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Image: Absolute Carnage #4 (AC)  [2019] - Marvel Comics

The penultimate chapter of the symbiotic event of the year! • Eddie Brock has taken a beating, lost the allies closest to him, and, after the shocking events of Absolute Carnage #3, sees no way to take Cletus Kasady down once and for all without making the ultimate sacrifice. • But what IS the ultimate sacrifice? Of the two beings that are bonded as VENOM, which will make it out alive?

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Absolute Carnage #5 (AC)  [2019] - Marvel Comics

Venom and Carnage - to the death!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Absolute Carnage SC  - Marvel Comics
Absolute Carnage SC
(Marvel Comics)

Paint the town redblood red! Carnage, the psychotic offspring of Venom, has returned - and he plans to slaughter everyone who's ever worn a symbiote! Cletus Kasady has skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but now he stands poised to make his grand return to New York - and he's more powerful than ever! To make matters worse, a new player is on the board, and it's not who you'd expect! Spider-Man and Venom must face down Carnage's madness, but things aren't looking good. Barely able to escape with their lives, the uneasy allies have no choice but to drag a slew of other heroes into Carnage's crosshairs. And the hard truth is that not everybody will make it out of this conflict in one pieceif they make it out at all! Collecting Absolute Carnage #1-5.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #7  [2017] - Marvel Comics

• Magneto strikes! • The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has defeated the X-Men• and now it's up to the Spider-Family to stop them!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #20  [2018] - Marvel Comics

Weird Science starts now! Something Sinister the Spider family's way comes

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #18 (Legacy) - Marvel Comics

Fast Times At Midtown High continues! • Peter and Mary Jane Parker have grown suspicious of their daughter's recent activities • Apparently sneaking around training two newly super-powered angry kids doesn't qualify as Normal Teenage Behavior. • Especially when these angry teens have a not-so-innocent agenda. • And their target isteenage Normie Osborn?!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 01 - Brawl in the Family SC  - Marvel Comics

The Parker clan web-slings and wall-crawls its way into your hearts! Life is good for husband and wife Peter Parker and Mary Jane: Their daughter, Annie, is their pride and joy, they're both working and (barely) making ends meet, they're keeping the streets of New York City safe from super villains - you know, normal, everyday stuff. Oh, did we mention MJ and Annie have super-powers just like Peter? Being Spider-Man just became a family affair! And when the Mole Man attacks NYC, only the sensational Spider-Family can stop him! After that, they'll just want a quiet night in - until Sandman crashes the party! But when Annie receives an invitation to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, can Peter and MJ hand over their little girl to the X-Men? Collecting Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016) #1-5.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 02: The Venom Experiment SC  - Marvel Comics

The sensational adventures of the spectacular Spider-Family continue! And this time they're joined bythe X-Men! Annie Parker just received an invitation to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - which means she'll get to meet Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Professor X! But where the X-Men go, can Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants be far behind? Then, Mary Jane has been saving the day as Spinneret, but at the cost of some of her husband's powers - so it's time for a biological upgrade. Something black and white and terrible all over. Face it, Tiger - MJ is Venom! But will she give in to the symbiote's villainous urges? Speaking of which, say hello to 10-year-old Norman Osborn II! Can he escape the Goblin family legacy? Collecting The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016) #6-12.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99
SALE Price: $11.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 03 - Eight Years Later SC  - Marvel Comics

Jump eight years into the future and catch up with the web-slinging and wall-crawling Spider-Man family! Peter and Mary Jane Parker's super-powered daughter, Annie, is now in high school. But when this teen isn't in class, she's swinging through the streets with her parents. After all, keeping New York safe from super villains is a family affair! But when a new threat emerges to put the ol' Parker luck to the test once again, how will Annie react? It's the annual Family Fun Day on Coney Island, but what should be a relaxing day at the beach quickly turns into a sinister super hero spectacular you won't want to miss! Then, what happens when two of Annie's schoolmates gain their own amazing powers? Find out in Fast Times at Midtown High! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016) #13-18.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. SC  - Marvel Comics

It's an amazingly lethal Spider-Man/Venom epic! Peter Parker, Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson share a bond - literally! The Venom symbiote changed all their lives. Now the inky black alien life-form is doubling down on our heroes - and they won't be the only ones put through the wringer. As a familiar face rises to new levels of villainy, Spidey finds himself caught between Eddie and a mysterious new figure! Black Cat and her gang are confronted by an amped-up villain called Maniac, who will show everyone how well he lives up to his name. And all the while, Venom Inc. weaves its tendrils through New York's criminal underworld. You've never read a Spidey and Venom story like this! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha and Omega, Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #792-793 and Venom (2016) #159-160.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 06 HC  - Marvel Comics

Jonathan Hickman's groundbreaking run comes to an explosive end! First, explore the future and the past: Witness the Fantastic Four of the year 3030, and learn the secret history of Marvel's first family! Then, follow the team on a journey through an alien landscape as a life hangs in the balance! And when the fallout from the Kree-Inhuman war threatens galactic peace, how will it affect the stranded Ronan and Crystal? Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Panther God chooses the fate of TChalla. Who will be the Black Panther? And when the Wizard returns to claim his son, Bentley 23, the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation must join forces to save him! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #605.1 and #605-611. [(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Various (CA) Ryan Stegman]

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49
SALE Price: $17.99

Image: Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 06 SC  - Marvel Comics

No matter the obstacles, the Fantastic Four deal in miracles. Whether it's a trip thousands of years into the future or past, an expedition to the fantastical African nation of Wakanda or a mission to help one of their oldest friends, Marvel's First Family strives against the unknown and the unthinkable. And now, the stakes are higher than ever. The FF must save the world 4,000 years from now, defeat Egyptian zombies, battle a future Hulk and even pierce the veil of death itself. And they'll need every bit of cunning and strength they have to win the day! Jonathan Hickman's sprawling, epic run comes to its end here! Don't miss out on the finale of the most groundbreaking FF era in years! Collecting Fantastic Four (1961) #605.1 & #605-611. [(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Various (CA) Ryan Stegman]

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: FF by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 04 SC  - Marvel Comics

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman bids farewell to the FF! In a story that kicks off in Spider-Man and the Human Torch's bathroom (?!), the Future Foundation explores the farthest reaches of the Marvel Universe ? from Wakanda to the Negative Zone ? encountering the Wizard, the Universal Inhumans and the Negative Zone's dark overlord himself, Annihilus, along the way! And in the heartwarming conclusion to Hickman's run, Old Franklin teaches Young Franklin How To Be a God! Collecting FF (2011) #17-23. [(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Nick Dragotta & Various]

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Ghost Rider: The Return of Vengeance #1 (incentive 1:100 cover - Stegman virgin)  [2020] - Marvel Comics

The one you've been waiting for - The return of Vengeance! Michael Badilino was a bad dude in lifeand that landed him in Hell. But not just any old rung of Hell, a layer so deep it's reserved for those special enemies of Hell - one where a former Spirit Of Vengeance may suffer for all eternity! But eternity is too long to keep down the one who takes the name of Vengeance! Fan-favorite Ghost Rider creators Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares return to the saga of the Spirits of Vengeance in an all-new tale as Vengeance brings his own brand of hellfire back to the Marvel Universe!

SRP: $ Your Price: $60.00

Image: Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy #1 (variant cover - Ryan Stegman) - Marvel Comics

The epic conclusion of The Chameleon Conspiracy! If you thought the end of King's Ransom shook Spider-Man to the core, you better think again as this ending will level things up.

SRP: $5.99 Your Price: $4.79

Image: Inhuman #8 - Marvel Comics
Inhuman #8
(Marvel Comics)

We know Black Bolt and Maximus have been involved with the New Avengers' activities, but that's not close to the whole story. The Boltagon brothers are in trouble and we at the House of Ideas know it ends very badly for one of them!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Inhuman HC  - Marvel Comics
Inhuman HC
(Marvel Comics)

Marvel's newest heroes are born! The Terrigen Mist spread worldwide, triggering latent genes and transforming normal people into Inhumans! But as the mysterious Lash takes an unwanted interest in the new Inhumans and the newly transformed Flint's world falls apart, Medusa finds herself ruling the Inhumans alone, her husband Black Bolt believed dead. When the Unspoken stages a coup, Flint and his fellow NuHumans must step up and embrace their destiny! Meanwhile, Black Bolt is alive, allied with his mad brother Maximus - but why? What is the Ennilux Corporation, and how does it affect the Inhumans' future? Lash continues his recruitment drive, but what is his true agenda? And the scheming Lineage, lurking in the background since the beginning, finally shows his hand. All the complex threads come together for a truly Inhuman climax! Collecting Inhuman #1-14 and Annual #1.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Inhuman Vol. 03: Lineage SC  - Marvel Comics

All the threads of the Inhuman saga are finally woven together as Queen Medusa takes on King Black Bolt with the fate of the Inhumans in the balance! In this new world order, the recently awakened NuHumans are a valuable currency, and someone is working hard to control their destiny. The fanatical Lash continues his recruitment drive for the city of Orollan - but what is his agenda? And Lineage has been lurking in the background since the beginning; now, it's time for him to show his hand. Don't miss the incredible climax of this complex and intriguing epic! But what will be left standing before Secret Wars pulls it all crashing to the floor?! Collecting Inhuman #12-14 and Annual #1.

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: King in Black SC  - Marvel Comics
King in Black SC
(Marvel Comics)

Darkness reigns! After a campaign of terror across the galaxy, Knull reaches Earth - and he hasn't come alone! With an army of hundreds of thousands of symbiote dragons at his command, the King in Black is a force unlike any Earth's heroes have ever faced. Eddie Brock, A.K.A. Venom, has seen firsthand the chaos that even one of Knull's monsters can wreak. Can anyone possibly survive this onslaught? Outgunned and outmanned, Earth's heroes are reeling. It will take everything they've got to face the God of the Abyss as he ensnares the planet in everlasting darkness! Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman present the definitive chapter in their three-year-long Venom saga that changed everything you thought you knew about symbiotes - and they're raising the stakes for the entire Marvel Universe! Hail to the king! Collecting King In Black #1-5.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $19.99

Image: Legends of Marvel: X-Men SC  - Marvel Comics

Legendary storytellers tell new tales featuring classic heroes! He goes by many names - Logan, Weapon X, Patch - but most just call him the Wolverine! Three savage sagas show exactly why Wolverine is the world's most dangerous mutant - and the best there is! Brace yourself for blood, blades and brutality - you asked for it, bub! Then, the greatest creators the Great White North has to offer unearth the secret history of Alpha Flight with tales spotlighting the Canadian team's most iconic lineup! Finally, Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz reunite with the New Mutants for an untold tale from the past! Can the teen team cope with a haywire Warlock and the growing threat of Magik's inner demon? Collecting Wolverine: Exit Wounds, Alpha Flight: True North and New Mutants: War Children.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Mountainhead #1 (incentive cover - Stegman) (10-copy)  [2019] - IDW Publishing

Abraham Stubbs and his father Noah roam America in a nomadic existence. Convinced they are being pursued by sinister government forces, Noah has them living off the grid, burgling houses to survive. Elsewhere, on Mount Rector, the lone survivor of a climbing expedition staggers homeward, covered in blood. Both are on an inevitable collision course with the picturesque Canadian resort town of Braeriach. From writer John Lees (Sink) and artist Ryan Lee (Archer & Armstrong), featuring colors from Doug Garbark and letters from Shawn Lee. An exciting psychological thriller and horror story, all in one!

SRP: $ Your Price: $5.00

Image: New Mutants: Dead Souls SC  - Marvel Comics

They aren't the X-Men-in-training anymore! The New Mutants are launching themselves headfirst into some of the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe, going on the missions no one else will. But does they know what they're really hunting for? The enigmatic Magik leads Wolfsbane, Rictor, Boom-Boom and Strong Guy into battle with paranormal threats that might just tear them apart! Braving an Arctic research base where everyone has mysteriously died! Helping a scared boy alone in the woods! Attempting to save a crashing planewith the passengers trying to stop them! Breaking into Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum! And attending a funeralfor one of their own! All the while, the New Mutants wonder what their true mission is - and what they finally discover will shake them to their core! Collecting New Mutants: Dead Souls #1-6.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Power Pack: Powers That Be SC  - Marvel Comics

Power Pack is back! Katie, Julie, Jack and Alex Power have been super-heroing since they were learning to tie their shoes - but it's been ages since they fought side by side as a family. Now a special occasion - and an old grudge - is about to bring the family back together. There's just one hiccup: a brand-new law outlawing underage vigilantes! But surely if the fate of all of New York City is at stake, the powers that be will make an exception? Don't bet on it! To comply with the rules, the Pack needs an adult mentor - but who in the Marvel Universe will take the job? Whoever it is, they'll have their hands full when the Powers' powers start to shut downwhich is a bad time for the Taskmaster to come to town! Collecting Power Pack (2020) #1-5.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.42

Image: Scream: Curse of Carnage #4  [2020] - Marvel Comics

Spinning out of the pages of the Venom event of the year, Absolute Carnage! • Scream faces an ancient evil from the depths of the sea! • Watch as the Venom lore builds the history of the symbiotes into a twisted tale of horror and menace! • You'll never want to go back in the water again, True Believers!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Scream: Curse of Carnage #5  [2020] - Marvel Comics

Spinning out of Absolute Carnage! With Eddie Brock nowhere to be found, Andi Benton - the new Scream - will have to tangle with a monstrous creature at the bottom of the bay all on her own! But what exactly IS that monster? Where is it from? And what is its connection to Knull, The God of the Symbiotes?!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Superior Spider-Man Vol. 01: My Own Worst Enemy SC  (NOW!) - Marvel Comics

Peter Parker spent a lifetime fighting to improve the world, but his story ended dramatically with a final, fatal sacrifice. Now, Peter's arch-enemy Dr. Octopus has taken control of his body ? and his life. Otto Octavius is Spider-Man! And he's determined to prove himself Superior to his former foe in every way. But his baptism of fire will come when he faces down the new Sinister Six! Is the new Spider-Man in cahoots with J. Jonah Jameson? And has Carlie Cooper figured out his secret identity? Plus: Spider-Man and Mary Jane reunited! The return of the Vulture! And how many people must die before the Superior Spider-Man will kill a super villain? Find out as Otto battles Massacre, with hundreds of lives in the balance! A new era of web-slinging excitement starts NOW! Collecting Superior Spider-Man #1-5. [(W) Dan Slott (A) Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli (CA) Ryan Stegman]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Uncanny Avengers #11 - Marvel Comics
Uncanny Avengers #11
(Marvel Comics)

The Uncanny Avengers fight a war on two fronts as they discover they can't trust someone close. Not everyone is happy to see that Hank Pym has returned. Anda fateful decision will change the life of one Avenger forever.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99
SALE Price: $1.00

Image: Uncanny Inhumans #12 - Marvel Comics
Uncanny Inhumans #12
(Marvel Comics)

Civil War II tie-in! • With the Inhumans taking on the Invincible Iron Man, Maximus the Mad enters into the fray to make matters worse!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Uncanny Inhumans Vol. 02 HC  - Marvel Comics

War is hell for the Uncanny Inhumans! First, Civil War II rocks the Marvel Universe, and the Inhumans are central to the conflict! As one of their own is blessed - or cursed - with the ability to predict the future, disastrous events are set in motion, and tensions between Inhumans and humankind reach a boiling point. Meanwhile, Maximus the Mad seizes the moment to make matters worse! Then, fresh from that conflict, the Inhumans go to war with the X-Men - in a battle that only one side can survive! And in the depths of Black Bolt's Quiet Room, a plan is hatched that will decide Inhumanity's futureand shadowy forces move against Queen Medusa in the wake of her battle against Tony Stark. Big changes are coming for the Inhumans! Collecting Uncanny Inhumans #11-20 and Annual #1.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Venom #28  [2020] - Marvel Comics
Venom #28 [2020]
(Marvel Comics)

As if one new threat to Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, wasn't bad enough, an entirely different foe rears its monstrous head as Eddie and Dylan try to find their way! But in this dangerous new world, Eddie's also enlisted the help of some new allies, some of whom have familiar faces - and who Eddie may never want to leave!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Venom #29  [2020] - Marvel Comics
Venom #29 [2020]
(Marvel Comics)

Venom Beyond continues! • Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, are trapped in an unfamiliar world! • But if there's one thing Eddie's good at, it's making friends, right? [((w) Donny Cates /(a) Luke Ross /(ca) Ryan Stegman)]

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Venom #28 (variant cover - Ryan Stegman) - Marvel Comics

As if one new threat to Eddie

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Venom by Donny Cates HC  - Marvel Comics
Venom by Donny Cates HC
(Marvel Comics)

Rising star Donny Cates and blockbuster artist Ryan Stegman transform the world of Venom! An ancient and primordial evil has surfaced beneath the streets of New York. With it, something equally disturbing has been awakened in Venom, that most wicked of web-slingers! The symbiote may still be a lethal protector of innocents in New York, but this never-before-seen threat may force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear - including its human host, Eddie Brock! Eddie and the symbiote summon the strength to defend New York against the most powerful foe they've ever faced, but one more thing stands in their way: Miles Morales, the newest Spider-Man! And relations between Eddie and the symbiote become ever more strained when new questions about the creature and its otherworldly origins come to light! Collecting Venom (2018) #1-12.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Venom by Donny Cates Vol. 01: Rex SC  - Marvel Comics

An ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York. With it, something equally evil has been awakened in that most wicked of web-slingers: Venom! The symbiote may still be a Lethal Protector of innocents in New York, but this never-before-seen threat could possibly force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear - including its human host, Eddie Brock! As Eddie and Venom summon the strength to defend New York against the most powerful foe they've ever faced, there's one more thing standing in their way: Miles Morales, Spider-Man! Two of the hottest creators in comics today, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, join forces to deliver a Venom adventure a thousand years in the making! Collecting Venom (2018) #1-6.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Venom by Donny Cates Vol. 02: The Abyss SC  - Marvel Comics

Venom no more?! Just when you thought the blockbuster story of Venom couldn't get any more intense, Donny Cates turns the world of Eddie Brock on its head - again! But this time it won't be dragons and god-hosts and breakneck action. No, no. This time Eddie's going through an emotional meat grinder the likes of which has never been seen in the Marvel Universe! As Eddie finds himself truly alone for the first time in a long time, the silence is deafening. Plus: San Francisco offers anything but a happy homecoming thanks to Eddie's estranged father - and the little brother he never knew he had. Will Eddie's return to his old stomping grounds reveal secrets better kept buried? Collecting Venom (2018) #7-12.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Venom by Donny Cates Vol. 06: King in Black SC  - Marvel Comics

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman bring their three-year saga to a stunning close! The horrifying threat of the King in Black, all-powerful god of the symbiote race, has loomed large for years. Now, after millennia of imprisonment, Knull and his symbiote army have arrived on Earth! But what is Knull's hideous agenda? And what happens to Venom when he finally comes face-to-face with the lord of the abyss? Eddie Brock is about to face the biggest challenge of his life, but he's not alone. Who will stand by his side in Earth's darkest hour? And do any of them have the slightest chance of success? Nothing will ever be the same for the Lethal Protector! Collecting Venom (2018) #31-35.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $15.99

Image: Venom Vol. 04: The Nativity SC  - Marvel Comics

Cured of the metabolic disorder that was affecting the symbiote's mental state, Eddie Brock is back to his old Lethal Protector self. But a certain wall-crawling super-sleuth can't just forget his recent crimes - and when Spider-Woman breaks down his door, it's Venom vs. venom blasts! Soon, Eddie learns a terrible truth: His other has been keeping an earth-shattering secret from him - one that will change everything! And at exactly the wrong time, a new enemy threatens to tear Eddie and the symbiote apart - and not just from each other! Plus: Relive the first classic clash with Venom's odious original offspring, the psychopathic Carnage! And celebrate three decades of the symbiotic sensation with a gallery of 30th anniversary variant covers! Collecting Venom (2016) #161 and #164-165, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #362-363, and Venom 30th Anniversary Variants.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Venom: War of the Realms SC  - Marvel Comics

The comics event of the year makes landfall in the world of the wicked web-slinger! As the War of the Realms rages, Venom gets swept up in Malekith's campaign to take over the Ten Realms! The Dark Elf conqueror has designs for the sinister symbiote - and they may prove fatal! While chaos reigns across Manhattan, Venom has teamed up with an unlikely group to try to stop the war - or die trying. Battered, bleeding and at the end of his rope, Eddie Brock may be overwhelmed by Malekith's War Witches and their henchmen! Plus: A new terror rises in the depths of space - even as a terrible evil claims victim after victim on Earth in the name of the killer called Carnage. Collecting Venom (2018) #13-15 and Venom: Cult of Carnage.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Wolverine #1 (variant 2nd printing cover - Ryan Stegman)  [2014] - Marvel Comics

Wolverine no more? After the events of KILLABLE, Wolverine has something to prove. Before he can take on Sabretooth again, he'll need to build himself back up, get better and stronger than he's ever beenâ¦but it's not as easy as he thought, and he'll soon find himself turning to other means of revenge when the normal channels don't seem to be working fast enough. Can he fight back his demons, or is this the beginning of a Wolverine who's gone to the dark side?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1  [2019] - Marvel Comics

Wolverine legends, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama & Sam Keith reunite! He goes by many names PatchWeapon XLoganbut most just call him The Wolverine. Join Marvel's greatest storytellers for three brand-new untold tales of the X-Men's deadliest member. Blood, broads, and blades you asked for it, bub!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: X-Men Gold Vol. 05: Cruel and Unusual SC  - Marvel Comics

Sacrifices were made in the fight against Scythian - so where do the X-Men go from here? They'd better decide quickly, because the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is back - and deadlier than ever! As the Gold squad bids farewell to one of its own and faces its most devastating loss, what exactly is wrong with Rachel Summers? And when Kitty Pryde and her team end up in prison, who will protect the good people of New York? Prepare to meetâ¦the new X-Men Gold! They'll stand up to the Shredded Man and other deadly threats - but something bigger than they can imagine has survived the Negative Zone and is on its way, looking for revenge! Can our jailbird mutants - with the help of the rest of the Big Apple's super heroes - somehow lend a hand? Collecting X-Men Gold #21-25.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

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