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Image: Civil War II: Ulysses #3 (variant cover - Walker)  [2016] - Marvel Comics

He's been pushed, he's been pulled, he's been scared deathless? ?and Ulysses will have no more of it!! In this prequel to Civil War II, Ulysses and Karnak finally come to blows!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Doctor Aphra #2  [2016] - Marvel Comics
Doctor Aphra #2 [2016]
(Marvel Comics)

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! The fan-favorite character begins a new journey in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA - the new ongoing series! From superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader) and fan-favorite artist Kev Walker (Marvel Zombies) comes Marvel's first ongoing series starring an original character created in the comics! Following her time in the clutches of Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra has barely escaped with her life. If he ever learns of her survival, he'll hunt her to the ends of the galaxy. But for now, it's time for a return to what she does best. With the droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 in tow, she's off in search of rare artifacts from the galactic center to the Outer Rim and everywhere in between. Aphra's got debts to pay after all. Just as long as she can stay one step ahead of the Empire, some Bounty Hunters and just about everyone else in the galaxy!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99
SALE Price: $1.00

Image: Dr. Strange #3 (incentive 1:25 cover - Walker)  [2020] - Marvel Comics

• Tattoo removal isn't in a surgeon's job description, but when one man's heavy metal tattoos begin coming to life Doctor Strange will have to make an exception! • With the clock ticking down rapidly, will Doctor Strange be able to save his patient-or himself? • Find out as Doctor Strange gets drawn into the diagnosis-literally!

SRP: $ Your Price: $12.50

Image: Fear Itself: Thunderbolts SC  - Marvel Comics

The Thunderbolts stare into the face of fear! A mystical hammer falls from the sky and lands on the Raft, possessing the mind and body of the unstoppable Juggernaut - who becomes a servant to the Asgardian god of fear! With the prison compromised, the remaining Thunderbolts must quell an insurrection by hundreds of freed super-criminals and the dissent spreading among their ranks, as some of the team members see the chaos of Fear Itself as an ideal moment to make their escape. And, after using the weapon of the gods to cut a swath through the supermax prison facility, Juggernaut heads toward his next target: Chicago! Collecting THUNDERBOLTS #158-162. [(W/A) Various (CA) Kev Walker]

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: James Bond: Origin #1 (incentive cover - Walker B&W) (25-copy)  [2018] - Dynamite

Chapter One: The Greatest Days. At last, the definitive account of James Bond's exploits during World War II! March, 1941: Seventeen-year-old James Bond is a restless student in Scotland, an orphan, eager to strike out and make his mark on the world. But a visit by an old family friend coincides with The Clydebank Blitz, the most devastating German attack on Scotland during the War. James will fight through hell to survive, coming out the other side determined to make a difference. He'll find his calling in a new British government service, secret in nature The ongoing epic kicks off, by Jeff Parker (Future Quest, Thunderbolts, Batman '66) and Bob Q (The Green Hornet)!

SRP: $ Your Price: $10.00

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