With lushly illustrated stories, Ditko set a new standard for comic art, and Lee raised the bar ever higher with his scintillating scripts. And, oh, in the last issue they created some guy named Spider-Man. Experience a lynchpin series in Marvel history! Collecting Amazing Adventures (1961) #1-6, Amazing Adult Fantasy #7-14 and Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15.

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

Image: Art of Ditko HC  (new edition) - IDW Publishing

BACK IN PRINT! Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, remains an enigma, though this book draws us closer to the artist and gives us a better understanding of his amazing work. Introducing the very best of rare and striking Steve Ditko comic book stories and original art, this large-format beautifully showcases Ditko's work, with many reproductions of original art pieces by the master comic book artist. Edited and designed by Craig Yoe (Secret Identity), with essays by P. Craig Russell, John Romita, and Jerry Robinson, plus an introduction by Stan Lee. [(W/A/CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Captain Universe: The Hero Who Could be You #1 - Marvel Comics

• Captain Universe has joined the Avengers! But who ? or what ? is this cosmic hero? • In times of crisis, the Enigma Force manifests, empowering an innocent bystander to avert the catastrophe! • See Captain Universe touch the lives of an astronaut, twin sisters, a burglar, a troubled teen, a toddler, Spider-Man's college professor?and a dog?! • It's an all-star assemblage of the Uni-Power's earliest appearances! • Collecting Marvel Spotlight (1979) #9-11, and material from Marvel Fanfare (1982) #25, Web of Spider-Man Annual #5-6, and What If? (1989) #31. [(W) Various (A) Steve Ditko & Various (CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.79

Image: Creativity of Ditko HC  - IDW Publishing
Creativity of Ditko HC
(IDW Publishing)

Steve Ditko's most creative comics are lovingly reproduced in a beautiful large format hardback book, "The Creativity of Steve Ditko," a companion to Craig Yoe's previous "The Art of Ditko." Forward by Paul Levitz with revealing essays by Mike Gold, Jack Harris, Mikal Banta, and Amber Stanton. Amber, daughter of fetish artist Eric Stanton, gives ground-breaking background about when her father and Ditko shared a studio for nearly a decade and worked on each others projects during the creation of Spider-Man. [(W/A/CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Creepy Presents Steve Ditko HC  - Dark Horse Comics
Creepy Presents Steve Ditko HC
(Dark Horse Comics)

Making a lasting mark on comics as the co-creator of Spider-Man, Steve Ditko veered away from the mainstream and into darker territories at the end of the sixties, especially with his work in Creepy and Eerie! Warring wizards, paranoid goons, persistent heroes, and otherworldly domains dominate the diverse tales in this handsome hardcover collection-with fifteen of the sixteen stories written by fellow comics icon Archie Goodwin. New introduction by Mark Evanier! [(W) Archie Goodwin (A/CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Ditko is... Amazing! HC  - Marvel Comics
Ditko is... Amazing! HC
(Marvel Comics)

Steve Ditko is one of the most influential creative minds in popular culture. Steve Ditko is a one-of-a-kind visionary. Steve Ditko is the co-creator of Marvel icons including Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Steve Ditko isamazing! Now, Marvel proudly presents Ditko's incomparable Amazing Spider-Man work in our massive King-Size format. From Spidey's debut to the first appearances of villains such as Mysterio and Doctor Octopus, it's like experiencing these classics for the very first time! Ditko's Spider-Man adventures - including the Master Planner saga, an epic considered by many to be the greatest Spidey story - defined the spirit of a hero who has inspired millions. Also featuring a host of bonus material, including Ditko's original Amazing Fantasy #15 artwork! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #3, #11-13, #24, #31-33 and Annual #1-2; and material from Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15.

SRP: $100.00 Your Price: $85.00

Image: Ditko Is... Strange! King-Size HC  - Marvel Comics

Steve Ditko is an inimitable talent dedicated to a singular vision. Steve Ditko is one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Steve Ditko is the visual master who created dimensions beyond imagining and worlds beyond compare. Steve Ditko is strangeDoctor Strange! Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned surgeon until an accident crippled his hands. Broken and destitute, he journeyed to Tibet in search of a legendary healer. There, he found not a man of medicine - but the path to the mystic arts! This King-Size edition presents Steve Ditko and Stan Lee's complete Doctor Strange stories at a massive size - so big that each page is like falling into another dimension! Lose yourself in the debuts of iconic characters like Baron Mordo, Wong, Eternity, Clea, Dormammu, the Mindless Ones and more! Collecting material from Strange Tales (1951) #110-111 and #114-146.

SRP: $100.00 Your Price: $85.00

Image: Ditko's Monsters: Gorgo! HC  - IDW Publishing

The genius artist Steve Ditko is a towering monster of awesomenessand so is the character he chronicled.GORGO! If you love Godzilla-and who doesn't-you'll love Gorga who ravages London, New York City, and HOLLYWOOD! Gorga goes head to head with the British Navy, atomic bombs, Communists, and aliens from the planet Corpus III! This is the complete Ditko Gorga, 200 pages of comics, including 6 pulse-pounding covers all drawn during the height of Ditko's prowess concurrent with his Spider-man and Dr. Strange creative explosions. Scripts are by the fan favorite writer Joe Gill. Introduction by Eisner award winner Craig Yoe with fascinating insight into the comics and the monster movie that inspired them. Every page is lovingly restored and the book is a large format 224-page hardcover to showcase the monstrous Ditko art. [(W) Joe Gill (A/CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Ditko's Monsters: Konga! HC  - IDW Publishing

The genius artist Steve Ditko is a towering monster of awesomeness? and so is the character he chronicled?. KONGA! If you love King Kong - and who doesn't? - you'll love Konga! Konga battles dinosaurs, mole men, undersea monsters, creatures from beyond space, and the evilest threat of all... the human race! This is the complete Ditko Konga, a whopping 328 pages of giant purple ape comics, including eight pulse-pounding covers, all drawn during the height of Ditko's prowess concurrent with his creative explosion at Marvel. Includes scripts by the fan-favorite writer Joe Gill and an introduction by Eisner award-winner Craig Yoe! Every page is lovingly restored and the book is a large-format hardcover to showcase the monstrous Ditko art. By the same folks who brought you the acclaimed The Art of Ditko and The Creativity of Ditko. [(W) Joe Gill (A/CA) Steve Ditko]

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Ditko's Shorts HC  - IDW Publishing
Ditko's Shorts HC
(IDW Publishing)

Ditko's Shorts is a fun and incredibly fascinating compilation of short comics one, two, and three pages in length. Only a brilliant master could tell a dramatic, compelling tale in such compact form. You'll thrill as Ditko walks this exciting high-wire act without a net! The genres show the artist's great range. There's horror, fantasy, science fiction, western, and even humorous stories. Taken from rare comic books from a who's who of publishers, all the comics are meticulously restored and printed in a beautiful, large-format book. Insightful introductions by punk rocker and comics historian Fester Faceplant and Eisner Award-winner Craig Yoe.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Doctor Strange Epic Collection: Master of the Mystic Arts SC  (new printing) - Marvel Comics

A vain man driven by greed and hubris, Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned surgeon until the night a car accident crippled his hands. Broken and destitute, he journeyed to Tibet to seek a cure from a legendary healer. There he found not a man of medicine, but the venerable Ancient One - and the path to the mystic arts! From Doctor Strange's eerie Greenwich Village home, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created new dimensions and otherworldly terrors unlike anything seen before. These classic first stories remain as influential today as they were to 1960s counterculture. In this premiere volume, experience the debut of iconic characters Baron Mordo, Eternity, Dormammu and the Mindless Ones - as well as Strange's allies Wong and Clea! Collecting material from Strange Tales (1951) #110-111 and #114-146 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.58

Image: Dripping with Fear: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 05 HC  - Fantagraphics Books

Edited by Blake Bell. In this fith volume of The Steve Ditko Archives, the legendary cocreator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sets his pen to sometimesdisturbing flghts of fancy involving mermaids, mad scientists, alien invasions, exotic locales, and much more. Fantagraphics' meticulous full-color restoration gives these chilling Cold War-era yarns - many of which haven't seen print for more than half a century - a startling clarity. Story titles in this 220-page volume include: The Man Who Couldn't Die, Valley Of Eternity, The Statues That Came To Life, Inside The Crystal Globe, Mystery From Mars, and Doorway Into Tomorrow.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Fantastic Giants  (Facsimile edition) - Fantaco Enterprises Inc.
Fantastic Giants (Facsimile edition)
(Fantaco Enterprises Inc.)

In September 1966, the biggest monsters on the comic stands were Gorgo and Konga! Originally published by Charlton, this one shot, all-Ditko Monster Special is reproduced on high quality paper in a special facsimile edition. 68 giant pages featuring Steve Ditko art and Joe Gill's Gorgo and Konga movie adaptations. Also in this classic monster issue, two more Ditko classic stories, The Mountain Monster and The Help of Hogar written by Dave Kaler, lettered by Jon D'Agostino. Collect this hard-to-find key issue from the hey-days of monster comics.

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $8.35

Image: Marvel Comics #1000 (incentive Hidden Gem cover - Ditko)  [2019] - Marvel Comics

This is the big one! In celebration of Marvel's 80th Anniversary, we have gathered together the greatest array of talent ever to be assembled between the covers of a single comic book! Names from the past, from the present, and even the future! Every page is filled with all-new work from this cavalcade of comic book luminaries! There is a mystery that threads throughout the Marvel Universe - one that has its origins in Marvel Comics #1 and which unites a disparate array of heroes and villains throughout the decades! What is the Eternity Mask, and who is responsible for the conspiracy to keep it hidden? And what new player will make their startling debut as these secrets are peeled away? Featuring the entirety of the Marvel Universe of characters! The greatest talent ever assembled for one story! Jason Aaron, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Daniel Acuña, Saladin Ahmed, Michael Allred, Kris Anka, Kia Asamiya, Jen Bartel, Joe Bennett, Nick Bradshaw, Doug Braithwaite, Mark Bright, Ed Brisson, Mark Buckingham, Kurt Busiek, Juann Cabal, Cafu, John Cassaday, Joshua Cassara, Donny Cates, Jim Cheung, Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Peter David, Alan Davis, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Tom DeFalco, Mattia De Iulis, Mike Deodato, Gerry Duggan, Steve Epting, Al Ewing, Eve L. Ewing, Jorge Fornés, Ron Frenz, Neil Gaiman, Ron Garney, Kieron Gillen, Patrick Gleason, Glen David Gold, Adam F. Goldberg, Butch Guice, Gabriel Hardman, James Harren, Allan Heinberg, Jonathan Hickman, Joe Hill, Tini Howard, James Monroe Iglehart, Kathryn Immonen, Stuart Immonen, J.J. Kirby, Leonard Kirk, Irene Koh, Adam Kubert, Derek Landy, Pepe Larraz , Salvador Larroca, Erik Larsen , Jason Latour, Jeff Lemire , Rob Liefeld, Jeph Loeb, David Lopez, Phil Lord , David Mandel, Marcos Martin , Oscar Martin, Ed Mcguinness, Steve Mcniven, Paco Medina, Brad Meltzer , Christopher Miller, Takeshi Miyazawa, Chris Mooneyham , Ryan North, Phil Noto, Raymond Obstfeld, Carlos Pacheco , Greg Pak, Goran Parlov, George Pérez, Priest, Joe Quesada, Rod Reis , Jason Reynolds, Adam Riches, Eduardo Risso, Javier Rodríguez , Leonardo Romero, Matthew Rosenberg, Alex Ross, Rainbow Rowell , Steve Rude, Jesús Saiz, Tim Sale, Chris Samnee, Geoff Shaw, Gail Simone, Walter Simonson, Dan Slott, Cory Smith, Charles Soule, Cameron Stewart, J. Michael straczynski, Taboo, Tom Taylor, Julian Totino Tedesco, Roy Thomas, Kelly Thompson, Jeffrey Veregge, Mark Waid, David F. Walker, Christian Ward, Dustin Weaver, Chris Weston, Toby Whithouse, Jeremy Whitley, Leinil Francis Yu, Chip Zdarsky, Patch Zircher, Jim Zub & many more! Perfectbound Format!

SRP: $ Your Price: $75.00

Image: Marvel Masters of Suspense: Lee & Ditko Omnibus Vol. 02 HC  - Marvel Comics

Concluding Marvel's once-in-a-lifetime Omnibus collection of every astonishing tale of suspense by the inimitable duo of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko! Their collaborations birthed the Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, and in these pages you'll find the concepts, themes and creative origins of those iconic super heroes. They're packed inside tight five-page thrillers, stories covering everything from aliens with outsized agendas to down-on-their-luck gutter bums. Stories that sought to raise the bar for comic-book storytelling. Stories that plumb the human condition, expand the language of comics - and shock your pants off. Extensively researched and painstakingly restored, this, True Believer, is the collection you've dreamed of - and a testament to two of Marvel Comics' greatest creators. Collecting material from Journey Into Mystery (1952) #74-96, Strange Tales (1951) #92-109 and #112-113, Tales to Astonish (1959) #27-48, Tales of Suspense (1959) #25-44 and #46, Amazing Adult Fantasy #7-14, and Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15.

SRP: $100.00 Your Price: $85.00

Image: Marvel Masters of Suspense: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko Omnibus Vol. 01 HC  - Marvel Comics

Before Stan Lee and Steve Ditko revolutionized comics heroes with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, they applied their incomparable storytelling to taut suspense thrillers! Chilling stories cast with nervous-eyed dreamers and sweaty-palmed schemers, none of whom make it out without getting theirs. These parables of wrenching psychological tension, crafted by two of comics' most creative minds, will leave you curled up and screaming for more! Marvel is honored to collect Lee and Ditko's complete Silver Age stories of suspense in two beautifully restored Omnibus volumes - from Ditko's very first Marvel work in 1956 to his last five-page masterpiece! Collecting material from Journey Into Mystery (1952) #33, #38 and #50-73; Strange Tales (1951) #46, #50 and #67-91; Tales To Astonish (1959) #1-26; Tales Of Suspense (1959) #1-15 and #17-24; Strange Worlds #1-5; World Of Fantasy #16-19; Amazing Adventures (1961) #1-6; Journey Into Unknown Worlds #45 and #51; Mystery Tales #40, #45 and #47; Two-Gun Western (1956) #4; World Of Suspense #2; Marvel Tales (1949) #147; Spellbound (1952) #29; Strange Tales Of The Unusual #5; Astonishing #53; World Of Mystery #3 and #6; Battle #63; and Gunsmoke Western #66.

SRP: $100.00 Your Price: $85.00

Image: Marvel Masterwork: Pin-Ups HC  - IDW Publishing

An incredible artbook showcasing some of the greatest comic artists of all time! Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Jim Steranko, Don Heck, John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Severin, Wally Wood, John Romita, and many more! As part of the tremendous fun of Silver Age comics, artists created pin-ups of the most popular Marvel heroes and villains! Now the greatest of those works of art are gathered for the first time in a beautiful large-format hardback book! Included are rare examples of original art of The Thing, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange. True believers, thrill to pulsating pinups of Spidey, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Millie the Model (!), and the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing-and many marvelous more!

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko SC  - Marvel Comics

Celebrate the career of a true Marvel Visionary! Best known as the co-creator of the amazing Spider-Man, Steve Ditko illustrated Spidey's adventures for four years and introduced dozens of classic villains. But even as he infused Spider-Man's world with grounded realism, Ditko took readers on mind-bending romps through twisted and mystical realms with another massively popular co-creation, Doctor Strange! Plus, Ditko's unmatched creative vision is on full display with the debuts of Squirrel Girl and Speedball - and scores of rarely seen fantasy and sci-fi work from Marvel's Atlas Era! Collecting Incredible Hulk (1962) #6; Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #31-33; Daredevil (1964) #162; Incredible Hulk (1968) #249; and material from Tales To Astonish (1959) #26 and #42; Amazing Adult Fantasy #7, #10 and #12-14; Strange Tales (1951) #94, #97, #110, #115, #126-127 and #146; Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #1 and Annual #1; Tales Of Suspense (1959) #48; Speedball #1 and Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #8.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Speedball: The Masked Marvel SC  - Marvel Comics

Few creators have left their mark like the inimitable Steve Ditko. His unmistakable creative vision brought the world the Amazing Spider-Man, Doctor Strange - and, in 1988, Speedball! Together with writers Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco and Jo Duffy, Ditko crafted the adventures of Robbie Baldwin, a high school student with strange other-dimensional powers that create an energetic kinetic field, transforming him into Speedball! In the classic Ditko style, Baldwin's life is complicated - his father is a district attorney with no love for costumed vigilantes, and there is serious marital strife between Robbie's parents. This complete collection brings together every Steve Ditko tale of the future New Warriors superstar for the first time! Collecting Speedball #1-10 and material from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22, Marvel Age Annual #4, Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #14 and #56 and Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #1-2 and #5-6.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Unknown Anti-War Comics HC  - IDW Publishing
Unknown Anti-War Comics HC
(IDW Publishing)

An action-oriented medium, comics have long used wars-real and fictional-as narrative fodder. Now, discover the secret, surprising history of anti-war comics with this marvelously curated collection. A few comics portrayed the horrors of war, but no blatantly anti-war stories were known to exist-until now! Buried in rare comics published during the Cold War were powerful war, fantasy, and sci-fi stories that strongly condemned war and the bomb, boldly calling for peace.

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

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