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Image: Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 (incentive 1:25 cover - Gonzales)  [2023] - Marvel Comics

IT'S IN HER BLOOD... Brielle Brooks is a good kid, no matter what her teachers say - it's not her fault she's developing vampiric super-powers and the undead want to brawl! And as if problems at school aren't enough, Bri's got a wild ride ahead of her - she's about to discover that she's the daughter of the infamous vampire hunter and Daywalker known as BLADE!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Captain Marvel #37 (variant X-Gwen cover - Gonzales)  [2022] - Marvel Comics

THE STARS THEY WERE MEANT TO BE! After the brutal fight in Last of the Marvels, Carol Danvers deserves a break and so does fellow Marvel Monica Rambeau. But with [REDACTED] loose on Earth, the heroes have no time to breathe. There's no telling what this new force in the Universe will do next. A perfect jumping-on point in the longest Captain Marvel run yet!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Catwoman #53 (cover D incentive 1:25 cardstock - Rian Gonzales)  [2023] - DC Comics

The Gotham mob bosses suspect that their very own leader, Eiko of the Hasigawa Clan, is betraying their code by putting on a Catwoman suit. Is Gotham big enough for two Catwomen? Catwoman doesn't play well with others, but this cat is gonna need the help of Tomcat to stay out of the mob's crosshairs. Meanwhile, Selina makes a few enemies of her own in jail, especially the inmates her ex Batman put there.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Catwoman #54 (cover D incentive 1:25 cardstock - Rian Gonzales)  [2023] - DC Comics

You know what they say: two's company, but three's a crowd! The Royal Flush Gang joins Selina Kyle behind bars, and while the other inmates are team Selina, the Queen remains loyal to Punchline. It wouldn't be jail without the ladies clawing each other's eyes out, especially when Catwoman makes a special appearance just to kick some clown ass. All this chaos and distraction may just be the break-out-of-jail-free card Selina needs. Meanwhile, Tomcat finally deals with his ex-boyfriend who tried to take the Tomasso heir...

Your Price: $20.00

Image: Catwoman #55 (cover E incentive 1:25 cardstock - Rian Gonzales)  [2023] - DC Comics

Fresh out of lockup, Selina Kyle is ready to make new moves. She won't be working alone, as more and more Gotham criminals are drawn to her philosophy, but she's not the only Cat on the streets. Eiko Hasigawa's got a Catsuit of her own, and their plans to change Gotham forever won't work if they can't get along. Did someone say catfight?

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Catwoman #56 (cover E incentive 1:25 cardstock - Rian Gonzales) - DC Comics

What's the saying--two cats are better than one? Unless you're in Gotham and the two Cats in question disagree on how the city should be run. With Selina freshly out of jail, Eiko Hasigawa has some unfinished business as Catwoman that Selina confronts her about. Meanwhile, Selina has some unfinished business of her own...and pays a visit her sister, Maggie.

Your Price: $57.40

Image: Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (variant cover - Rian Gonzales) - Marvel Comics

DREAM-SPIDER RETURNS! The new spider-character from the hit DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN miniseries returns in her first solo adventure! ALSO: What if that radioactive spider we all know and love bitJ. JONAH JAMESON?!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.24

Image: Eternals #10 (variant Women's History cover - Gonzales)  [2022] - Marvel Comics

ETERNALS VS. AVENGERS! The Eternals are on a pilgrimage together. Well, depends on who you ask - for it's not so much a pilgrimage...and more like breaking and entering into Avengers Mountain. But what the Avengers don't know won't hurt themâ¦right?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Guardians of the Galaxy #14 (incentive 1:25 cover - Gonzales)  [2021] - Marvel Comics

A WHOLE GALAXY OF TROUBLE! As half the team defends the Kree/Skrull Throneworld against a deadlier threat than they've ever faced before... â¢...the other half investigates a terrifying sacrificial cult on a mysterious planet...with the power to plunge the universe into war. Plus: A new space heroâ¦joinsâ¦the team⦠â¢â¦No way.

Your Price: $12.50
SALE Price: $7.50

Image: Joe Fixit #4 (variant cover - Gonzales)  [2023] - Marvel Comics

The fan-favorite Hulk persona known as Joe Fixit faces off against some of the most deadly villains in Spider-Man's history! Kingpin has put the force back in enforcer now that Joe Fixit is under his control. And after calling in a cavalry of New York troublemakers to threaten casino owners all across the Vegas Strip, it seems like Kingpin will be able to take over Las Vegas after all. It's up to Spider-Man to drag Bruce Banner back to his senses - and stop the parade of his worst enemies from New York from leveling Vegas to the ground!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Magic the Gathering #22 (Mtg) (cover C incentive 1:10 - Gonzales)  [2023] - Boom! Studios

Desperate questions make reluctant alliances! Garruk the Wildspeaker agrees to work with the woman who once cursed himLiliana Vess! Together, they must find Isona Maive before she finds an even more dangerous ally than Marit Lage or Tezzeret! With the man she loves, Jace Beleren, unsure if he's hearing a voice from beyond the grave, Vraska calls on Kaya. Kaya may be the only Planeswalker who can slay a ghost, but she also pulled Vraska out of Jace's arms in what might have been their final moments together. And Kaya's not any happier to see Vraska, who foreswore their friendship as thanks for Kaya saving her life. But if Niko's right, someone is manipulating all their fates, there's no time left for grudges.

Your Price: $5.00

Image: Marvel's Voices: Identity #1 (variant cover - Gonzales)  [2021] - Marvel Comics

CELEBRATING THE GREATEST ASIAN SUPER HEROES AND CREATORS FROM ACROSS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! Some of the best Asian super heroes in comics are getting the spotlight in this special action-packed and heartfelt issue! Shang-Chi! Ms. Marvel! Jubilee! Silk! Jimmy Woo! Come celebrate these amazing and legendary heroes from new and established Asian creators that will surely expand the world outside your window! Plus: Be prepared for some big and special surprises that can only be told in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

SRP: $5.99 Your Price: $5.99

Image: Mighty Morphin #14 (cover H - Unlockable Gonzales)  [2021] - Boom! Studios

With the destruction of Zordon's tube, the Mighty Morphin team seeks new allies to help them in the Eltarian War. But with Lord Zedd at their back and the Eltarian Supreme Leader gathering his forces to launch a massive attack on the Earth, can the Rangers survive being surrounded on all sides?

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Mighty Morphin #18 (cover H Unlockable - Rian Gonzales)  [2022] - Boom! Studios

With the combined efforts of Promethea and the Zords protecting the Power Chamber, Rocky, the Red Ranger, and Matt, the Green Ranger, wait in tense anticipation for the return of the Away Team. Emotions run high as Zordon acknowledges a hidden history involving him and Promethea, and how much the War has affected him, while Rocky is torn on different responsibilities that might be irreconcilable without help...

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Special #1 (cover B - Gonzalez) - Boom! Studios

A landmark celebratory special featuring 5 brand new stories paying homage to the legacy of Rangers with stories by Ryan Parrott (Rogue Sun), Mat Groom (Inferno Girl Red), the original Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson and Matt Hotson (Titans), and young adult author Maria Ingrande Mora (Fragile Remedy), along with current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers superstar scribe Melissa Flores! Joining the celebration are returning fan-favorite Power Rangers artists including Hendry Prasteya, Eleonora Carlini, and Marco Renna! Between a spotlight on Ernie in Angel Grove, Alpha 5's struggle to find his true purpose, a mind-bending What If? story about Tommy's powers which introduces an all-new alternate universe, an additional tale about his marriage to Kat, and a deeper look at the Ranger Academy, this anniversary issue is truly packed full of content worthy of the 30-year legacy. Along with 40 pages of brand new morphinominal material, celebrate 30 years of Power Rangers with an additional 24 pages of classic material that fans new and old will be delighted to experience!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Peter Parker & Miles Morales - Spider-Men: Double Trouble #3 (variant cover - Gonzales)  [2023] - Marvel Comics

Miles Morales' day couldn't possibly get any worse than having to fight a whole mob of villains by himself? or so he thought. When Peter Parker reveals Mysterio's contraption to be more dangerous than it appears, the Spider-Men must head back into the Next Generation of Villains convention to retrieve it - and face the ire of Thanos!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Power Rangers #11 (cover H - Gonzales)  [2021] - Boom! Studios

Will the Omega Rangers be able to enlist the last Emissary to help to defeat the Empyreals? The Omega Rangers attempt to question the enigmatic Yellow Emissary, who may know the secret of the Empyreals undoing. But even if they can convince the Yellow Emissary to help, it may be too late if Drakkon isn't on the same page The fate of the Omega Rangers and the Yellow Emissary hang in the balance as they all fight for their lives!

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Power Rangers #14 (cover H - Unlockable Gonzales)  [2021] - Boom! Studios

The new Blue Omega Ranger, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, retreat to Safehaven to plan their next steps. With information gathered from Zordon and the Blue Emissary, our motley crew of heroes and villains set their sights on defeating the minions of their former ally and conducting a rescue mission. But in a galaxy full of enemies, who... or what... awaits their rescue?

Your Price: $4.24

Image: Power Rangers #13 (cover H Unlockable - Gonzales) - Boom! Studios

The Omega Rangers, including their unexpected savior the NEW Blue Omega Ranger, race against time to beat the impending Empyreal threat to Earth. But can they deliver the critical secret they've uncovered to Zordon before it's too late? New York Times best-selling writer Ryan Parrott and artist Francesco Mortarino deliver the explosive second chapter of The Eltarian War!

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Power Rangers #17 (cover H unlockable - Gonzales)  [2022] - Boom! Studios

With the threat of the Empyreals gone and Earth saved, the Omega Rangers must forge a new path for themselves! But with the Blue Emissary gone and Xi still out of commision, can the Rangers survive the dangers of the universe that they're trying to protect?

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Shang-Chi #11 (incentive 1:25 cover - Gonzalez)  [2022] - Marvel Comics

BROTHER & SISTER REUNITED! Sister Hammer is back! But is she friend or foe? Shang-Chi won't have time to find out! He and his family are on a dangerous mission to rescue his mother from Ta Lo, and they're going to need all the help they can get!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Tim Drake: Robin #3 (cover E incentive 1:50 card stock - Rian Gonzales)  [2022] - DC Comics

DID SOMEONE SAY GOLDFISH? After a mysterious murder takes place in broad library, Tim, Detective Williams, and Darcy are led to three suspects...except they aren't real? Meanwhile, Tim's been so busy on this case, he's forgotten the case of the boyfriend. Where's Bernard?

Your Price: $114.80

Image: X-Men #1 (incentive 1:50 cover - Artist C)  [2021] - Marvel Comics

THESE X-MEN ARE... FEARLESS! The heroes of Krakoa are here to save the planet! Things might be complicated between the nation of Krakoa and the rest of the world, but to the X-MEN, things are simple - you do what's right, you protect those who need protecting and you save the world we all share. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch and Polaris are the chosen champions of mutantkind, and they will not shrink from any battle for their home planet. Writer Gerry Duggan (Marauders, Deadpool, Uncanny Avengers) reteams with superstar artist Pepe Larraz (House of X, X of Swords, Uncanny Avengers) to chart the course of the X-Men in a world of the Reign of X!

Your Price: $22.50

Image: X-Men: Red #12 (incentive 1:25 cover - Rian Gonzales) - Marvel Comics

THE WHITE SWORD BROKEN! The White Sword - the mutant Omega healer who could raise the dead and bind them to his service - had One Hundred Warriors. Now the first and last of the Hundred have come to tell the tale of the one who destroyed them - one who is coming to test the mutants of Arakko once again?

Your Price: $53.15

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