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Image: Action Comics #1052 (cover F incentive 1:25 cardstock - Jorge Fornés)  [2023] - DC Comics

METALLO ATTACKS! The crown jewel of Superman's new Metropolis is in ruins, and the increasingly violent Blue Earth movement is keeping the entire Super-Family on their toes. Meanwhile, Metallo's powerful new body is evolving in unforeseen, horrific ways. As Metallo's life and sanity continue to unravel, he sets out to capture the only person who can help him: John Henry Irons. It's Steel versus Metallo as the new era of Action Comics continues!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Danger Street #3 (cover A - Jorge Forn  [2023] - DC - Black Label

The repercussions of Atlas the Great's death play out worlds away as two old enemies become allies in the fight to save the Multiverse. Meanwhile, Lady Cop continues her search for Good Looks' killer, the disgraced hero Starman. Little does she know, the fugitive is on his way to the City of Angels to make a deal with the devil. Will his sacrifice be enough to set things right?

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Detective Comics #1051 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2022] - DC Comics

Psycho-Pirate! Qu'est-ce que ç'est? The mind manipulations of one of the DCU's most calamitous villains are revealed at the heart of Arkham Towerbut who's really calling the shots? As Batwoman's undercover operation takes a disastrous turn, Huntress finds her own mission inside the Tower growing more perilous by the moment! All is revealed in this explosive first chapter in act two of the Shadows of the Bat weekly event! Backup: Then, in House of Gotham part five, the Boy emerges from his Scarecrow caper with a new perspective on the worldbut what's scarier: Dr. Crane's fear toxins, or Batman's control of Gotham's militarized youth? Backup written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Fernando Blanco.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Detective Comics #1052 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2022] - DC Comics

His hold is breaking! That's the message written in blood across the minds of Arkham Tower's inhabitants, after a nightmare melee is unleashed! With Gotham's deadliest criminals reverting to their former, murderous selves in one horrific night, Dr. Wear has a lot of explaining to doand a lot of covering up to perform. Can Nightwing get to the bottom of this mystery before the people of Arkham Tower are put in peril again? Backup: Plus, Batman's iron grip on Gotham is enough to drive the desperate to madnessand madness is on the mind of the Boy in part six of House of Gotham. When an average night at coat check at the Iceberg Lounge turns into a violent battle royal between the Dark Knight and the Penguin, lines are blurred, people are hurt, and the Boy's descent into a life of crime deepens...Backup written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Fernando Blanco.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Detective Comics #1053 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2022] - DC Comics

War in the streets! As Dr. Wear desperately tries to keep his plans for Arkham Tower from crumbling, a major drug deal gone bad puts the nervous doc in the sights of both the Party Crashers and the Penguin! The list of people very badly wanting to kill Dr. Wear grows, and Nightwing is on the precipice of cracking the whole scheme wide open! But with the maniacal Party Crashers waging war against the Bat-Family across Gotham, Dick must choose between helping a tower full of villains and helping his family! Backup: Then, it's Knightfall in Gotham during part seven of House of Gotham, as the Boy (growing into a man before our eyes) runs afoul of an uber-violent, unhinged Azrael Batman! This latest conflict pushes Gotham's most vulnerable into madness, and one man's rogues gallery reveals itself as another man's salvation. Backup written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Fernando Blanco.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Detective Comics #1054 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2022] - DC Comics

It's Nightwing versus Psycho-Pirate in the grand finale of Shadows of the Bat act two of three! As Gotham's elite gather to celebrate the formal opening of Arkham Tower, Dr. Wear's secret weapon is more unhinged than ever, and the storm clouds of disaster gather above the city's monument to reform! The Party Crashers, the Bat-Family, Penguin's forces, and a tower full of innocent civilians and villainous patients converge in the chapter you'll need to see to believe! Spoiler alert: not everyone makes it out alive! Backup: Every story has two sides, and as much as Batman has reached out his hand through the darkness to try to help the Boy, there are too many hands in the shadows of Gotham pulling in the other direction. The finale of act two of House of Gotham poses a stark choice: Live with the family you know, or betray everything you've learned to be true? Backup written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Fernando Blanco.

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Legends of The Dark Knight #6 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Fornes)  [2021] - DC Comics

Two Gotham City horror stories! One following a possessed Solomon Grundy and the other a story where Batman is forced to join forces with Killer Croc!

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Legends of the Dark Knight #4 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2021] - DC Comics

At the turn of the 20th century, Gotham City's most prominent businessmen were being murdered by a serial killer known only as the West End Wrath. Their cases were never solved. Over a hundred years later, Bruce Wayne comes into possession of a box of clues that will shine a light on who the West End Wrath was and what motivated the killings. But some people in Gotham want the secret of the murders to never come to light, including Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. the Penguin! The Penguin leads an all-out assault on Wayne Manor while Batman steps back into Gotham history to try and solve this cold case in what promises to be a stellar stand-alone issue from the rising-star creative team of Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Infinite Frontier) and Max Dunbar (Batman: Urban Legends).

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Legends of the Dark Knight #7 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - Jorge Forn - DC Comics

In Catechism, Batman heads to Rome to stop Ras al Ghul and the League of Assassins from getting their hands on an ancient artifact that they want to use to increase the power of the Lazarus Pits. What Batman doesnt know is that the artifact is already under the protection of the Order of St. Dumas, specifically Azrael! From the creative team of critically acclaimed writer Brandon Easton and rising-star artist Karl Mostert!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Legends Of The Dark Knight #5 (variant card stock cover - Jorge Forn  [2021] - DC Comics

The Calendar Man's new obsession lies with the Martian calendar. He's committing horrific new crimes to appease a Martian death god and take on its power. For Batman to solve these crimes and bring down Calendar Man, he'll need to call in the Martian Manhunter for help.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Pennyworth #2  [2021] - DC Comics
Pennyworth #2 [2021]
(DC Comics)

More MI6 adventures for the star of TV's Pennyworth! While investigating the possibility of nuclear weapons in a Soviet military base near the arctic circle on behalf of MI6, Alfred and Shirley find the real danger is something they never expected: a human science experiment gone terrifyingly wrong! Meanwhile, in the present, Alfred tries to figure out just who of his many enemies has it out for him this time

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Riddler: Year One #2 (cover C incentive 1:25 cardstock - Jorge Fornes)  [2022] - DC - Black Label

Writer Paul Dano continues the origin tale of the character he portrayed in Matt Reeves's The Batman. As brilliant forensic accountant Edward Nashton follows the trail of illegal payments and front companies, holding on to his own sanity becomes ever more challenging. Disturbing childhood memories that include an obsession with Thomas Wayne threaten to derail him. Meanwhile, his investigation focuses on a low-level human cog in the crime machine, which leads him to a shocking conclusion that may put his own life at risk.

Your Price: $57.40

Image: Rorschach #12  [2021] - DC Comics
Rorschach #12 [2021]
(DC Comics)

The end to the mystery is here! It's been a long road to get here, and there have been a lot of dead bodies along the way, but the detective is very near closing the case. All the disparate threads lead back to the crime itself, to the assassination attempt that claimed the lives of the would-be assassins. Find out how it all went wrong for the comic book artist who put on a mask and declared himself Rorschach.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99
SALE Price: $2.99

Image: Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives #3 (cover C incentive 1:25 cardstock - Jorge Forn  [2023] - DC - Black Label

Edwin witnesses a mysterious kumanthong ghost tear through Charles like he's flesh and blood, and the boys just barely manage to escape with both their ghostly lives intact. Tensions run high as the ghost kids fight amongst themselves about how to crack the case before Charles is gone for good, and snake ghost Melvin strikes out on his own to give one of their suspects a proper haunting...

Your Price: $30.00

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