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Image: Captain Ginger: The Last Feeder #2 - Ahoy Comics

The action-packed conclusion! Under assault from all sides, Captain Ginger must choose between his father and the fate of his starship crew. But there's a wild card in the deck: the mysterious Fourth People. Also featuring the mind-bending conclusion of Partially Naked Came the Corpse, the AHOY Fifth Anniversary prose serial!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Captain Ginger: The Last Feeder #1 (cover A - Brigman) - Ahoy Comics

Back for a two-issue AHOY anniversary special: the "wonderfully entertaining series, combining all the tropes and trappings of serious sci-fi with the ridiculousness of cats being cats" (Comics Beat)! In this all-new epic, Captain Ginger and his crew find themselves scattered across a thousand light-years, facing the twin mysteries of the Captain's long-missing father-and the final fate of the human race. By Stuart Moore (Marvel Crisis Protocol) and June Brigman (Power Pack), with a galactic variant cover by Walter Simonson (Thor, Ragnarok)! Issue #1 also features a new installment of the AHOY fifth anniversary prose serial by Alex Segura (Secret Identity).

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Jean Grey #4 (variant X-Men cover - Brigman)  [2017] - Marvel Comics

• After an adventure with Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Jean Grey is more determined than ever to escape her predecessor's fate and when the Phoenix comes for her, she will BEAT THAT BIRD DOWN. • And to learn how to go toe-to-toe with a god, she'll seek out training from a god... • Enter: ODINSON!

Your Price: $4.00

Image: Power Pack Classic Omnibus Vol. 01 HC  - Marvel Comics

Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power have an amazing secret: With abilities gained from the alien Kymellians, the young siblings are Power Pack! But can they save their parents - and Earth - when the evil Snarks attack? Power Pack will be targeted by the Morlocks and the Bogeyman, battle Kurse and the Marauders, and face the horrors of homework and chores! But they'll make friends along the way - including Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger, the Warriors Three and the X-Men! And they'll even gain a new teammate in young Franklin Richards! But can the kids triumph when they're caught in the middle of the Snark/Kymellian War? Collecting Power Pack (1984) #1-36, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #195 and #205, THOR (1966) #363, X-Factor Annual #2, Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak And Dagger/Power Pack - Shelter From The Storm and material from Strange Tales (1987) #13-14.

SRP: $125.00 Your Price: $106.25

Image: Power Pack Classic Omnibus Vol. 02 HC  (Direct Market cover) - Marvel Comics

Share the growing pains of Marvel's super-powered siblings, Power Pack! Still getting used to their mixed-up abilities, Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie take on an old foe - with help from the New Mutants! But the Bogeyman becomes more monstrous than ever amid a demonic invasion that changes everything! The Punisher drops by, Franklin Richards returns and the Pack heads to space for a revelation-filled rematch with the Snarks! The kids struggle with peer pressure, pollution and puberty - and Alex goes through some very unexpected changes! But will the Powers' powers ever go back to normal? Collecting Power Pack (1984) #37-62, Excalibur (1988) #29, Power Pack Holiday Special #1, Power Pack (2000) #1-4, Fantastic Four (1998) #574, FF (2011) #15, Power Pack (2017) #63, Power Pack: Grow Up! and material from Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #6 and Marvel Fanfare (1982) #55.

SRP: $125.00 Your Price: $106.25

Image: Power Pack Classic Vol. 01 SC  - Marvel Comics
Power Pack Classic Vol. 01 SC
(Marvel Comics)
In stock

Teen teams are nothing new, but only one super-group got started at age twelve and under! Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power prove you're never too young to save the universe when they use the powers they received from one alien race to foil the schemes of another - the dreaded Snarks! Back on Earth, they meet another new archenemy, General Carmody, a mutantphobe so confused he even targets heroes who aren't mutants! Guest-starring Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger, and Henry Peter Gyrich of Initiative infamy! Collects Power Pack #1-10.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

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